High income skills in demand are essential to achieving financial independence, landing a high-paying job, or becoming a successful entrepreneur.

The truth is that traditional careers are moving in the wrong direction.

The future promises jobs with low pay and much more competition due to AI marketing and digital tools automating a lot of tasks.

It’s not too late to get on the right track but you’ll have to develop new high income skills to ensure that you stay relevant in the marketplace.

This is why I formulated a list of the best high income skills that you can learn yourself or get a degree in, skills that companies are desperately seeking right now and in the years to come.

What are the best high income skills?

Here is a list of the 100+ best high income skills to learn!

1. Affiliate marketing

google search console example

Affiliate marketing is an arrangement where a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

It’s simply driving qualified leads to a business, product, or service in exchange for a percentage of the sale and my personal preferred method.

This is a huge industry and there is a lot of money to be made by an affiliate.

A huge perk is that you do not have to build the product yourself, there are already thousands of products that people buy that you can promote as an affiliate.

However, it is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It takes a lot of effort to build a following and gain trust and credibility with your audience.

You also have to learn how to be a marketer, how to drive traffic, rank for keywords, and so much more. But once you do, you can begin to make a very healthy living from it.

You can either start a blog in minutes using a WordPress alternative, learn SEO and keyword research, and write blog posts to generate traffic, clicks, and sales.

Another alternative is to create valuable content on YouTube or TikTok that drive traffic to a landing page that you create in a funnel software like Systeme.io, and use email marketing to convert leads to sales.

These are just two examples on top of my head to utilize affiliate marketing today, but it’s always changing so you need to stay on top of the trends.

2. Sales

People seem to think that sales are sleazy or only for the shady but it’s far from the truth.

Sales are everywhere, especially online as it’s about helping people solve a problem, accomplish a goal, and build relationships.

It’s literally any online business in existence and they all need the skills of sales.

It’s one of the few jobs where you can enter the field with little to no experience and earn a significant income relatively quickly but it’s not for everyone.

It is a skill that takes practice and discipline, but if you are willing to work hard it can be very rewarding. To learn all about sales, marketing and copywriting, check out my The Real World by Tate review.

3. High Ticket Sales

High ticket sales are just a simple term for selling products, courses, or services that cost 4 to 6 figures.

It’s way easier to make a high income selling a few high ticket products per month than selling thousands of low ticket units.

But selling something that is high ticket usually requires more hands-on sales and expertise, and it’s most of the time impossible to close a sale without a real phone call.

4. Digital marketing

digital marketing

Digital marketing is one of the most popular and fastest-growing industries today.

The reason for its popularity is because it is an extremely lucrative industry and literally any online business that wants to sell anything at all, needs marketing.

Digital marketing is a broad term used to describe the marketing of products or services using digital marketing tools, but also including mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium.

Digital marketing is also considered a subset of the broader marketing, communications, and sales and is a strategic process that uses the Web and email to drive customer behaviors.

Digital marketing also helps businesses reach customers through social media platforms, such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and LinkedIn, as well as through content marketing, influencer marketing, and mobile advertising.

5. Product marketing

Product marketing is one of the most important and valuable marketing skills that a business can have as it’s a very effective way to increase sales, drive traffic, and build customer loyalty.

Essentially, product marketing is about selling a product, not through traditional advertising but through making the product as appealing as possible to as many people as possible.

It is probably one of the most exciting marketing roles that a business can have and as with any marketing skill, you can either deploy it as an employee, go the expert consultant route, and even form an agency to charge a high income for your expertise.

You can also market your own products, for example creating a print-on-demand business, and marketing outside of the platforms to generate sales.

6. Copywriting

Copywriting is the art of using the written word to persuade and influence the reader.

Copywriting can be used in almost any industry or niche and it can be used to promote anything from products to services.

Copywriting is used to advertise, inform, educate, persuade, and inspire anyone that might be a potential customer.

There are many different types of copywriting, such as copy for websites, articles, sales letters, press releases, and more.

A good copywriter can command very high rates and can easily build a high income.

A huge trend right now is to use AI writers to write copy for people, you can literally build an entire service-based business around this.

The AI writers assist and speed up the entire copywriting process, making anyone capable of writing content.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the traditional writing and ghostwriting industry will be replaced by AI in the very near future, in fact, it’s already happening.

People that master the best digital marketing and AI tools will be on the front line.

7. SEO

google SEO

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is one of the most popular high income skills on the market right now and has been for several years.

The demand for SEO skills is increasing due to the explosion of online businesses being created daily, and it’s easy to see why.

SEO is a method of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s ‘natural’ or un-paid (‘organic’) search results.

This is done by increasing the website content’s relevance to search terms likely to be used by Internet users to find the website.

It is a marketing technique used on a variety of online platforms, which requires careful analysis of a website’s content, and backlinks, and an understanding of the algorithms of major search engines.

SEO is one of the most effective ways to market a business online and it works really well if you know how to do it properly.

It is a skill that is hard to master but well worth the time, and the earning potential is extremely high.

It can be done either as:

  • A consultant that easily charges 10k per month on a recurring basis
  • Or for your own business by creating websites that rank on major search engines. Sell these sites for a huge profit of 35-55x income/month markup.

8. Content marketing

Content marketing is no longer a “new” marketing strategy. It has proven to be an effective way to get in front of potential customers and build a strong relationship with them.

It is an effective way to get your products and services in front of the people who need them, and a way to get people to know, like, and trust you.

And the best part is that content marketing is a viable high income skill that can be applied in consulting and in your own business as well with SEO as described above.

9. Content creation

There’s been a lot of talk about the rise of artificial intelligence and the increasing use of freelancers.

With more companies turning to automation, it’s important to note that many companies are still struggling to find the right content writers.

The question is, why?

The answer is simple: not every writer can create engaging content that keeps audiences coming back for more.

This is where you come in. As a content writer, you can create content that entertains, informs, and teaches readers a thing or two about your niche.

Not only do content writers bring in a good income, but they’re also in high demand, especially for those who can create high-quality content.

Content is not limited to the written word, this expands to any medium, be that YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and more.

As you can see, a lot of the top high income skills on this list are interconnected. Ranging from affiliate marketing, content creation, SEO, digital marketing, and sales.

Learn some of these and you’ll have increased your own marketplace value exponentially.

10. Online course creation

The online course creation industry is a growing one, and it’s not even close to plateauing.

More and more people are taking course creation seriously for one simple reason: the internet is the most powerful tool for reaching large audiences.

This is especially true when it comes to the subject of passive income.

Students are flocking to the internet in droves, and they’re already looking to learn everything they can about the things that will help them make more money.

The biggest problem is that there aren’t enough legit people to teach them.

Online course creation is a skill that a business owner can use to his or her advantage, and a skill that you can learn.

It’s a skill that can be learned with the right training, and one that can be used to generate high income and a stronger presence on the internet.

11. Web design

web design

Web design is one of the high income skills that are in demand in the marketplace.

It entails the creation of web pages and the integration of graphics, sound, and video elements into a website to make it visually stunning.

Essentially, you’re responsible for the look, feel, and navigation structure of the website.

The work of web designers can be split into two categories: front-end web design and back-end web design.

The front-end is the part that the user sees and interacts with, and the back-end is the part that the user does not see.

Good web designers will have experience in both.

12. Web development

Web developers are responsible for building websites, and they are the unsung heroes of the internet.

Every website that you visit requires a web developer to oversee the process.

They are also responsible for developing mobile apps and overseeing the performance of existing websites.

Web developers have a lot of opportunities to learn new skills and to build a career in this industry.

There is a lot of demand for web developers right now, and the demand will continue to rise as more consumers rely on the internet.

13. App and 14. Software development

If you’re looking for a high income skill that can pay you a lot more than the average income, being a mobile app developer is one of the best ways to go about it.

Not only is the average salary for this job incredibly high, but the development of apps is only expected to increase over the next few years.

This means that if you learn how to develop apps, you’ll be able to charge a premium for your services, and you’ll never have trouble finding work.

15. UX design (User Experience)

User experience design (UX design) is an invaluable skill to learn. This is especially the case with the ever-growing popularity of the Internet and e-commerce.

The job of a user experience designer is to create a positive experience for customers using a website or application.

This is done by conducting research and tests on the site or application and creating prototypes to test the different options.

While the field of UX design is broad, there are many subfields that people can choose to work in like how e-commerce stores offer free shipping to how chatbots talk to customers, the sky’s the limit.

16. Podcasting


Podcasting is the process of recording and distributing audio or video files over the internet.

Podcasts are a typical example of a user generating content in the form of a series of episodic pieces of media.

They are a way to take control of your market and create something that is high quality and in demand and is definitely a high income skill.

Tim Ferris, the author of the 4-hour workweek, charges $54.000 for sponsorship, per episode!

Just make sure that you grab one of the best microphones for podcasting and content creation.

17. Audio production

Audio production is one of the fastest-growing specialties in the music industry, especially music production on a laptop.

The ability to produce quality audio is an important skill in many other fields as well, and it’s something that you can learn and develop in your spare time with the help of DAW software.

Audio production is much more than putting together some background music for a podcast or video.

When you start learning how to record and master audio, you’ll be able to record your own music, podcasts, or audiobooks for sale on iTunes, ACX, and Findaway Voices just to name a few platforms.

How this works is that authors look for narrators that are capable of handling the entire production of an audiobook.

The key is that you record the audio at a high quality so that when you master it for uploading, it sounds professional and meets the clients of the platform’s requirements.

The top narrators that you listen to when consuming audiobooks make 5 figures a month so audio production is definitely classified as a high income skill to learn.

18. Teaching  – 19. Coaching – 20. Mentoring – 21. Consulting

It’s a very exciting time to be alive and to be a part of the digital economy.

Technology has made it possible to conduct business with people across the globe without ever having to leave your home or office.

Simply using a laptop and working remotely gives possibilities that are truly endless when it comes to online business, which was almost impossible a decade ago.

One of the ways to get started is by becoming a coach, consultant, mentor or just teaching online.

This is one of the best high income skills on the market right now, and you can easily demand 5 figures per month just by doing this.

It’s possible to work B2C and B2B depending on your expertise and knowledge, create an online course, or even teach on large platforms like Skillshare.

Combine this with some influencer marketing and content marketing and you’ve got a set of high income skills that scale absurdly high.

22. Lead generation

Lead generation is one of the most cost-effective ways to grow a business and it’s an essential part of any marketing strategy.

A lead is simply a potential customer that might be interested in the product or service that is being marketed.

The right kind of lead generation works to build trust and credibility with new prospects, build brand awareness, and increase sales overall.

Lead generation is essential for entrepreneurs and businesses alike, and there are two ways to turn this into high income skills:

  • Either by scaling your own business or
  • Consulting for other businesses to increase their overall revenue.

23. Sales Funnel Creation

A sales funnel is a process that leads users from awareness to conversion and is heavily used in digital marketing with the help of funnel software.

This is best done via a series of steps that are designed to present the consumer with information that will help them make the best buying decision.

You also want to eliminate options that may distract them and make it easier to follow through.

For example, if you’re selling a new car, you might have a signup form that asks for a name and email address.

The next step might be a page that gives them a video tour of the car, and then a form that asks for contact information and a test drive appointment.

Each step is designed to get the user closer to the ultimate goal of driving off the lot with a new car.

A sales funnel is a very simple, but effective, sales process that can be used for any product or service that you are selling online.

It can easily generate 5 figures a month on autopilot if you have the necessary skills to pull it off.

24. Blogging


Counting amongst high income skills is our old friend blogging, which has been around since the dawn of the internet.

But blogging has changed a lot during the years, and long gone are the old days of writing blog posts that easily rank for any keyword or dabbling tech as there are WordPress alternatives.

The competition is fierce, and landing on the first page of Google can now be equated to a piece of real estate.

It’s hard, but if you master the skill of blogging, keyword research, link-building, content creation, and more, you can create 5 to 6 figures a month income machine.

I’ve reviewed an excellent blogging course named the Blog Growth Engine, read the review for more info.

25. Advertising expert – 26. Google Ads – 27. YouTube Ads – 28. Facebook Ads

There are entire courses being made on the topic of generating 6 figures with the help of ads, but there are so many skills that are involved in making this business model succeed.

It’s not just about randomly turning on an ad and seeing the money pouring in, you need to understand analytics, sales psychology, copywriting, A/B split testing, remarketing, and the list goes on.

It all boils down to finding the exact right audience and matching them with the exact right product for them at the exact optimal time where they are in a buying state.

It’s like finding the needle in a haystack, but once you find it, you can scale it to the moon, and that is when you can earn a significant income.

Another way to turn it into high income skills is by offering your ads services through consulting or an agency, also called 29. Social Media Marketing Agency or SMMA.

30. Publishing – 31. Writing ebooks – 32. Narrating audiobooks

When talking about publishing I don’t mean writing ebooks as a freelancer for $0.05 cents per 100 words, but the other side of being the publisher and running it like a business.

This entails managing ghostwriters, graphic designers, and promotions to market the book.

Kindle publishing has a great income potential, especially when you start converting an ebook to paperback, and even hire a narrator to make an audio version of the book.

This way you’re building 3 streams of income from one single product, which easily can net 5 figures a month in profit.

33. Business writer

Business writing is one of the highest-paid skills in the freelance industry as most companies employ a large number of business writers.

A business writer is responsible for writing business plans, proposals, and reports.

It does not include writing articles or social media posts. A business writer also has a high level of writing expertise.

Business writers earn a decent income and usually charge a rate of $100 per page.

34. Technical writer

If you have a problem with your computer, if you need to understand how your cell phone works, or if you want to buy a new car, there’s a Technical Writer who wrote the manual that guided you through the process.

35. Video production

video is the future

Video is the future, and you may have noticed how Instagram, Facebook, and even Google are all moving towards the medium of video?

The most common way to make money with video production is by creating video content for businesses.

If you manage to build up your skills in this field and become a professional, you’ll have a high income skill that can be used anywhere.

Just make sure that you have a fantastic vlogging camera to make amazing content.

You can also make money with video production by creating tutorials and teaching other people, which goes hand in hand with affiliate marketing.

Some people are even making a full-time income by doing live streams on twitch gaming all day.

You can even become a full-time video ads consultant, as more and more businesses are using video for engagement and sales.

36. Graphic designer

Graphic designers create visual concepts, by hand or using computer software, to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, and captivate consumers.

They design the layout and production of advertisements, brochures, magazines, and websites, and create logos, icons, product packaging, and visual concepts for websites, animations, and movies.

Great income skill to have, especially if you work at a branding agency, or run your own agency.

37. Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur is a dream for many people.

Being your own boss, having a job where you control your hours, working from home, and getting to do something that you enjoy are all great things that come with the territory.

Being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean you have to be the next Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerburg.

You don’t have to be the owner of a huge company or sell a billion-dollar idea to be called an entrepreneur.

You can be in a service industry, a freelance consultant, or a part of a small business.

The real question is: what skills do you have that can be converted into a product or service that people want?

Either way, the income potential is limitless in entrepreneurship compared to a regular job.

38. Influencer

Influencer marketing is a hot topic in the business world and a high income skills opportunity.

But, what does it mean to be an influencer?

Influencers are the key to connecting with an audience. They can be bloggers, YouTubers, Instagram celebrities, or even TikTokers.

The point is, that they have influence over their audience and they are able to drive action, either selling a product or service and taking on sponsorship deals.

If you manage to build up your social media to the point of becoming an influencer, you can make six figures through digital marketing or even with YouTube ads alone.

39. Proofreading – 40. Copyeditor – 41. Legal proofreader

There are two types of proofreaders: copy editors, who work at publishing houses, and freelance proofreaders, who work for companies, individuals, or other publishers.

Some companies offer ongoing proofreading jobs, but these are usually not the highest-paying jobs available.

Copyeditors on the other hand are often paid a lot more than freelancers as it’s an advanced level of proofreading that requires certain skills.

Copyeditors typically have at least a bachelor’s degree in English or a related field, and possibly even an advanced degree if they are working for a higher-level position, like legal proofreading.

42. Virtual assistant

virtual assistant

Virtual assistants are in high demand and can earn anywhere from $25/hour to $100+ per hour.

This is a skill that can be learned and developed by someone who is good at communication, a good time manager, and who is self-motivated.

It takes some work to build up a base of clients, reviews, and testimonials, but once you do it’s an excellent way to earn an income.

To be a virtual assistant, you have to learn how to do a variety of tasks, and you also have to be willing to take on several types of jobs.

People who have their own businesses and are in need of administrative support or assistance will often hire a virtual assistant to help them out.

And as more and more businesses are moving online, the demand is ever-growing.

43. Blockchain

The technology is not only used for digital currency like Bitcoin, but for many other applications. It has the potential to completely change the way we live, do business, and how we interact with each other.

Blockchain technology is a decentralized ledger where information can be stored, accessed, and shared by thousands of computers at the same time, and companies are looking for resources (people) that know how to implement it.

44. Cloud computing

Cloud computing is a model for enabling convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources (e.g., networks, servers, storage, applications, and services).

They can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction.

Most large companies need an IT department with these skills.

45. Analytical reasoning

Data and information are exploding at a rapid pace, and analytical reasoning is a skill that is in high demand.

The ability to analyze data, look at it from different angles, and create meaningful interpretations is a skill that is sought after and will continue to be in demand for a long time.

46. Artificial Intelligence (AI)


AIs have been around since the early days of programming. However, recent developments in both software and hardware have led to significant advancements in the field of AI.

AIs are now found everywhere in the world around us, from the computers we use and the phones we carry, social media and ads, to the cars we drive (thanks to Tesla).

Definitely one of the hottest skills in demand in the marketplace right now with an average income of $120,000 a year.

47. Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a field that is growing rapidly and the need for people with top-notch cybersecurity skills is increasing by the day due to the fact that businesses are moving online.

Nothing can breach the trust of a customer faster than a company losing a customer’s personal information to a security breach.

It’s estimated that cybercrime costs the global economy billions annually, and companies are willing to pay top dollars for the expertise, and this makes it on our list of high income skills.

Apart from the demand for people with security skills, there is also a huge demand for people with the skills needed to train others in the field as well.

Being in this field includes everything from cybersecurity software and hardware, to training programs and certifications.

48. Business analyst – 49. Data analyst

A business analyst is responsible for monitoring, evaluating, and improving the efficiency of a business.

Many job opportunities exist for business analysts, as companies need qualified professionals to review their systems.

Business analysts are required to examine and assess a company’s resources, processes, and procedures, and make recommendations on how to improve them to management.

50. Scientific computing

Computer science is one of the largest and fastest-growing disciplines in the world.

And the thing that’s made it so popular is that it has become the platform for a lot of other technologies like Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and so on.

The demand for computer science professionals is even greater now than it was a couple of years ago, and it’s definitely a future-proof career.

Perhaps not the most exciting job, but it may be just right for you.

51. Project management

Project management is a high income skill and has a lot of demand in the marketplace.

A project manager is someone who is responsible for overseeing the development of a project and making sure that the project runs smoothly and that it meets the requirements that the client has laid out.

Project managers are not only in charge of development but they are in charge of the overall success of the project.

52. AWS Cloud Developer – 53. AWS Cloud Architect

it profession

AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud developers and architects are among the most highly paid and in-demand IT professionals.

AWS provides 90% of the Fortune 100 companies with cloud services as its highly reliable, scalable, and cost-effective cloud computing platform.

And if you manage to work for a Fortune 100 company, your salary will be high income.

54. IT-support

The world of Information Technology (IT) has evolved into an entire industry with multiple sub-sectors offering a wide range of careers for people with different interests.

One of the demanded sub-sectors is IT support, which is in high demand due to the increasing number of users that are seeking professionals.

IT-support specialists can earn a very good salary by providing services to individuals and large-scale companies alike. It entails everything from solving deviations, access rights, software updates, digital infrastructure, and security.

55. IT automation

Automation of IT systems is one of the most sought-after skills in the IT industry today.

There are a lot of companies that are looking to automate their IT systems and are constantly on the lookout for professionals who have the knowledge and the experience to automate a company’s IT infrastructure.

One of the best ways to get started is to take up certifications in the IT automation domain through organizations like CompTIA and Cisco, and then seek to find opportunities that match your skills.

Once you have gained experience in automating IT systems, you will be able to command a salary of anywhere between $75,000 and $150,000.

56. Real estate

real estate

Real estate is a huge industry, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

The only thing that will change is the way that real estate is done.

Real estate agents tend to have the highest income potential out of any of the jobs we’ve talked about so far.

This is a job that you can’t work from home, but it’s one that will bring in a lot of money if you do it well.

Many people who work in real estate also offer their services as a consultant or a broker.

57. Public speaker

Public Speaking is a skill that can earn you a significant income.

There are numerous companies that pay people to travel and speak at their event.

Public Speaking is a skill that takes a lot of practice but once you can command a room of people and deliver your message in a clear manner you will be well on your way to earning a significant amount of income.

Tony Robbins is an example of a public speaker that makes well over 6 figures just from his events alone, which speaks of the high income skills potential for public speaking.

58. Healthcare

Healthcare is a form of high income skills and with an ever-growing global population, there will always be a demand for healthcare.

There are many different healthcare jobs in which you can work, including:

59. Medical assisting

60. Dental

61. Dialysis technician

62. Massage therapist

63. Occupational therapist

64. Physical therapist

65. Physician assistant

66. Surgeon

67. Engineering

This is one of the highest paying jobs in the world which also requires at least a bachelor’s degree (but mostly a master’s degree).

Engineers are the people who design and develop the products that you see every day.

From the car you drive to the phone you talk on, engineers are the people who make it happen.

The field of engineering is one of the most interesting and diverse fields in the world.

Engineering is a broad term that encompasses many different subfields. For instance, the engineer that designs a car is different from the engineer who designs a bridge.

Either way, you’ll have a high income from this endeavor.

68. Construction

Construction management is a high demand skill that pays well.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the median salary for construction managers is $111,480.

This salary is for a general construction manager, but the median salary for a construction site manager is $64,730.

Construction managers and site managers have a few things in common. They need to be able to communicate effectively and manage their employees.

They also need to understand the building process so they can oversee the work.

69. Legal


Becoming a lawyer is one of the most common career aspirations and has always been well paid.

Historically, lawyers needed to graduate from law school and pass the bar exam.

Attorneys typically had to be licensed by a state bar association and were often employed by law firms, criminal courts, or corporations.

But in the 21st century, there are many other types of law practices including criminal law, intellectual property law, and international law.

Today, you can find jobs in fields such as:

70. Litigation

71. Patent law

72. Real estate law

73. Family law

74. Business law

75. Legal Assistant

76. Legal Secretary

77. Legal Counsel

78. Paralegal

79 Law Clerk

80. Adjudicator

81. Mediator

82. Lawyer

83. Law Office Administrator

84. Management consulting

Management consulting is a service that provides professional advice to businesses, governments, and other large organizations.

Consultants work with clients to assess their needs and implement changes that will increase their efficiency and profitability.

Management consultants primarily work with large organizations and corporations, but they also offer their services to small business owners and individuals as well.

Management consulting is a very broad industry that encompasses a variety of industries and career paths, from financial services consulting to IT consulting, management consulting is an industry that will always be in demand. Consulting is in general a high income skill.

85. Accounting

Accounting is more than just balancing the books. It’s a career in which you can help businesses run more efficiently by making sure they are in compliance with accounting regulations, and by helping them track and report financial performance.

It’s a solid career choice for people who are detail-oriented, have good communication skills, and enjoy analyzing numbers.

86. Investment Banking

Investment Banking is a high-income professional field that allows you to learn how to manage large sums of money.

Income is generated by helping a wide variety of investors, including Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and governments.

But this industry is not for everyone. It’s cutthroat and a highly competitive field. If you don’t have the right skills and experience, you are unlikely to find a job in the industry.

Investment Banking is one of the highest-paying professions in the world.

The starting salary for an entry-level investment banker is $80,000 per year and can reach $250,000 per year for senior investment bankers.

It’s a high-pressure profession and it’s not for everyone as it’s cutthroat and highly competitive.

But the high pay and high level of responsibility that this profession offers are hard to beat.

87. Bookkeeping

Every company needs to keep track of its financial records in order to remain a viable business.

Once you’ve got some experience and perhaps even your own firm, businesses will gladly pay a premium for your services, especially if you excel in the field of taxes.

Bookkeepers are not just viable during the mandatory tax periods, but can also consult continuously during the year.

88. Investing – 89. Stock trading – 90. Crypto

crypto trader

With the recent craze surrounding bitcoin, it’s hard not to get caught up in the hype.

Many people have begun dabbling in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and have been able to make a lot of money.

But for those who are looking for a more stable investment, stocks might be a better option. You can even own a portion of the stock by investing with as little as $5.

Not only is it a lot safer than cryptocurrencies, but it’s also a lot more reliable.

The issue with trading is that you can never predict the market and that it requires significant capital that you can’t be afraid of losing either.

Stock trading is more the end-game when it comes to high income skills, but a necessary one to learn as you just don’t want a lot of money sitting in a zero interest rate bank account.

91. Personal Training

Personal Training is a great way to make money in the fitness industry, and we all know the big three industries that are evergreen are health, wealth, and relationships.

There are lots of opportunities for personal trainers to make money and the best thing is, you don’t have to be a bodybuilder or a fitness model to become one.

Although the most well-paid personal trainers are fitness buffs with strong influencer marketing, charging $250+ / hour can easily turn into 6 figures a month depending on how much you work.

92. Trade skills

high competence jobs

Classical trade skills that always are in demand and well paid are:

93. Plumber

94. Electrician

95. Mechanic

96. Home inspector

97. Dental hygienist

98. Pipefitter/steamfitter

99. Medical sonographer

100. MRI tech

101. Respiratory therapist

102. Cable/fiber optics tech

103. Real estate appraiser


What are the top high income skills?

Top high income skills are:

  1. Real estate
  2. Internet marketing
  3. Investing
  4. Computer programming
  5. Sales
  6. Blogging
  7. Social media

Which skill is best for earning money?

Marketing, engineering, or programming? It’s hard to decide which path to take, but one thing that’s not going anywhere is that people are always in the market for products and services.

Whether you’re a freelance writer, blogger, or entrepreneur, marketing is the best skill to possess.

A blog for example can be used to brand yourself and advertise your services or product.

While some may think it’s not as lucrative as programming or engineering, in the long run, it gives you more freedom compared to a regular job.

What are some profitable skills?

Skills for profit are skills that will both benefit your life and your wallet.

Some skills that fall under this category are writing, marketing, and development.

They could be used for blogging, creating websites, and writing ad copy.

These skills don’t necessarily need to be worked on every day and can be practiced in your spare time.

When it comes to developing skills, it’s important to pick just one skill, and practice it continuously for a long period of time, preferably 3-6 months.