When researching the BEST digital marketing software, there is no shortage of tools I might say.

What might count as marketing tools is up for definition, but in reality, it’s anything that helps you to automate business workflows, improve customer acquisition, and simplifies your digital marketing efforts.

It’s easy to get lost in it all, and that’s why I’ve compiled a MASTER LIST of all of the best digital marketing software on the market, right now!

These tools range from writing content that brings in traffic through SEO, generating leads and collecting testimonials, and even managing your customer relationships.

These tools are recommended by top experts in the industry, users on Trustpilot, and years from my own user experience as well.

This list is being updated regularly with the best recommendations at the top of each market niche, so you can choose a great fit for your own unique business with confidence.

Let’s get to it, shall we?

What are the best digital marketing software?

Best all-in-one marketing platforms

The concept is simple, instead of using 5-15 different digital marketing software scattered all around and trying to integrate them all, just use one with everything under one roof.

Great both for beginners who are lost in the tools, as skilled marketers want to simplify and save on expenses at the same time.

1. Kajabi


Kajabi has been around for a long time, perfected its platform and mobile app, and used by huge names and brands like Kinobody, and Amy Porterfield.

You could call Kajabi the “iPhone of marketing platforms”, quality throughout and one of the best digital marketing software on the market.

2. Systeme.io

systeme io

A little brother to Kajabi, both in terms of useability and pricing as well.

Systeme.io is a fairly new digital marketing platform, clean, minimal, and has all of the core features you need to run a successful online knowledge business.

The price alone makes it worth it many times over.

Make sure to check out our review of this digital marketing tool for an in-depth look.

3. Kartra


The battle has always been between Clickfunnels, Kajabi, and Kartra in the “all-in-one platform” space.

Kartra has everything and can pull some incredibly complex funnels and systems.

Promoted by marketers like Frank Kern, Kartra is a digital marketing tool mainly suitable for seasoned marketers that just need more.

4. Clickfunnels


Clickfunnels co-founder Russel Brunson took this digital marketing platform to the moon in terms of marketing, and it’s a little bit what you get as well.

A fantastic system for making funnels, and getting those leads to convert. But beware of the upsells inside, because you know, marketers.

5. Builderall


Builderall is a bit all over the place, but still gets the job done for a reasonable price.

The platform is a bit in limbo, as it tries to be everything without a solid streamlined integration.

Digital marketing software inside feel like a standalone project and can cause more confusion than clarity.

Once you get past that, it’s an excellent tool.

6. Groovefunnels


Groovefunnels is still not a complete package, and I believe they put more resources into marketing the thing instead of developing it.

Systeme.io did the exact opposite, and it shows in the “final” results. It’s a shame, but perhaps they can redeem themselves in the future as the “one-time payment” is a lucrative offer.

Best Website and Landing Page Builders

Every business needs some kind of website or at least a place for leads to land on.

You can go either route, but it depends on your overall marketing strategy.

If you’re going the blog/website route with SEO posts for organic traffic, then you need a website no questions asked.

If you get your traffic from paid ads or social media, then a landing page is enough.

Either way, check out some of the best digital marketing software below.

1. JetPage


A brand new website service that this very blog runs on right now.

JetPage redefines what it means to make a website, as you can spin up a new blog in 60 seconds or less.

The CEO of this brand new tool is the multi-six-figure affiliate marketer Odi Productions, so you know the platform is designed for ranking on Google from the ground and up.

All of the design, page speed optimization, google integration is the best it can get out of the box.

You only need to focus on ONE thing, and that is to create content and publish blog posts, that’s it.

A HUGE time-saver for anyone STILL dealing with tech issues on a WordPress website.

Time to move into the 21st century with this digital marketing tool.

2. Wix


Wix has been around for a while now and is heavily promoted across the internet, and for a good reason.

The website builder they have is top-notch and makes it way easier to make a website than WordPress.

But they also have a ton of “upsells” inside as well, so beware of that.

3. WordPress


Good old WordPress, literally 41% of the internet runs on WordPress.

It’s free and is massively customizable with the help of independent apps, or plugins as they are called.

This naturally also leads to a ton of frustration and a HUGE learning curve before you “get it”.

But hey, 41% of the internet can’t be wrong, right?

4. Squarespace


Wix and Squarespace are the rivals of old. They both do a similar thing, but in my own experience, I prefer Wix.

5. Leadpages


Our first recommendation for landing pages is Leadpages. They are established and create beautiful landing pages, I started out with them many years ago.

And as most of these tools started out as “just one thing”, they slowly add more features in order to compete with the “all-in-one” platforms.

6. Unbounce


A great landing page builder to capture your incoming leads, and more importantly, convert them.

They use a combination of landing pages, popups, and sticky bars to get the job done.

7. Instapage

Instapage went the other way and goes all-in on becoming the best and most advanced landing page builder aimed mainly at maximizing your advertising conversion rates.

If you run tons of Facebook ads, Instapage is your friend.

8. Launchrock

This landing page builder is great for those constantly testing new offers in combination with ads to drive leads.

Big brand names like Bumble & Vevo launched with Launchrock as well.

9. Optimonk

I love Optimonk, and they do one specific thing in an excellent way, and that is adding exit-intent popups to your website (or landing page).

Works best with WordPress, they even have a plugin for easy integration and start out for free as well.

Not to be confused with Optinmonster (which has way too many upsells inside for comfort).

10. Useproof

Ever wondered about those small popups down to the left with “23 people just started a free trial”, or “67 people are viewing this page”?

This is the one, Useproof claims to boost conversion on a page with up to 300% due to the nature of social proof.

It definitely plays on the human psychological triggers for making sales.

It’s also the same company behind the AI Jarvis that autogenerates content, more about that later down the list.

Best Email Marketing Software, Lead Generation & CRM Software

It feels like email marketing software is the hype when it comes to software, as every other day a new software gets launched (or so it seems).

There are a TON of digital marketing software, so I’d stick with the top 3 in the list below.

1. AWeber


AWeber has been around for as long as I can remember, and I’m glad that they finally started to upgrade both the pricing structure and the user interface as well.

They are well polished now, and from my own testing is the best email marketing software right now.

It does exactly what you want it to do and has flawless deliverability.

It just works and is a great digital marketing platform.

2. Constant Contact

constant contact

Constant Contact has been in business since 1995! They are a bit pricey but the company knows what they are doing when it comes to emails.

They have also expanded to the eCommerce, website, and social marketing space as well to keep up with the times.

3. ConvertKit


I like both the style of the software and the CEO of the company as well.

They have great features and aim to be the best email marketing software in the space, and their revenue shows it as well! You can’t go wrong with Convertkit.

I just wish they had a bit more features unlocked for beginners (email automation).

4. Sendinblue


A great alternative for bloggers running a WordPress website, and for some reason don’t want to use either AWeber or Convertkit.

I used Sendinblue for a while until I migrated to AWeber. Worked great with the WordPress plugin, and has email automation in the free plan.

5. MailerLite


Mailerlite is great and used by thousands. The free plan is rich in features and includes email automation which in my opinion is a must when it comes to marketing.

Landing pages and popup forms are included in this digital marketing tool.

6. GetResponse


GetResponse is a beefed-up version of MailerLite, with not only emails and landing pages, but now even with a website builder, webinar functionality, marketing automation, and even sales funnels.

They are definitely transitioning from just being an email service provider to an all-in-one platform, the question is if it’s too late already?

7. MailChimp

Mailchimp is MASSIVE when it comes to users and customers, they are extremely established.

BUT, and this is a big one, they do NOT allow for affiliate marketing through emails!

So if you plan on pitching products and solutions to your email list (which every marketer should and does), stay away from Mailchimp as they will terminate your account.

8. ActiveCampaign

A great alternative for email marketing includes email automation, segmentation, and contact management.

9. Moosend

Moosend has some things going on for them when it comes to pricing, but they have so-so reviews and I never got along too well with the tool as well. There are better digital marketing software on this list above.

10. Pabbly

Another SaaS company that provides email marketing and lead generation tools in form of emails, form builder, automation, and a little bit of CRM and billing feature.

But at this point, I would consider an all-in-one alternative instead for a more complete package.

11. Omnisend

Focuses their business model towards eCommerce in combination with email marketing. Integrates with Shopify, Bigcommerce, and WooCommerce.

12. Gist

GetGist is interesting as they focus on customer conversations through chat, chatbots, meetings, with the included email and automation services.

Great for coaches and consulting where 1-on-1 is the preferred method of lead conversion.

13. Hubspot

HubSpot is an extremely large, all-encompassing CRM platform. They’ve got email and forms, CRM, helpdesk tools, and even a content management system.

You either love them or don’t, but they are free to try out.

14. Zapier

Zapier is the glue that holds together all of the far-off integrations between the software on this list.

This automation software is in some cases a must to get your online business working if you use special tools that need to integrate together.

You may want to consider an all-in-one platform though to minimize the amount of complexity in your business before jumping into this route.

15. Buzzstream

Buzzstream is a special CRM tool that focuses on outreach and link-building for digital PR and content promotion.

It’s used by top companies like Shopify, Indeed, Canva, and Airbnb and is definitely worth looking into.

16. Automizy

Automizy lets you create beautiful emails and send them through all popular email services (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, LinkedIn, and more).

It integrates with over 300 tools and plugins. Automizy is the fastest and easiest way to help you create better emails, manage your subscribers, and grow your business.

17. Mailigen

I like the ease of use with this service, so far it is very simple to use and integrate.

The automation is nice as well, I am able to set up an automation flow to follow up with people after they join my list.

18. Benchmarkemail

19. SendPulse

20. MoonMail

21. Ontraport

22. Campaign Monitor

23. Mailjet

24. Emma

25. Bigmailer.io

26. Freshmail

27. Mailforge

28. Sendgrid

29. Zoho

30. Salesforce

31. Insightly

32. Onepagecrm

33. Capsule CRM

34. Nimble CRM

35. Odoo

36. Freshworks

37. Customer.io

38. Marketo

39. Trapica

Best SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Keyword Research Tools

Before ever creating a piece of content both in written and video form, you NEED to do keyword research, unless you plan to publish content for the crickets.

Once you target the right audience, you also need to do Search Engine Optimization as well to maximize the organic traffic to your piece of content.

These are the best digital marketing software for that job.

1. Ahrefs


I’ve used all of the SEO keyword research tools in this list and Ahrefs is hands-down the best of them all.

Relatively easy to use, makes sense, is based on backlinks, and makes keyword research a breeze.

A must-have if you plan to rank on Google and one of the best digital marketing software.

2. SurferSEO


While Ahrefs focuses on finding the right keywords for your article, SurferSEO aids you WHILE writing the content.

It gives suggestions for semantically related keywords, how many words you should write, the number of images to include.

It’s your personalized SEO coach and goes hand-in-hand with Jarvis.ai as they have a collaboration and are integrated with each other.

3. Semrush


Semrush is an excellent alternative to Ahrefs and I’ve used them extensively.

The best feature in Semrush is the “Topic Research” tool that shows you cards of topic ideas that have just the right amount of competition vs traffic volume.

You can also sort on trending subtopics to find hidden gold in the Google search.

4. KWFinder by Mangools


Mangools KWfinder is also a great digital marketing tool to research lucrative keywords, but Ahrefs and Semrush are more powerful.

But it might be perfect for those who don’t need too much data to go through.

5. Google trends

google trends

Don’t underestimate going straight to the source, Google itself.

They reserve the right to not show you any numbers or search volume but instead present data in terms of “popularity” relative to other searches.

It can be hard to wrap your head around this, but once you get good at reading between the lines, Google trends could be all you need.

6. Moz


Moz has been around for some time but has not kept up with the marketing side of things.

The competition is harsh and there are right now better alternatives.

7. Ubersuggest

Created by marketing guru Neil Patel, Ubersuggest is a great free alternative for doing your keyword research.

From personal experience, the search volume can differ a lot from other digital marketing software.

8. Keywordtool.io

Also a free alternative, a simple digital marketing tool to gather keyword ideas that present “people also searched” and autofill queries both for Google and YouTube search.

9. KeywordsEverywhere

The lazy-mans tool for finding keywords, the tools is a simple Chrome plugin that shows related keywords, what people search for, and some suggestions for search volume.

Great for doing quick research for popular topics, and buying 100k credits last for a VERY long time.

10. Frase.io

Similar to SurferSEO, Frase gives input and suggestions when writing SEO-optimized posts for length and semantic keywords to include for the best ranking possibilities.

11. Hike SEO

Another SEO tool with a bit cheaper pricing than the competition that focuses on website SEO + keyword research.

12. Clearscope

An AI-driven SEO tool for optimizing your blog posts, but beware of the pricing, as the basic plan only lets you optimize 20 pieces of content per month, which you’ll blow through fast.

13. Answerthepublic

An excellent free keyword research tool to figure out what’s on people’s minds when they browse the web (and Google).

They scrape all the questions, prepositions, and comparisons questions just to name a few.

Beautifully presented data in a tree-branch kind of graphics.

14. Yoast SEO (WordPress Plugin)

The original SEO WordPress plugin tool that’s used by millions. Gives simple guidelines on how to write SEO optimized posts, the structure, word count, etc.

It does not scrape specific data for your keyword like semantic keywords etc.

15. VidIQ or Tubebuddy

For YouTube, we have two great tools that you honestly can’t live without if you’re on the content creation game.

Easily search for popular keywords to target, but you don’t need both, test them out and pick the one you like the most, they both do the same thing.

From personal preference I use VidIQ.

Best Content Marketing Software

1. Feedly


An interesting AI assistant tool that curates key industry information and insights from chosen sources that you trust.

Automates information gathering to stay on top of trends, events, and topics so you can stay on top of your marketing.

2. Buzzsumo


Content discovery and research service similar to Feedly.

They also scrape influencers with authority so you can get insights into what type of content resonates with audiences right now.

3. Kred

link kred

Link.kred is a way to gather all of your social media profiles and links under one single “landing page”.

Also allows you to find other contacts with influence in the market with a custom score Kred created.

4. Follow.it

follow it

A form of leads/customer subscription newsletter.

Instead of the traditional get email address, -> do email marketing, visitors can instead subscribe to your website.

Once you publish new content, they will get a notification that new content is available. A smart way to connect with readers.

Best Content Creation Tools

1. Grammarly


A must-have tool for all marketers, the best and most well-known grammar and spelling checker in the industry.

Grammarly integrates everywhere, in your browser, Google docs, Microsoft documents, and most online text editors on the web.

Gives pointers as well on sentence structure and is beneficial to use both for email marketers, content creators, and copywriters alike.

2. Visme


A tool for creating and building out your brand through presentations, engaging charts and infographics, branded documents, social posts, and even video animations.

3. Mixbloom


A social media content agency. They handle everything for you from social media content creation, original images, copy, hashtag research, scheduling, and publishing with a dedicated team.

4. Verblio


A content creation service to get top-quality content written for you from US-based writers.

They can handle both high-volume orders and also work with agencies.

5. ContentFly


An affordable content creation service, you order the written content that you want, and get it in an orderly fashion with original content that is researched.

Best AI Writer and AI Content Generator Tools

1. Jasper.ai


Cutting-edge content generation software with the help of AI is getting a lot of traction right now. These AI writers help you to create sentences and written content that is 100% unique, in a fraction of the time.

But since it’s an AI you always need to both fact-check, proofread, and edit the content yourself in the end.

Jasper in combination with SurferSEO (they are integrated) cuts down on the time it takes to write content, and in most cases is a great tradeoff on time invested vs what you pay per month.

Cheaper than 100% outsourcing to freelancers, but takes less time than doing everything yourself.

Has a learning curve before you become proficient in using it, but earns the top spot for one of the best digital marketing software out there.

2. Kafkai


Another great AI tool that generates 100% unique content and is much cheaper than Jarvis.

The quality is not entirely up to Jasper level, but as with any AI tool they still require hands-on editing.

This might a great alternative to consider if your budget is lower as it’s cheaper.

3. Writesonic


Your personal AI copywriter, Writesonic focuses on making a better copy, mainly for ads and landing pages.

If your business strategy is running tons of Facebook ads, this might be just what you need to save some time.

4. Copysmith


In the same niche as Writesonic, Copysmith creates ad-copy at the press of a button.

Great if you can’t be bothered by coming up with ideas yourself regularly.

5. ArticleForge


An alternative to Jarvis and Kafkai, Articleforge even publishes content straight to your blog, I would be wary of that though.

Best Webinar Software and Digital Conference Tools

1. WebinarJam


Made by the same company that owns the all-in-one platform Kartra, Webinarjam is the go-to webinar software to host your sessions with clients all over the globe.

Has some advanced features as well to get the viewers to convert into sales.

2. Demio


A very tight and hassle-free alternative to Webinarjam for running your webinars and has excellent ratings.

If you’re not already invested in the Kartra/Webinarjam platforms then give this a try, you’ll like it.

3. EverWebinar


The Genesis Digital group that owns Kartra and Webinarjam is really trying to dominate the webinar space, with yet another tool they call EverWebinar.

The difference?

Everwebinar is for pre-recorded automated webinars, WebinarJam is Live.

For reference, Demio does both automatic and live, hence the higher score.

4. Zoom


Zoom shot to the moon with the global crisis and everyone starting to work from home.

It was already a solid platform but now it’s even more established as the go-to online conference software.

5. Livestorm

Livestorm is a cloud-based enterprise video solution that enables meeting and webinar creation at scale.

It allows users to create meetings and webinars in minutes without any need to download software, plug-ins, or other third-party apps.

The platform is flexible and intuitive to use and provides a seamless video experience across any device.

It makes it easy for users to connect with each other and share ideas, no matter where they are in the world.

6. WebinarNinja

WebinarNinja is a webinar software that helps you create interactive and engaging webinars.

It’s super easy to use and you get a complete solution for your webinar needs. Record, edit and broadcast your webinars in minutes.

You can easily make money with your webinars by selling tickets, products, and courses. You also get analytics and connection features.

7. GoToWebinar

8. LiveWebinar

9. BlueJeans

10. My Own Conference

11. EasyWebinar

12. ClickMeeting

13. BigMarker

14. Adobe Connect

15. WebinarsOnAir

16. Google Hangouts

17. Livestream

18. AnyMeeting

19. Webex

20. DaCast

Best Video Editing and Collaboration Tools

1. Flixier


Editing videos for your content marketing should not be hard, and Flixier solves this problem in a few unique ways (at least for the editing industry).

The video editor is online-based, so no need to download anything or worry about computer specs.

This saves a ton of space as you can upload files directly from your camera straight to the cloud.

They also render and export finished videos straight up to YouTube in 3 minutes or less.

Flixier is literally everything you need for content marketing on YouTube and Social media, and I use it extensively in my digital marketing software arsenal.

2. Adobe Premiere Pro

adobe premiere pro

No list would be complete without the market-dominating software from Adobe, Premiere Pro.

If you’re serious about video editing and making a career on YouTube as a content creator, you might as well go with the crowd.

The learning curve is high, but a quick tutorial search on YouTube gives you thousands of answers, it’s that extensive.

3. DaVinci Resolve

davinci resolve

DaVinci resolve is the most complex, heavy PC spec. demanding software, and also entirely free.

If your computer can handle it, then it’s a safe win, as it’s used for editing block-buster-level movies.

4. Wondershare Filmora X

wondershare filmora

A great alternative to heavy-hitting brands like Adobe, DaVinci, and Final Cut, with flashy animations and great for social media marketing.

5. HitFilm Express

hitfilm express

A PC fan-favorite, mainly because it’s free, you just need to learn it.

6. iMovie


The same as HitFilm Express, it’s free and already installed in your Mac, so if basic editing is all that you’re after look no further than your own computer.

7. Loom

Mainly started out as one of the best screen recorders on the internet with the “bubble cam”, but quickly adapted and pivoted to become the contender of Zoom for collaborative work through video.

8. Streamyard

A tool for easily creating live streaming sessions in the browser, excellent when it comes to marketing in form of making interviews, guest shows, brand recognition, etc.

Even Gary Vaynerchuck speaks highly of this digital marketing tool, and that says a lot.

9. Vidyard

Not to be confused with Streamyard, Vidyard is like Zoom and Loom (oh boy..). Vidyard does screen recording, remote video, prospecting, and closing.

10. FlexClip

FlexClip is an online tool to create stunning videos for your brand, social media, and marketing with thousands of ready video templates.

FlexClip’s intuitive interface makes it easy for everyone to create a video easily and quickly, with no video editing experience required!

Best Graphics Design and Lead magnet Creation Tools

1. Pixlr


Pixlr is a great free photo editing software that is entirely free to use like Canva.

They have 2 modes, Pixlr/e for easy editing, and Pixlr/x for more professional editing.

Either way, this tool replaced Adobe Photoshop, and it’s based online.

2. Photopea


Another free online-based photo editor (with ads) that reminds you very much about Adobe Photoshop, it’s the closest you’ll get. Both Pixlr and Photopea get the job done wonderfully.

3. Canva


Canva is a staple software when it comes to graphics.

You can essentially create anything in it for free, logos, infographics, lead magnets, YouTube thumbnails, you name it.

It’s easy to use and the versatility is unbeatable.

4. Remove.bg


A nifty little tool that does just one thing, but is the absolute best at it, and that is to remove the background from a photo in 2 seconds.

Perfect for content (like YouTube thumbnails) where you want to separate a person from the background.

Combine with the tools above and you’re set.

5. Unsplash


Millions of stock images are royalty-free for use any way you desire.

6. Pixabay

The same as Unsplash but also with vectors and illustrations. If you can’t find what you seek on Unsplash, try Pixabay next.

7. Pexels

Free stock photos and videos as well on this site, perfect for content marketing.

8. Snagit

If you don’t use a laptop that has native screen capture built-in already, then this tool solves that problem.

Best Social Media Marketing Software

1. Buffer


A digital marketing platform for analyzing, scheduling, and publishing social media content on autopilot.

Buffer also does tagging, stories planner, and many more features to stay on top of your social media marketing.

2. Biteable


Biteable is a hybrid mix between a video editor and a social media content generation tool.

They are great at cranking out content in form of Facebook posts, ads, announcements, eCommerce promos using the power of video for engagement.

3. Crowdfire


Just like Buffer, Crowdfire helps you to collect your social media marketing under one roof by scheduling content, managing accounts, and customizing scheduled posts for each platform.

4. Meet Edgar


This tool is not just another social media scheduler like the rest.

Meet Edgar “builds a bottomless library of evergreen updates” as they call it.

In short, it reuses your old posts that people forgot about a long time ago, and automates content publishing, as long as you create evergreen content.

A huge timesaver to keep your audience engaged and to always be on their mind.

5. Sprout Social


We like all-in-one solutions, and SproutSocial is that for social media.

Run your social media like a business with scheduling, analytics to uncover trends, and a unified inbox.

6. Agorapulse


An alternative to scheduling and tracking your social media marketing, also with a unified social media inbox to manage comments and messages in one place.

7. Sendible

8. Hootsuite

9. Socialpilot

10. eClincher

11. MavSocial

12. Iconosquare

13. Postoplan

14. Radaar

15. Cloud campaign

16. Later

17. Socialbakers

18. Brand24

19. Upfluence

Best Analytics Tools

1. Hyros


Marketing legend and genius Alex Becker decided to ditch the “make money online” niche in favor of creating his own SaaS product, and in the making, Hyros became the absolute best AI-powered ad tracking software on the planet.

He is so sure that Hyros will increase your ad ROI that if it doesn’t produce guaranteed results, you don’t pay a dime.

Big claims, but the largest brands are already using it to increase their profits, brands like Dean Graziosi & Frank Kern, SamCart, Impact Theory, Clickfunnels, Kinobody, and Ladyboss (all multi-million dollar brands).

This is definitely one of the best digital marketing software for analytics right now.

2. Hotjar


This tool is becoming more and more popular, bringing website heatmaps and behavior analytics to understand how visitors and potential customers interact with your brand.

It even does recordings of interactions on a website to understand bottlenecks in your messaging, this is marketing on a new level.

3. Woopra


Tacking and unifying data across multiple verticals like products, marketing, sales, and support to analyze customer journeys.

Sounds a lot like what Facebook is doing, but now it’s in your hands.

4. Google Analytics & Google Search Console

google search console

We can’t forget about Google. If you run a website then syncing it up to Google Analytics and Google Search Console provides you with data on how visitors are engaging with both your website and your content.

Make smarter decisions, identify what resonates with them, and double down on areas of interest.

5. Plausible.io


Freaked out by Google tracking everything you do, but you still want to track data yourself?

Plausible solves this issue with an open-source website analytics tool, entirely free from Google analytics and lightweight.

6. Zutrix

Zutrix brings rank tracking of the Google SERPs to you with notifications, so you can make better decisions on your content and SEO marketing strategies.

7. Rebrandly

A URL-shortener tool that allows you to do two things, 1) Brand your links with your own brand and 2) Track link clicks for performance analytics.

Both are vital, especially in affiliate marketing, no one clicks a random spammy-looking link.

8. Adverity

9. Oribi

10. Everview

11. Optimo analytics

12. Mixpanel

13. Marketo

14. persistIQ

Best Survey Tools

1. Typeform


Not your typical boring form, but more elevated and enjoyable to fill out, almost like a conversation.

It also has beautiful designs and different templates to choose from.

Quiz forms are a proven way to get leads to sign up on your website.

2. SmartSurvey


Another survey tool alternative to Typeform and Surveymonkey with both branding and data analytics integrated, used by large brands like Ikea, Microsoft, and Vodafone.

3. Aidaform


This tool has it all, both conversational and boring forms, as well as video and audio surveys, quizzes, and landing pages.

Worth looking into.

4. SurveyMonkey


Your typical survey forms to fill out, nothing out of the ordinary, gets the job done. Surveymonkey is one of the bigger players in the niche.

5. Hunter

hunter io

Not your traditional survey tool, Hunter lets you find email addresses from companies that usually never share them.

This allows you to get in contact with key employees to build relationships and ultimately collaboration and opportunities.

Best Productivity Tools

1. Asana

2. Activecollab

3. Trello

4. Notion

5. Tomatotimer

6. Rescue time

7. Toogl

8. CoSchedule

What is digital marketing automation software?

Digital marketing software is simply software that aids a company or entrepreneur to get the message out to potential customers that would be interested and delighted in the product that is being marketed.

It’s all about finding a good market fit for a product or service that creates value in someone’s life in exchange for monetary gains.

In order to achieve this in today’s world, marketers need to become creative in their outreach, and that is why there are so many tools to choose from.

They vary from straight-on digital marketing platforms, email marketing software, webinar software, social media marketing software, to graphics design, video editing, and online collaboration.

Gone are the days of sleazy salesmen, it’s all about engagement and creating value for the target audience.

Wrap up

No matter which marketing strategy you have today, you’ll most likely find the necessary digital marketing software to get the job done on this list.

And if you can’t find it, then that’s your cue to go out and create one yourself!

I genuinely hope this list was helpful for you and your business.