Are you in the market for the best L-shaped gaming desks? Serious gaming is serious business and requires a spacious ergonomic area to accommodate all the necessary equipment.

Modern desk setups are a far cry from back in the day when you only had one small monitor and a few pixels to deal with.

Nowadays, the average gamer has multiple screens, a beefy tower, microphones, and a multitude of accessories to enhance the gaming experience.

The issue here is that standard desks just don’t cut it for size. You end up with cables hanging everywhere, precariously balanced monitors, and your headphones trailing on the floor. It’s a recipe for disaster. 💣

In this article, I cover all the features so you can make the best choice for your dream gaming desk setup.

What Are The Best L-Shaped Gaming Desks of 2023?

So what are the best L-shaped gaming desks available right now? Here’s my hand-picked rundown of the top five.

1. SmartDesk Corner

SmartDesk Corner

Best standing desk – SmartDesk Corner

Brand: Autonomous
Dimensions: W77” x H28.4” – 47” x D29”
Price: Starting at $1,199

Autonomous make sleek and beautiful motorized dual monitor standing desks, and the corner model is no exception. Available in black or white, the solid steel frame rises silently to your desired height.

Four programmable settings perfectly adjust your working position with the touch of a button. The desk is also modular, so you can pick the layout to fit seamlessly in your space.

All Autonomous desks come with a cable tray for that crucial cable management and are backed with a five-year warranty. As far as height adjustable desks go, this is the best of the best.

Customer review: “The corner desk has been a great purchase and a welcome upgrade from my 6 foot corporate office desk in my home office. It is a bit larger than expected but the extra desktop is great. Assembly is pretty simple but took a few hours. The motors are quiet and fast. I would definitely recommend it.”

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2. Bestier L-Shaped Gaming Desk

Bestier L-Shaped Gaming Desk

Best budget desk – Bestier L-Shaped Gaming Desk

Brand: Bestier
Dimensions: W55.2” x H36” x D55.2” Size L (Sizes XL and M also available)
Price: Starting at $169.99

If you want ALL the features but want to spend less than $200, the Bestier gaming desk is for you.

Besides the desk itself, you get an elevated monitor stand, headphone rack, and a cup holder. A striking LED light shifts through 20 colors and has seven different settings.

The metal frame is sturdy stainless steel while the desktop is created from particle board and available in four colors and three sizes. Therefore, this desk looks great in any size room, and works as a two person desk as well.

Free shipping adds to the great value of this product.

Customer review: “Perfect gaming desk! Roomy and modern for me. Easy to assemble and very well made. It is a perfect fit for any room. The set up is versatile and adaptable. Highly recommend it.”

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3. Fezibo L-Shaped Gaming Desk

Fezibo L-Shaped Gaming Desk

Best for smaller spaces – Fezibo L-Shaped Gaming Desk

Brand: Fezibo
Dimensions: W47.2” x H28.1” x D19.6”
Price: Starting at $179.99

If you have a compact gaming room, you need the Fezibo. The desk features a unique carbon fiber texture and an ergonomic shape for a comfortable gaming experience.

You also get a cable tray, monitor shelf, and a headphone hook to keep everything neat and tidy. The desk is available in three colors, and despite its compact size, it has plenty of room underneath to stretch out.

Quick and easy to assemble, all Fezibo desks are backed by a five-year warranty, plus you can try it out risk-free with its 60-day money-back guarantee.

Customer review: “For the price, this desk was very easy to assemble, the carbon fiber finish is exceptional, I have SOOOO much area to work with, and as a gamer, who uses 2 screens that are rather large, I was SURE there would be some create solutions on placement of the screens, and I was wrong. It all went together perfectly.”

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4. Tribesigns L-Shaped Desk

Tribesigns L-Shaped Desk

Best for storage – Tribesigns L-Shaped Desk

Brand: Tribesigns
Dimensions: W65.35” x H29.52 (69.95” with shelf)” x D23.62”
Price: Starting at $359.99

Okay, so not strictly a gaming desk but finding an L-shaped computer desk for gaming with storage is like finding a unicorn. However, this Tribesigns desk not only looks great but it’s also got all the storage you could ever wish for.

Made from powdered metal and coated scratch-resistant MDF, the desk is high-quality and designed to last.

The whole setup consists of two modular desks, a hutch, two open shelves, a tower shelf, and a tiltable desktop. If you use a laptop as part of your gaming setup, you’ll find the hutch and tiltable surface highly practical.

Customer review: “For the price this is a decent desk. Love the look, just as I expected. Shipped fast. Easy to assemble I was able to do it myself in a couple hours. Will definitely be purchasing a matching shelf or cabinet for the printer from this brand.

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5. EUREKA GTG-L60, L Desk


Best for LED Lights – EUREKA GTG-L60, L Desk

Dimensions: W60” x H30” x D23.5”
Price: Starting at $499.99

This desk will surely satisfy you if you want your pc gaming experience in glorious RGB technicolor. The tempered glass surface looks ultra high-end and is heat and scratch -resistant, perfect for a battlestation.

The patented RGB hardware is audio-reactive with music syncing capabilities providing colorful, immersive gaming sessions. If you prefer, you can set the LEDs to static color or dim them to your liking.

The setup also provides a power strip holder, cable ties, dual headset hook, and cup holder. The solid carbon steel frame can accommodate a hefty weight of 330 lbs, plus you have loads of room underneath to add storage if you wish.

This is absolutely a high-end corner gaming desk. But it’s worth every cent of its price tag if you want a serious gaming computer desk.

Customer review: “Perfect gaming desk and the materials are very sturdy and are definitely well put together. This gaming desk is no joke. Little expensive but you get what you pay for. Awesome desk.”

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What to Consider When Buying an L-Shaped Gaming Desk?

1. The Size of Your Space

L-shaped desks come in many sizes and styles. Therefore, it’s important to consider the size of your space before you rush out and buy one.

Not only must the desk easily fit in the available space, but you also must make sure you have clearance space around your game station to get in and out of your chair and move freely around the room.

2. Your Budget

No matter how much you can afford, always go for the best quality L-shaped gaming desk within your budget.

A good quality gaming desk will give you a better return on your investment as it will be more durable and last a lot longer.

3. Adjustability

Choose an L-shaped gaming desk that is modular. This means you can adjust the various components to create a custom configuration for your gaming setup.

You will likely grow and change your gaming rig over time, and having the flexibility to shift your gaming desk into different setups is really advantageous.

L-Shaped Gaming Desk FAQs

Is an L-Shaped Gaming Desk Worth It?

L-shaped gaming desks provide the additional surface area necessary to accommodate a full gaming and monitor setup.

The practical advantage of the L-shaped workspace is that it fits snugly into the corner of a room without taking up unnecessary extra space on the floor.

If you spend a lot of time in the gaming chair, an L-shaped desk is a worthwhile investment and can save you a lot of frustration later down the line.

What is a Good L-Shaped Gaming Desk?

A good L-Shaped gaming desk is robust and durable while providing ample room for your monitors, keyboard, mouse pad, and other tabletop peripherals. It should also feature a sturdy CPU stand underneath and plenty of legroom to sit comfortably.

What Should an L-Shaped Gaming Desk Have?

L-shaped gaming desks have several gaming-specific features, such as headset hooks typically mounted on the side of the desk. Another important aspect of a gaming desk is a cable management system.

Nice-to-have features include under-desk storage, a storage shelf, and LED light systems.