Do you need more organization in your life?

Having enough space on your home office desk is essential for working comfortably, and desk shelf monitor risers are a great way to organize your workspace and create more storage.

We’ve all been there: a small desk littered with office supplies, paper, empty coffee cups, and other random objects.

The lack of storage space on most desks is a real frustration and leads to everything being dumped on top of your keyboard or stuffed around your monitor.

A desktop organizer solves the problem. By lifting up the monitor, you suddenly had plenty of room underneath to place things like your MacBook or iPad, documents, and more.

Although multiple coffee cups may still manage to find their way onto the workspace, at least everything else is clean and minimal on your desk setup.

What To Look For In a Monitor Riser

1. Size and Surface Area

The amount of equipment you have will determine the size of the desk shelf you require.

If you only have a single monitor you can opt for a smaller size, while dual monitor setups require a larger surface area.

Also things like extra speakers besides your monitors and some cool desk lamps or trinkets also need to fit neatly.

Measure your monitor(s) width before you buy so you ensure you pick one that will comfortably fit everything.

2. Height

A shelf that sits too high won’t provide ergonomic working conditions and could cause back and neck pain.

Choose one that places your computer monitor at a height where your eyes are level with the top of the screen.

If you want more flexibility, an adjustable shelf is a good option, or even a standing desk (if you have the budget).

3. Storage Capabilities

Desk shelves are typically purchased to increase the amount of available storage by placing stuff underneath, like your MacBook or a digital notepad.

If you want to maximize storage, go for a shelf that has integrated drawers as well, so you have enough places to store all your accessories.

What Are The Best Desk Shelf Monitor Risers of 2023?

If you’re tired of dealing with clutter and the lack of desk storage, take a look at my top desk shelf organizers. From super minimal to multi-functional, there’s something here for everyone.

1. Enkel Studios Monitor Stand

Enkel Studios Monitor Stand

Best overall desk shelf monitor riser

Brand: Enkel Studios
Dimensions: L9” x W14” x H3.7”
Price: Starting at $79

Sometimes less is more, and this clean and simple design will satisfy the minimalists out there. Made from natural birch wood, the riser features protective feet and has an anti-aging finish.

This wood desk shelf accommodates a single monitor and elevates the screen height for an ergonomic view. It’s ideal if you are dealing with particularly small desk space and need a compact solution.

Despite its minimalist design, this desktop shelf provides a surprising amount of room underneath to store items. It’s even large enough to slide the keyboard underneath, giving you clear space for other tasks.

If you want even more space, this organizer is also available as a set with an additional laptop stand. All Enkel products come with a one-year warranty.

Customers love the design and aesthetic of this product, and they find the height of the shelf provides a comfortable working environment.

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2. Grovemade Desk Shelf

Grovemade Desk Shelf

Best for dual monitors

Brand: Grovemade
Dimensions: L9” x W46” x H4.5” (large size)
Price: Starting at $260

Available in small, medium, and large sizes, you can pick the perfect shelf for your dual monitor desk setup. The shelf is also available in several colors and wood finishes to match your home decor.

This shelf has plenty of functionality thanks to its integrated aluminum bookshelf. It features a curved design to prevent items from falling off. And you have additional space under the shelf, effectively doubling your storage.

100% made in the USA, this shelf is made from high-quality materials and designed to last a lifetime. Strong and durable, each shelf accommodates up to 50 lbs of weight.

Overall, this is a very chic design, perfect for people with a lot of computer equipment and gear.

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3. IKEA Elloven

IKEA Elloven

Best for storage

Brand: IKEA
Dimensions: L18.25” x W9.25” x H3.7”
Price: Starting at $34.99

IKEA is the undisputed champion when it comes to designing functional products for small spaces, and this desk shelf is no exception. At less than $40, this is the perfect storage shelf for those on a budget.

The integrated drawer features compartments to keep all your office accessories neatly packed away, plus there’s room underneath for extra storage.

Made from natural bamboo, the stand is sturdy despite its low price. At the rear, you will find a gap designed specifically to keep all your cables tucked away. Unusually for IKEA, there is no assembly required with this product, so you can start using it right away.

Customers absolutely love the design of this shelf with the smooth drawer opening and all its little compartments.

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4. VIVO Triangle Glass Monitor Riser

VIVO Triangle Glass Monitor Riser

Best for corner desks

Brand: VIVO
Dimensions: L19.5” x W11” x H3”
Price: Starting at $29.99

If you work in a corner space, this triangular glass storage rack will make the best use of the space. Made from premium tempered glass and aluminum, the shelf can accommodate up to 44 lbs.

Three inches of space under the riser provides a compact amount of storage for paperwork, books, and other slim objects. The stand also features silicone pads to prevent scratches and slipping.

This monitor stand riser is the right height to provide a comfortable working position and will help prevent back and neck pain.

Amazon customers say this product is perfect for tight corner spaces and love the attractive glass design. They also say it’s the ideal shape for three-point weight-bearing monitors.

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5. Vaydeer Upgraded Monitor Riser

Vaydeer Upgraded Monitor Riser

Best for USB and wireless charging

Brand: Vaydeer
Dimensions: L38.74” x W7.87” x H4.37”
Price: Starting at $105.99

When it comes to integrated tech, it doesn’t get much better than this offering from Vaydeer.

You have a whopping four USB ports to host all your chargers, USB sticks, headphones, and more, plus you can find an extra wireless charging pad on the surface of the desk shelf.

Large enough to act as a dual monitor stand, this shelf provides plenty of storage to tidy away your desk accessories, thanks to its two integrated drawers and shelf.

This multifunctional desk shelf organizer is made from matte metal and ABS plastic for a strong and durable finish. If you work from home, you will find this product highly convenient for charging your tech and storing office supplies.

Customers say this desktop bookshelf is a must if you WFH and particularly like how it maximizes the space on their tabletop. The storage drawers and charging points are also highly appreciated.

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Desk Shelf Monitor Riser FAQs

Is a Monitor Riser Worth It?

If space is at a premium and it’s not practical to purchase additional office furniture, then a monitor riser is an affordable and practical solution.

By lifting the monitors off the surface of the desk, you increase the surface area and provide more room for all your office equipment.

It also places the monitors at a more comfortable and ergonomic height for working.

What Can I Use To Elevate My Monitor?

You can use anything to elevate a monitor. For a quick DIY solution, you can use stacked books.

However, this is not the most stable way to raise a monitor. For a permanent fix, purchase a special monitor riser.

Not only will your equipment be held safely, but you will also have room underneath to store any objects and keep the desk surface clear.

Do Monitor Risers Help?

Monitor risers help you adopt a better working position. By raising the screen, so the eyes are level with the top, your head is kept straight and level.

This reduces neck and back pain and allows you to work for longer without feeling discomfort.