You know you need to create content on a regular basis, but it’s hard to know where to start or how to make sure your content is SEO-friendly.

Content creation is a time-consuming process and can be frustrating to say the least.

Writers usually spend hours, or even days, writing a single SEO optimized blog post. And migrating everything over to WordPress is a time-sink as well.

And if that’s not enough, you’re competing against other businesses who are doing the same thing at scale!

The good news is that writing content can become much easier and faster with the help of an AI writing assistant, directly inside of WordPress!

GetGenie is one of those tools that recently emerged on the market, and they promise a lot.

The only question is if GetGenie is worth it. 

Read on to find out more about this nifty little WordPress plugin, and how it can accelerate your content optimization process.

The conventional way of blog writing

On average, bloggers spend 1-2 hours writing a blog post of 500 words. And the length of an ideal blog post is 1500 to 2500 words.

This means that a content creator needs to invest 4-8 hours to complete a blog post of 2000 words in general!

But, it does vary depending on the writing skills, experience, and the type of content that is created. Sometimes, you will need more time than this, and sometimes, less.

However, It doesn’t change the fact that conventional blog writing is more time, energy, and effort consuming.

But, the good news is things are changing now. Now you can write a blog faster than ever which was quite impossible before.

Benefits of using an AI writer

AI writing software brings a revolutionary change in the content creation process, and a few of the benefits include:

1. In-depth keyword research

AI writing assistants assist you to select high search volume and less competitive keywords. You will also get access to all the competitor and SERP analysis data to unlock the top rank of search engine results.

2. Faster content generation

AI writing tools offer lots of templates by which you can generate a blog post or any kind of content in minutes without affecting the quality.

3. Converting and engaging copies

These tools are not only helpful for blog writing but also you can create powerful copies for your landing page, e-commerce store, or social media that will convert well. Again, templates are available for copywriting.

4. SEO optimization

Optimizing content for search engines is also a part of blog writing. Because without SEO, your content is good for nothing. An AI blog writing assistant ensures that your content is well-optimized for SEO. In addition, you will find on-page SEO scores for better optimization in some AI tools.

5. Work from your WordPress site

This is something that has been missing so far in other AI writers, and that is the ability to create content straight in your WordPress dashboard.

And this perfectly segues into our GetGenie review!

GetGenie review at a glance 👇

If you’re looking for a content and SEO solution that’s simple to use, then GetGenie is a great choice.

GetGenie is a content and SEO solution inside of WordPress that is built to help you optimize your content for specific keywords. It comes as a WordPress plugin and installs with the click of a button.

It has a content scoring system that guides you and provides writing templates.

The keyword research and SERP analysis are also built-in, making it easy to get started for anyone looking for an all-in-one package right inside of WordPress.

Outstanding Features & Recent Updates

With GetGenie, you can get your content written faster, get it optimized, and published at a faster pace without having to juggle a multitude of different online software.

Let’s explore its main benefits.

✅ An all-in-one solution for WordPress content

getgenie dashboard

GetGenie is the all-in-one AI SEO solution that makes writing easier and faster while also helping to improve your SEO.

It comes with over 30 templates for everything from copywriting frameworks to paragraph and product descriptions, making it the perfect tool for any WordPress user.

With GetGenie, all you need to do is provide the topic – it will take care of the rest.

Not only does it make writing easier and faster, but it also helps to optimize your content for better SEO.

✅ Save on monthly expenses

getgenie features

If you’re looking for an AI SEO solution that does it all, look no further than GetGenie.

This handy tool not only saves you time and money by packing all the features you need into one simple app, but it also works like magic to make your life easier.

With GetGenie, you’ll be able to get the most out of your SEO efforts without having to worry about 5+ other tools!

✅ SEO optimization inside WordPress

getgenie SEO score

It has been proven that the first ranked content in Google gets almost 32% of all clicks.

GetGenie helps with keyword research data, so you can discover high volume and less competitive keywords with a single click.

You’ll also find competitor analysis data, number of ranked content, headings, images, and word count.

On-page SEO scores are also available for proper content optimization. This means you don’t need an SEO plugin for optimizing your content, which is great!

How To Get Started With GetGenie

Let’s check out how to write a blog post faster with GetGenie:

Step 1: Perform keyword research

First, you need to select primary and secondary keywords for your blog post with GetGenie AI.

Add a new post for doing that.

After that, click the blue “write for me” button at the top and select the “Blog Wizard” template for keyword research, Competitor analysis, Title, Intro, and Outline generation.

getgenie blog wizard

Now, you have to provide the following data to the “Blog Wizard” template for title generation:

  • Keyword: Enter a keyword for your blog.
  • Context: Add context for getting a better result.
  • SEO Mode: Make sure to keep the SEO mode enabled. Otherwise, you won’t get any SEO and competitor analysis data.
  • Select country: Choose for which country you want your keyword and competitor analysis data.
  • Creativity Level: GetGenie AI, by default, selects creativity level 4 for a more optimized and creative output. A higher creativity level gives the AI more creative freedom for innovation around the topic, while lower levels mean sticking to whatever the inputs are.
  • Set Result Limit: Here, you can select how many results you want from this AI writing assistant. For example, if you select 3, then you will get three outputs for each input.

After adding all the data to this template, click the “Analyze Keyword” button which will show keyword analysis data and related keywords for your blog.

From here, select the suitable focus keyword for your content.

getgenie blog title

Then go to the “Competitor” tab and click “Fetch Data”. It will take some time to generate the competitor analysis data.

While generating data, you can do other tasks like title, intro, and outline generation. This will gather all the competitor analysis data of the ranked blogs.

getgenie blog competitors

You will also find related questions from Google, Quora, and Reddit on the “Questions Asked” tab.

getgenie blog questions asked

Step 2: Generate a blog title

After the successful completion of keyword research and competitor analysis, it’s time to generate a title for your blog post. Press the blue “Generate Title” button for title selection.

getgenie blog title ideas

This will generate multiple titles and the number of generated titles is the same as the number you have set for the “Set Result Limit” field.

Now, choose a suitable title for your blog or you can regenerate the blog title as long as you don’t find a satisfying title.

After finding one, click on it and press the “Next” button.

getgenie blog title ideas examples

Step 3: Generate an intro for your blog post

In the third step, you have to generate an intro for your blog. The process is just the same as the title generation.

Adjust the “Creativity Level” and “Set Result Limit”, then click the “Generate Intro” button.

getgenie blog intro

Multiple intros will appear on the left side from where you need to select one.

Again, the regeneration option is also open for the intro. After getting a suitable one, click on it and press the “Next” button.

getgenie blog intro examples

Step 4: Outline selection

Prepare an outline for your content same as the Title and Intro selection.

After generating the suggested headings with an AI writing assistant, select the ones you want to make an appropriate outline, or just click the “Select All” option like the GIF to choose all the suggested headings.

Or else, you can select the outline separately by clicking on the individual point. Besides, you can also insert an outline by pressing the “Add Outline” button.

Finally, after the generation of a complete blog outline, click the “Insert” button for adding the Title, Intro, and Outline to your blog post.

getgenie blog finalization

Step 5: Generate the body part

Now, it’s time to generate the main section of your content and that is the body part.

You will get “Content Expand”, “Continue Writing”, and “Content Re-Write” options to generate the body content of your blog.

Content Expand: Just select the heading and click the GetGenie AI icon to generate content.

getgenie blog paragraph writing

After that, click the “Expand Outline” button and GetGenie AI will create content for your selected heading within a few seconds.

getgenie blog expand feature

Continue Writing: If you want more content for your selected heading, then put the cursor at the end of your paragraph.

After that, press the GetGenie AI icon to click on the “Continue writing” option. It will instantly generate more content.

getgenie blog continue writing feature

Content Re-write: GetGenie AI also provides a content re-write option for content regeneration.

For example, if you don’t like a paragraph, then you can re-write it anytime. All you need to do is select that paragraph and press the “Content Re-write” option of GetGenie.

getgenie blog rewrite

This will open up the “Paragraph Rewriter” template from the left side. Here, you have to click the “Write” button and after that, choose a suitable paragraph generated by GetGenie AI.

getgenie blog creativity level

Like this, generate content for all the remaining headings with GetGenie AI including the conclusion. After that, you are all set for publishing a new blog post on your website.

Here is your created blog post prepared by the best AI article writer.

getgenie blog first draft

GetGenie Pricing

getgenie pricing

GetGenie is very affordable in relation to what you get, and they have 3 pricing plans to choose from:

  • Writer: 12k words per month and 40 SEO keyword searches.
  • Pro: 40k words per month and 200 SEO keywords searches.
  • Agency: 150k words per month and 600 SEO searches.

It’s a great way to save on expenses as you don’t have to pay for a separate SEO optimization and AI content writing tools.

My Take On GetGenie: Should You Buy It?

I like GetGenie as you get so much value from the price.

If your primary site is based on WordPress, which I guess 90% of websites are, then GetGenie is a fantastic tool to help you out with your blog content.

GetGenie can generate any type of content and copy in minutes, and it packs a punch for being a simple WordPress plugin and is definitely worth exploring.

GetGenie Alternatives

The closest product that comes close to being an all-in-one product is Scalenut.

👉 Read more: Scalenut review.

Although it’s not based inside of WordPress, Scalenut is also a fantastic tool to explore for your content creation needs.