Are you looking for the best desk lamp for your creative space? Well, you’re in the right place.

A poorly lit workspace is not productive. This is particularly true if you’re creative and need to see color and detail properly.

If the brightness levels are too low, it distorts the color and doesn’t allow you to see the depth in tones and hues.

Sure you might use a monitor for graphic design, but what about the rest? It’s not always possible or practical to situate your workstation next to a good source of natural light.

This is especially true if you practice compact living and have a small standing desk positioned against a wall. So what is the answer?

Investing in a high-quality LED desk lamp such as a desk or floor lamp is a great solution. Most lights with a modern design feature different light modes, are dimmable, reduce eye strain, and are generally affordable.

I’ve got a super-bright LED monitor light bar which allows me to see everything clearly, but you can’t just rely on just one light source.

Find out what are the best desk lamps for artists, creators and home studios below!

What Are The Best Desk Lamps for Artists, Creators & Home Studio?

If you’re done with dark corners and need to light up your life with a brand new table lamp, check out these top picks for 2023.

1. BenQ eReading LED

BenQ eReading LED

Best desk lamp for artists and designers

Brand: BenQ
Style: Swing arm
Price: Starting at $206

This desk lamp not only looks ultra stylish, it also features a really powerful LED bulb. It can easily illuminate up to 30” of desk space and with 23 different brightness levels you can fine tune it to your liking.

The adjustable lamp includes a flexible swing arm and ball joints so you can effortlessly swivel it into position plus you can choose between floor, clamp, or desk placement to perfectly suit your space.

The control knob gives you 13 levels of color temperature from 2,700 – 5,700K while the brightness has 1000-250 lm with a CRI>95 for accurate color depiction.

The lamp also features an auto-dimming mode where it detects the ambient brightness and automatically adjusts itself to complement the environment. Plus it’s anti-glare and flicker-free so easy on the eyes.

Customers say this desk light is more than worth the price and love the extensive adjustable options and features you get.

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2. IKEA Forsa

IKEA Forsa

Best affordable desk lamp

Brand: IKEA
Style: Swing arm
Price: Starting at $29.99

This retro classic swing arm desk lamp from IKEA is incredibly affordable and looks and feels really solid. It’s a basic lamp but you can choose to install any type of lightbulb you want so you can achieve the brightness you need by opting for a powerful bulb.

The adjustable arm and swivel head gives you a lot of flexibility in where you direct the light and the small round base takes up surprisingly little room. When you’re done using it, you can simply fold it out of the way.

Made from steel, this adjustable light is incredibly durable while matching or blending in with a wide variety of home decor styles. Of course, we all know that IKEA makes highly practical products and this is a really great example.

Customers love the industrial style of this lamp and how easy it is to set up and get working. They like the directional control you have and think it’s a great addition to the living room and bedroom workspaces.

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3. TaoTronics


Best desk lamp for brightness

Brand: TaoTronics
Style: Foldable
Price: Starting at $49.99

If you’re looking for something ultra bright then you need this task lamp from TaoTronics. The LED lamp provides tonnes of versatility with five color modes and seven brightness levels.

Even better is that this light features a USB charging port to keep your phone on and within reach at all times. Plus built in touch controls allow you to easily customize the light source by sliding your fingers.

The light is available in a range of finishes to suit your home decor and has an adjustable design allowing you to tilt and swivel the head and base with ease.

The LED bulb is flicker-free and energy-saving and uses 75% less energy than an incandescent bulb.

Customers say the USB port is a nice feature and love the different lighting modes.

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4. YouKoyi


Best space-saving desk lamp

Brand: Youkoyi
Style: Gooseneck clamp
Price: Starting at $31

This clamp lamp clips onto the side of your desk or easel and takes up virtually no room. It’s an awesome task light for compact work spaces as you can bend the flexible gooseneck arm however you like.

The touch control is easy to operate and gives you three color temperatures of 3,000, 4,000, and 6,500 kelvin as well as stepless dimming of 0% – 100%. And, the 90-LED light provides daylight-like illumination without ghost, flicker, or glare.

The metal clamp is sturdy and durable and can be attached to any surface with a thickness of 2.9” or less. When compared with an incandescent light, the Youkoi lamp uses up to 90% less energy so helps keep your energy bills lower.

Finally, you can be assured of the quality with the included 18-month warranty.

Customers report that the clamp is durable and the flexible neck bends easily without feeling flimsy. They like the adjustable brightness options and say it’s perfect for working with detail.

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5. Cricut Brightpad Go

Cricut Brightpad Go

Best desk lamp lightbox

Brand: Cricut
Style: Lightbox
Price: Starting at $79.99

Okay so this isn’t strictly a desk lamp but it doesn provide an awesome source of light and is particularly useful for crafters. The lightbox is slim, lightweight and most importantly – portable.

The light can be used wirelessly with up to 1.5 hour’s use on a single charge, or use the power cord for continuous use.

The adjustable LED light features five brightness settings and a generous 11.5 in x 9 in lit surface to work upon. This is excellent if you require a direct light source to see detail on tracing paper, needlepoint, vinyl weeding, and more.

The surface has a durable 6H hardness so it can withstand heavy use without sustaining any damage. The non-slip base will keep the light steady on any surface and while it can be used for any type of craft, it is also compatible with all Cricut branded machines.

Customers say this lightbox is excellent for crafting and illuminating items from below for a clear view. They also love how portable it is and that it can easily fit in a laptop bag or case.

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What to Consider When Buying A Desk Lamp

1. Brightness

The optimum brightness for a home studio setup is considered to be 5000 lumens. This equates to about 85 watts and a 5000K- 5500K color temperature.

Choose a lamp that can achieve this level of brightness. It can also be useful to have a dimmer switch so you can adjust the brightness level to your liking.

2. Color Temperature

The light temperature affects how you see color so you must keep this in mind when choosing a desk lamp.

Warm light gives off a yellow-orange hue and enhances these colors while blue light will bring out colder hues and tones. Cool white light is generally considered the best type of light for mimicking daylight.

A full-spectrum bulb however will give you the entire range of color temperature so you can set it to your preference.

3. Size

A desk lamp will take up room on your desk so keep this in mind when looking at the different types of lights on offer.

If space is at a premium a floor lamp or clip on lamp could be a better option.

Desk Lamps for Artists FAQs

What Light Is Best for a Desk Lamp?

Blue or white LED light is best for working in as it keeps you alert and is the closest type of light to daylight.

Warm light such as yellow or orange hues create an ambient vibe and are better for relaxing in.

What Kind of Desk Lamp Is Good for Eyes?

LED lights are best for the eyes as they generally include adjustable options such as brightness levels and color modes.

LEDs can also get really bright so if you need to see a lot of detail or read small text, you will be able to do so without straining.

What Are the Benefits of a Desk Lamp?

A desk lamp illuminates your workspace and allows you to see properly without struggling or straining your eyes. This is especially important if your desk does not have a direct light source such as a window or overhead light.

A good light will also allow you to see colors in their true shade rather than having the hues muddied by a dim light source.