5 Best Online Community Platforms 2023 (Easily Nurture Leads)

Do you have an awesome customer and lead base but you don’t quite know how to connect with them properly? Do you have a hard time asking for video testimonials?

It sounds like you need one of the best community platforms to take your business further.

But, nurturing customer relationships is hard. It takes time. And, where on earth do you do it in an easy way?

Facebook groups used to be the de facto place to build online communities but nowadays, they’re full of trolls, super tough to moderate, and it’s a pain to even get your posts seen in people’s newsfeeds.

It’s time for something more sophisticated. More on-brand. More customizable.

Introducing; online community platforms.

Not only are they packed full of features specifically designed to help your existing customer base thrive, they also convert more leads into sales and enable you to build a fiercely loyal branded community.

Who doesn’t want that for their business?

If you’re ready to make customer relationship management easy and – dare I say it – fun. Let’s check out my top five best online community platforms.

What are the 5 Best Online Community Platforms 2023?

I’ve tested the best of the best to bring you my rundown of the top five community management platforms.

1. StoryPrompt

Best Video-Based Community Platform

storyprompt homepage

Price: From $39/mo
Discount: Get two month’s free with annual purchase
Promotion: Limited free account available

StoryPrompt at a glance 👇

  • Exchange interactive video messages with your clients
  • Capture customer stories to use as video testimonials
  • All videos are full captioned and transcribed
  • Works asynchronously wherever your respondents are
  • Effortless recording with multiple steps, teleprompters, script outlines, audio-only replies, and unlimited retakes
  • Trim, edit, and change aspect ratios of all your videos
  • Embed your videos anywhere you want

Outstanding Features & Recent Updates

StoryPrompt is a new video engagement platform that provides a way to build deeper relationships via face-to-face video conversations.

Connect with your customers using asynchronous video and free up your time without having to be on Zoom all day. It’s perfect for coaching businesses, sales enablement, agencies, and more.

✅ Video Testimonials

storyprompt video testimonial collection

Client testimonials are vital for convincing leads to buy and there’s nothing more genuine or convincing than a video testimonial.

StoryPrompt allows you to collect video testimonials by sending a link out to your clients. Each client gets a series of prompts that guides them on what to cover and when. You can even include a script for them to follow.

Then, you receive a fully produced video back which you can use for your website and social media posts.

✅ Scale Your Coaching Business

storyprompt dashboard

Coaching individuals takes up masses of time however, StoryPrompt allows you to serve ten times the amount of clients without having to sit on Zoom all day.

Create gated spaces, premium masterminds, and exclusive groups to upload your videos to and serve more people without spending any extra time doing so.

To add even more value, you can build dedicated community spaces, campfire discussions, and video recap sections.

StoryPrompt pricing

storyprompt pricing
  • Free plan: Up to 25 video responses and limited features
  • Starter plan: $49/mo or $39/mo paid annually: 200 video responses, watermark-free
  • Pro plan: $99/mo or $79/mo paid annually: 800 video responses, zapier integration
  • Premium plan: $149/mo or $124/mo paid annually: Unlimited everything and white labeling

Is StoryPrompt worth it?

If you use a lot of video to build community engagement and customer loyalty then StoryPrompt will be a real timesaver. The video recording tools are really nice and easy to use.

However, if you’re looking for other community features such as text-based private messaging, forums, course hosting, and more, you will find this platform somewhat limited.

Why not get started right away to see if you like it? Sign up for the free plan today.

2. Mighty Networks

Best Community Platform for Online Learning

mighty networks homepage

Price: From $33/mo
Discount: Get two month’s free with annual purchase
Promotion: 14-day free trial

Mighty Networks at a glance 👇

  • Create stunning landing pages and sales pages to attract members over
  • Build a community culture with articles, video & chat
  • Sell individual courses or bundle them into subscriptions
  • Make newcomers feel welcome with comprehensive orientation tools
  • Each member has their own unique newsfeed full of community activity
  • Livestream from within your courses and to your community
  • Create engagement on-the-go with the Mighty Networks mobile app

Outstanding Features & Recent Updates

Mighty Networks allows you to create a large variety of content and includes all the features you need to monetize and scale your online course business.

Not only does it give platform admins the opportunity to build and host your courses, memberships, and subscriptions, the platform enables you to build a thriving community around them.

With articles, video, discussion forums, plus a social network-like activity feed, your community members will be able to interact and chat all within the membership site.

✅ Full White Label Capabilities With Mighty Pro

mighty networks custom branding

If you’ve built something incredible then you don’t want it to be branded with another company’s logo. With the Mighty Pro plan, you get your very own iOS and Android app that has all your brand elements included.

This includes branded app notifications, a white-labeled website plus additional strategy and migrations services as well as top-notch support.

With Mighty Pro, you can give customers an experience that is authentically you.

✅ Landing and Sales Pages

mighty networks landing page feature

Most community and course hosting platforms require the use of third-party apps to build funnels and sales pages. With Mighty Networks, you have the ability to create all your sales tools within the same platform.

Create beautiful looking landing pages and sales pages with call to action buttons and prompts to quickly convert leads into sales.

Do it safely in the knowledge that you don’t have to deal with any third-party integration issues or connectivity problems.

Mighty Networks pricing

mighty networks pricing
  • Community plan: $39/mo or $33/mo paid annually: Live Streaming, chat & memberships
  • Business plan: $119/mo or $99/mo paid annually: Online course, analytics & Zapier
  • Mighty Pro: Custom pricing: White labeled app and platform

Give the platform a whirl with a 14-day free trial.

Mighty Networks Reviews

mighty networks reviews
mighty networks reviews 2

(Sources: G2 – Capterra)

Customers love that you can run your community, host your courses, and design your sales material and workflows all from one platform.

Many have been with Mighty Networks for years and it is popular with nonprofits which is testament to the platform’s power.

Is Mighty Networks worth it?

If you’re in the course creation and hosting game then you can’t get better than Mighty Networks. It’s super comprehensive and all of its features and tools are user friendly and intelligent.

The white labeled app and website feature on the pro plan also allows you to scale your business without having to switch platforms which I think is ultra convenient.

Want to try before you buy? Check out the Mighty Networks free 14-day trial.

3. Thinkific

Best Free Community Platform

thinkific homepage

Price: From $36/mo
Discount: Save 25% with an annual plan
Promotion: Free plan available with limited features

Thinkific at a glance 👇

  • Control and customize every aspect of your training courses and sales pages or use one of the many templates
  • Integrate a bunch of other tools like email automation and lead conversion with the Thinkific App store
  • Study and improve through detailed analytics
  • Best-in-class support and active creator community
  • Build and create engaged communities with flexible discussion spaces, member profiles, live events, comment threads, and more
  • Create detailed and multi-pages websites to market your products and turn leads into customers

Outstanding Features & Recent Updates

Thinkific is another platform based around online courses and their membership bases. Its plans are packed full of tools to help you create appealing courses as well as all the community features required to develop devoted audiences.

What’s neat is that Thinkific has a dedicated app store, so if you want to customize your offering and use bulk emails, additional communication channels, and other sales tools, you can find the app you want and add it. A lot of them are free too.

✅ Comprehensive Learning Center

thinkific academy

Most platforms have a knowledge base but they tend to only cover how to use the tools. Thinkific is different. It has an entire academy that not only teaches you how to use the platform but how to leverage it to gain success, sales , and build engaged community forums.

There’s tons of valuable training material on there as well as top-class customer support. So, if you’re new or need a helping hand to boost your member base, you’ve got all the expert knowledge you need at your fingertips.

✅ Generous Free Plan

thinkific revenue model

Thinkific has a generous free plan that has everything you need to kick off without any kind of investment (or credit card details).

Okay so you’re limited to one course and one community but, you can add unlimited members, enjoy 0% transaction fees on sales, have access to email and chat bot support, plus access all the Thinkific building tools and integrated E-commerce.

Thinkific pricing

thinkific pricing
  • Free plan: One course and basic features
  • Basic plan: $49/mo or $36/ mo paid annually: Unlimited courses, five community spaces
  • Start plan: $99/mo or $74/mo paid annually: Unlimited courses, ten community spaces
  • Grow plan: $199/mo or $149/mo paid annually: Unlimited courses, three communities with 20 spaces

Thinkific Platform Reviews

thinkific reviews
thinkific reviews 2

(Sources: G2 – Capterra)

Reviews state that this is an excellent platform for hosting courses and audience building. Customers especially love the customization options and the excellent user-experience it provides.

Is Thinkific worth it?

If you’re an entrepreneur but reluctant to invest money into a new venture then Thinkific is ideal. The free plan allows you to get off the ground and once you’re established, you can upgrade to a paid plan or add on apps.

The sheer amount of tools and add-ons make this course management system sufficient for seasoned  pros but simple and supportive enough for beginners.

There’s nothing to lose, upload your first course for free today.

4. Tribe

Best Community Platform for Customization

tribe pathway homepage

Price: From $599/mo
Discount: N/A
Promotion: 14-day free trial

Tribe. at a glance 👇

  • Fully customizable, white-labeled platform
  • Use for customer onboarding and CRM (customer relationship management)
  • Create spaces to encourage customer community engagement
  • Gain detailed customer feedback and requests to drive innovation
  • Easy platform functionality with no coding knowledge required
  • Embeddable third-party apps and widgets for additional tools and features

Outstanding Features & Recent Updates

Businesses that want to build brand communities need Tribe. The cloud-based fully customizable platform allows you to create sub-groups and spaces for different discussion points and subjects.

Tribe. Is especially effective at facilitating customer service, feedback forums, and education all from a single sign on. Plus you have access to detailed analytics and metrics to see how the forum software is performing.

✅ Automated Moderation Tool

tribe pathway dashboard

Forum and discussion moderation takes up more time than you realize. However, it’s necessary to keep communities safe from trolling, offensive language, and other undesirable behavior.

Tribe. Allows you to implement a number of automation and detection tools that take care of the bulk of moderation without you needing to lift a finger.

✅ No-Code Customization

tribe automation

Total white-label capabilities mean you can change the colors, text, fonts, style, and branding to suit your brand aesthetic. Along with a custom domain, the platform will look and feel like your business developed it.

Plus, you have a range of additional apps that you can use to enhance your professional networks and increase their capabilities. For example, you can integrate Slack, Zapier, Zendesk, and more.

Tribe. pricing

tribe pricing
  • Advance plan: From $599/mo: Advanced apps and tools for growing brands and companies
  • Enterprise plan: Price on request, for large businesses and regulated industries

Tribe. Reviews

tribe reviews
tribe reviews 2

(Sources: G2 – Capterra)

Customers love Tribe. feels like an exclusive social media site and endless customization options. They also notice a significant increase in customer engagement since launching the online community software.

Is Tribe. worth it?

There’s no doubt that Tribe has everything required for a fully-branded, engaging experience to reach a businesses target audience and grow brand loyalty.

However, given the high fee, it’s not for small or new businesses. Tribe. Is clearly geared towards established, larger brands that have the available cash to splash on an all-in-one community platform.

Before you commit, why not see if Tribe. is for you with a 14-day free trial?

5. Circle

Best Social Media Style Community Platform

circle homepage

Price: From $39/mo
Discount: Save $10 – $40/mo with an annual plan
Promotion: 14-day free trial

Circle at a glance 👇

  • Community, course, and content management all in one place
  • Private spaces for organized discussions and chat rooms for open conversation
  • Course hosting with paid memberships and subscriptions
  • SSO capability
  • 1000’s of integration and plugin options available
  • Fully brandable platform
  • Live stream, direct message, and rich post with ease

Outstanding Features & Recent Updates

Circle has everything you need to build engaged communities. Thanks to its intuitive, social media style platform, customers can chat, discuss, and interact with ease.

Host course, host large, small and somewhere in-between live events, increase community monetization with flexible payments, upsell, and cross sell features.

✅ Live Room Update

circle live rooms

Earlier in 2022 Circle announced a live stream tool to broadcast live events however customer feedback found that people wanted smaller, more intimate live sessions.

So, they have now introduced Circle Live Rooms that offer a Zoom style video experience to interact with small groups, 1:1 sessions, etc. This feature is perfect for real-time feedback, masterminds, fireside chats, and discussion.

✅ Excellent Engagement Tools

circle video experience

You have a crazy amount of engagement tools at your disposal. From group chat rooms, live streams, event broadcasting to private and direct messaging, events spaces and weekly digests. Circle has it all.

Everything is easily accessible and viewable from the users feed so they can see what’s going on and join in.

Circle pricing

circle pricing
  • Basic plan: $49/mo or $39/mo paid annually: All core features
  • Professional plan: $99/mo or $89/mo paid annually: Core features plus courses and white labeling
  • Enterprise: $399/mo or $360/mo paid annually: All features plus premium support

Is Circle worth it?

If you’re looking for something that looks and feels like LinkedIn, Facebook, etc then you’ll love Circle. The platform is laid out and performs just like a social media site which makes it more efficient at driving customer engagement.

It’s affordable too, so it doesn’t require a massive investment. I think this is a good choice for smaller businesses and young, trendy startups.

Get started for free with a 14-day trial.

What is the best community platform?

Online community platforms are designed specifically for businesses and brands who want to strengthen customer relationships, drive engagement, and nurture leads.

The platforms allow a variety of methods to create communities such as live streaming, course hosting, chat forums, and support.

Key features to consider when choosing the best community platform?

When considering which online community platform to go for, you must keep in mind that their features and tools differ by quite a degree. A platform that’s a perfect fit for one type of business may be wrong for yours.

Therefore, take the time to research and consider these three factors.

1. Your Goals

Before setting up an online community, you must first understand what you hope to get out of it. Is it providing additional value to existing customers? Or, are you trying to boost your customer base?

Once you understand your goals, it makes it easier to determine which platform will help fulfill them.

2. The Cost

The cost of online community platforms varies wildly. And, since most businesses are on a budget, you don’t want to end up paying over the odds for features you don’t need.

Determine what your budget for a community platform will be and find one that fits within it. If you’re unsure, most platforms offer a free trial or limited free plan so you can try before you buy.

3. The Available Features

The features differ wildly from platform to platform and you must find one that aligns with your goals.

For example, a livestream feature is perfect if you want to connect more with your customer base, whereas course hosting could be great if you want to convert leads.

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