11+ Best Podcast Hosting of 2023 [Ranked and Reviewed]

If you want to start a podcast, the first thing that you need to do is to find the best podcast hosting service that can both host and distribute your content (besides getting a high-quality microphone).

Finding a good podcast host can be hard if you don’t know what to look for.

This article lists and ranks the top podcast hosting platforms available in 2022 and how they stack up against each other, so stay tuned!

What is the best podcast hosting?

Here are the best podcast hosting platforms on the market right now.

1. Buzzsprout.

buzzsprout homepage


Buzzsprout offers you the easiest way to get your podcast out into the world. You can distribute your podcasts to all the big players (and many others) with one click of a button.

It’s the fastest, easiest, and most affordable way to get your podcast noticed amongst the other podcast hosting platforms on this list.

You can also have your podcast transcribed inside the platform.

They have awesome customer support, you can transcribe the episodes inside the platform, and you can get started for free!

These features make Buzzsprout our overall top pick amongst all the other podcast hosting services out there.


buzzsprout reviews
  • Perhaps one of the easiest podcast hosting services to use today
  • Start with zero experience or knowledge about podcasting and have it hosted and distributed in minutes, it’s that easy.
  • Distribute your podcast on all top directories such as Apple, Spotify, Google, Amazon, and many more.
  • Awesome customer support if there are any issues whatsoever
  • Built-in statistics to see which episodes are blowing up
  • Automatically make your podcast sound better with Buzzsprouts Magic Mastering™ feature, “like an Instagram filter for your audio”.
  • Transcribe your episodes inside the platform, download the text and upload it to your website for discoverability, super sweet!


buzzsprout pricing

Bottom Line

Buzzsprout is a new way to launch podcasts. It’s the easiest platform to use today, with the simplest workflow, the best stats, and great support.

It’s built on tried-and-true hosting technology that powers the world’s most popular podcasts. And it does everything else you’d expect from a podcasting service, too.

You can record your podcasts, and publish episodes with the push of a button. It’s all inside the platform!

With Buzzsprout’s built-in statistics, you can see how many people are downloading your episodes, where your listeners are coming from, how long they listen, and where they stop.

2. Captivate.

captivate homepage


Captivate is the world’s fastest-growing podcast hosting service, management & distribution platform.

With Captivate you have an intuitive dashboard to run and promote your podcast in one place. You have a toolset of marketing suite build-in to distribute and promote your podcast.

It has a WordPress integration to go from simple blog posts to fully branded, professional and user-friendly pages. It is flexible enough to easily migrate your existing podcast and episodes over to Captivate in minutes.

It also includes the largest distribution networks with the largest one being Amazon. Host unlimited podcasts with no storage limits!


captivate reviews
  • Intuitive dashboard to run and promote your podcast in one place
  • A toolset of marketing suite build-in to distribute and promote your podcast.
  • Has an awesome WordPress integration to go from simple blog posts to fully branded, professional and user-friendly pages!
  • Flexible enough to easily migrate your existing podcast and episodes over to Captivate in minutes.
  • Huge distribution networks included the largest ones like Apple, Spotify, Amazon, Deezer, and more.
  • Host unlimited podcasts with no storage limits!


captivate pricing

Bottom Line

Captivate is a new and innovative podcast host that combines everything you need to create, brand, and market your podcast into one, easy-to-use tool.

Captivate comes with a massive set of built-in features, such as WordPress integration, social media tools, automatic feed generation, and a massive network of distribution.

With Captivate, you can get your podcast up and running in no time and get an edge over your competition.

3. Transistor.

transistor homepage


Transistor podcasting app combines the editing power of a full audio production suite with the ease of use of a social network.

All it takes is a little imagination to create a unique media experience for your listeners. Transistor is best for individuals or small groups, looking for a great podcast host.


transistor reviews
  • Transistor helps you distribute your podcast episodes across the globe through various channels
  • Embed their podcast player on your website for a beautiful experience
  • Transistor is a great option if you plan on hosting multiple podcasts on one account, as the price is way cheaper.
  • Analytics included such as average downloads, subscribers, trends in your podcast data, and more.
  • Used by large companies like IBM
  • Great tools included and awesome support


transistor pricing

Bottom Line

Tran​sistor is a beautiful podcast player for your website. Embed your podcast and offer your listeners a beautiful, native listening experience.

In addition, Transistor provides you with full stats so you can see how your podcast is doing. Analytics includes a breakdown of your downloads, subscribers, social media followers, trending keywords, and more.

4. Podbean.

podbean homepage


Podbean is a podcast hosting service and publishing platform that makes it easy to automatically distribute your podcast.

Create a podcast today and get 100% free hosting! In the paid plan you have unlimited bandwidth and no limits on recording time.

You can also monetize your podcast with Podbean. With the Pro plan, you get a free website and unlimited access to an expanded set of podcasting tools and resources.


podbean reviews
  • Simplicity is at the heart of Podbean, making it great for beginners
  • Distributes your episodes across all major directories, Apple, Spotify, and Google included.
  • Podbean has a built-in advertising system so you can monetize your episodes easily, also with Patron.
  • You get unlimited hosting with no limits on recording time on the paid plan.
  • Free podcast website included with your own domain, so you don’t even need to have your own website, which is a plus!
  • Schedule episodes for release, just upload, and set a date.


podbean pricing

Bottom Line

Podbean was started to make it easier for podcasters to get their podcasts out there and heard by their audience.

Podbean takes care of the hard stuff, allowing you to focus on creating great content, and they even provide you with a fully functional website that helps your show stand out from the crowd.

You can edit your episode details, post links to your show, and see detailed stats about your audience.

5. Castos.

castos homepage


Castos makes it easy for businesses to publish podcasts with no downloads or bandwidth limitations.

With complete analytics for podcast publishing, the Castos Podcasting Platform is the right tool for any business looking to gain the most out of the podcasting industry.


  • Castos differentiates itself from the competition by offering both public podcasts and more private exclusive content for your audience.
  • Publish as much as your heart desires, and experiment with longer episodes and styles without any bandwidth limitations or restrictions.
  • Has cool automation tools like YouTube republishing and podcast transcriptions to gain traction, views, and an audience, hands-off!
  • Has a WordPress plugin for those with a website to customize the player and listener analytics.


castos pricing

Bottom Line

Castos is the perfect WordPress podcast plugin to launch your podcast in seconds.

The plugin supports your hosts with a detailed stats dashboard and by helping you republish your podcast on YouTube, iTunes, and many more services.

It also comes with a transcription tool that publishes your podcast transcript to your blog.

6. Spreaker.

spreaker homepage


What makes Spreaker stand out from the other podcasting services is its intuitive interface. Spreaker’s studio app was designed with simplicity in mind, making it very easy to use.

If you can use social media, then you will feel right at home using Spreaker! All you need is to host an account and you are good to go.

Get listeners & grow your podcast’s audience with the built-in monetization tools (e.g. podcast donation, crowdfunding, advertising, etc.) and track the performance of your episodes with advanced analytics.


spreaker reviews
  • Everything you need to record and publish your podcast today with the Spreaker studio app
  • Distribute your episodes everywhere with one click
  • Built-in monetization tools to automatically insert dynamic advertising and start making money from your very first episode.
  • Great podcast analytics to know what content hooks your target audience.
  • Simple, clean, and user-friendly platform overall, easily start podcasting as a total rookie with zero experience.


spreaker pricing

Bottom Line

Spreaker is a web and mobile app that helps you record and publish your podcast.

It’s got everything you need to get started and grow your audience, including the world’s easiest podcast studio, real-time stats and charts, share buttons to publish your podcast everywhere, and monetization tools to help you make money from your podcast.

7. Simplecast.

simplecast homepage


Simplecast is a powerful, easy-to-use cloud-based podcast publishing and broadcasting platform for podcasters and digital content creators.

It’s the complete toolset for growing and monetizing a podcast including publishing and distribution, analytics and audience insights, and sharing and social media publishing and distribution.

Combined, and powered by patented technology, the Simplecast solution is the perfect toolkit for growing your audience and making your podcast successful.


  • Simplecast has an impressive track record used by companies such as Facebook, Nike, TechCrunch, Shopify, Showtime, and more.
  • Industry-leading publishing, distribution, analytics, and sharing.
  • Robust streaming platform with great tech behind it.
  • Includes your own podcast website fully customizable with themes, colors, and pages to get it just the way you want it.
  • Includes multiple podcasts under one roof.
  • Advanced sharing with the Recast® tool, share custom clips, optimize for social media, and more!


simplecast pricing

Bottom Line

From podcasts to radio shows, Simplecast is one of the most powerful platforms for audio creators.

With robust streaming, subscription, publishing, analytics, and sharing tools, Simplecast makes it easy to build, grow, and monetize your podcast—and you can do it all in one place, perfect!

8. Blubrry.

blubrry homepage


Blubrry Podcast Hosting provides high-speed delivery of your podcast episodes to all major podcast directories.

It also serves as your web host with a free WordPress website to easily manage your podcasting content.

You can also create a premium podcast using their services for additional tiers of exclusive content delivery to subscribers.

It also provides analytics to track your podcast downloads and your website traffic to your podcast.

All your podcasting content is available conveniently on your WordPress website to attract and retain loyal subscribers.


  • You get a free WordPress website when choosing to host your podcasts with Blubrry!
  • As with all the other podcast services, they distribute your episodes to all major channels and directories
  • Also has private and premium podcasting for your most exclusive audience.
  • Have your usual analytics for your podcast episodes.


blubrry pricing

Bottom Line

With Blubrry, you get a free website when you choose to host your podcasts with them, which is awesome!

Blubrry also allows you to share your podcasts on all of the popular podcasting platforms so that you can grow your audience.

Just like other podcast hosts, they give you the tools that you need to grow your podcast.

9. Libsyn.

libsyn homepage


Libsyn is an all-in-one Media Hosting, Podcast Aggregation, and Audio & Video Distribution Platform that is perfect for podcasters, videographers, YouTubers, Live Broadcasters, and Podcasters.

Libsyn’s mission is to provide audio and video media creators with an intuitive, convenient, and fully outsourced solution for hosting their content.

They have all the options you need to run your podcast successfully, including advanced statistics, and much more!


  • Have your usual distribution channels and analytics included.
  • Monetization options such as advertising and premium content subscription.
  • Mobile-friendly podcast player on the platform, although people will most likely use their favorite platform anyway.


libsyn pricing

Bottom Line

Even though Libsyn has a lot going on, it is hard-pressed to stand out from the competition as nothing really sets it apart from our top picks when it comes to podcast hosting.

10. Fusebox.

fusebox hompage


Fusebox is the only podcast player that is crafted for the growth of your audience.

With an amazing design and incredible features, Fusebox is an incredible podcast player that will change how you interact with your listeners.

They have integrated with industry-leading services like Temi and Rev to transcribe your episodes into blog posts.


  • Fusebox is a great alternative for those looking to be more hands-on and involved with their listeners.
  • Unique podcast player that is built for the growth of your audience.
  • The podcast player is fully customizable with colors, share buttons, controls, and more.
  • Embed the podcast player literally anywhere, even inside your online course or membership portal!
  • Mobile friendly and automatically adjust on what device your listeners use.
  • Integrated with transcription services like Rev and Temi.


fusebox pricing

Bottom Line

Take your podcasts to the next level with Fusebox Podcast Player!

With over 100,000 downloads, Fusebox is one of the most popular podcast players on the market.

It has even been featured on podcasts like Dirty John, The Tim Ferriss Show, and more!

11. Audioboom.

audioboom homepage


Audioboom is an easy way to launch, manage, distribute and monetize your podcast.

You can also promote your show everywhere your audience is, use dynamic advertising inserts and sponsorships, build your audience and engage listeners through social channels.


  • Let’s you host, manage, distribute and monetize your podcast in a straightforward and easy way.
  • Distribution channels include Apple, Googe, Deezer, Spotify, and more. Unfortunately, Amazon is not on the list.
  • Dynamic advertising inserts and sponsorships
  • Straightforward pricing package.


audioboom pricing

Bottom Line

Audioboom is a fantastic platform for podcasters to publish and host their content easily and effectively. It lets you host, manage, distribute and monetize your podcast in a straightforward and easy way.

It allows you to try out its features for free and pay just $9.99 per month for unlimited ad-free hosting and distribution across all platforms.

12. bCast.

bcast homepage


bCast is a great podcast platform to serve up your podcasts to the masses. Create your podcast channel, upload your podcasts and start building your audience.

bCast podcast platform includes an affiliate program, graphics/episode player, call to action, auto-optin, auto-transcription feature, custom domain feature, podcast website creator, and integrated YouTube feature.


  • The digital marketer’s dream platform for managing podcasts!
  • Insert CTA’s (Call to Action) inside the episodes, funneling your audience to either a webinar, a lead magnet like an eBook, and more!
  • Features auto-optin to grow your subscriber base and email list.
  • Includes a transcription service to convert your podcast episodes to written blog posts.
  • Has a podcast website with a custom domain functionality, great for branding.
  • Publish your podcast to YouTube automatically, a huge timesaver!
  • An integrated affiliate program with your podcast account that has a 40% RC for new customers.


bcast pricing

Bottom Line

bCast is the digital marketer’s dream platform for managing podcasts.

The software automates the entire process and has the tools and integrations you need to make a profit and grow an active and engaged audience.

You can even make money through the affiliate program, and advertising, and they also offer a transcription service to help you repurpose your content and generate more leads and sales.

What is podcast hosting?

Podcast hosting is a service that allows you to upload and distribute your podcast so that your episodes are on the Internet, on iTunes, Spotify, Google, Amazon, and on other podcast directories.

A podcast host allows you to get your podcast out to the world without having to worry about the technical details of actually hosting a website yourself, saving you both time, money and helping you gain an audience.

Podcast hosting services are available for paid and free, but the paid options usually offer additional services such as statistics, advertising, social media integration, transcription services, unlimited bandwidth, and storage space.

If you’re serious about starting a podcast, then going for a paid service is preferred to grow your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best free podcast hosting services?

Podcasting is a fast-growing industry, and anyone can start a podcast. But podcast hosting services are the backbone of your podcast, and your success may depend on the quality of your podcast hosting.

You really want to avoid podcast hosting sites that have too many limitations on the free plan, and for that reason the absolute best free podcast hosting services are:

  1. Buzzsprout
  2. Libsyn
  3. Blubrry
  4. Soundcloud

What is the best platform to publish a podcast?

The best podcast hosting sites will vary depending on your specific needs.

If you’re looking for the overall best podcast hosting platform, then the top three on our list will be the best, these include:

  1. Buzzsprout
  2. Captivate
  3. Transistor

How do I choose a podcast hosting platform?

Podcast hosting is one of the most important aspects of podcasting. It is the place where your audio files are stored so that you can share them with your audience.

For this reason, it is important to choose a podcast hosting provider that will be reliable and easy to use.

We have ranked and reviewed the 11+ Best Podcast Hosting services on the market depending on features, pricing, and ease of use for both beginners and experienced podcasters alike.

Where can I host my podcast 2022?

There are loads of alternatives to finding the best podcast host in 2021, and we have both ranked and reviewed the absolute best ones.

We recommend our top three picks which include:

  1. Buzzsprout
  2. Captivate
  3. Transistor

Wrap Up

The podcast hosting services are designed to help you build your podcast with ease.

There are many podcast hosting services on the market, but only a few are worth your time and money.

We’ve researched the different podcast hosting services available today to help you select the best one for you.

We’ve reviewed their features, pricing, ease of use, and more, so we hope you found the information in this article helpful in selecting the best podcast hosting for your next awesome podcast!

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