11 Best AI Copywriting Tools On The Market in 2022 [Ranked]

Apr 19, 2022
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This article will outline the best ai content generator / ai copywriting tools on the market right now, so you can start a blog with confidence,  get posts live quicker, or write better copy.

There are lots of ai tools on the market that promises to deliver excellent product descriptions, marketing content, blog content, and so on.

Companies also push that the ai copywriting tool can generate copy for landing pages, google ads, social media posts, digital ad copy, and more, but unfortunately, not all of them are all great.

To save you from wasting unnecessary time testing out different tools, I've ranked and reviewed the best ai copywriting tools based on actual results, accuracy, unique content, price, and ease of use.

Which one will help you create a high-income business

Keep on reading to find out.

What is the best ai copywriting tool?

These are the best ai content generators on the market right now.

| 1. GrowthBar

Best Overall For Beginners With SEO Content

Best For: Beginners
Price: $29/mo
Annual Discount: Yes, Save 45%
5 Day Free Trial Risk-Free

GrowthBar started out a few years ago as an SEO tool that has now added a lot of functionality over the years, even an AI writer.

This makes GrowthBar the “swiss-knife” of SEO-optimized content and ideal for beginners just starting out with content marketing.

Don’t know what to write about? It can generate blog ideas for you.

Need to do basic keyword research? It has that as well.

Do you have writer's block? GrowthBar can start out writing a paragraph for you.

| Pricing

The pricing is easy and straightforward with three price tiers paid annually:

  • Standard ($29 / month): 200 AI Paragraph Generations

  • Pro ($79 / month): 500 AI Paragraph Generations

  • Agency ($199 / month): 2,000 AI Paragraph Generations

| User Experience

The easiest way I found to use GrowthBar is as an AI writing assistant to your regular content writing. The blog ideas section works great to get popular headlines from competitors to write about.

Once you have an outline, create a paragraph for each topic if you have writer's block to get the juices flowing. 

Or you can dive into the content generator, add a keyword, see the SEO metrics and keywords you need to include, and start writing!

| Why You Should Try GrowthBar

  • Has a little bit of everything to create content, especially for beginners.

  • Easy to use, just put in a topic, drag and drop headlines, and start filling out your content.

  • GrowthBar handles the SEO for you and includes keywords.

  • Features an AI writer, SEO keywords, Rank tracker, Keyword research, Competitor analysis, and even a content service!

  • Priced reasonably if you pay annually.

  • 5 day free trial & money back guarantee.

| Compared To The Alternatives

  • Not the best for writing long-form content with an AI writer.

  • Hit and miss when creating paragraphs.

  • I wish I had more control over the AI writer like Jasper.

  • Not for professionals that crank out thousands of words daily.

| Recent Product Updates

  • Recently added a feature to easily insert royalty-free stock images recommended by AI that match your content!

  • Suggests links to resources and statistics that you can reference, super useful.

As with anything that is of the “swiss-army” type, they are great for the general public but do not truly excel at an area either.

This is why GrowthBar is the best overall for beginners, as it does so many things in one product. But if you need more hands-on tools, then keep on reading!

Try GrowthBar with a 5 Day Free Trial & 7 Day Money Back Guarantee

| 2. Jasper.ai

Best AI Copywriting Software For Professionals

Best For: Professional Content Marketers
Price: $59/mo (Boss-Mode)
Annual Discount: Yes, 2 Months Free and Save 16%
Promotion: 10.000 Free Words With My Link

Jasper.ai is hands down the best and most advanced ai copywriting tool that you can find with excellent and full control over the AI in “Boss-Mode”.

It’s an Artificial Intelligence content creator that helps you write high-quality product descriptions and even long-form content like this blog post article. 

It’s trained to generate human-like marketing copy and is used by enormous brands, small businesses, and everything in between.

Jasper works in your browser and creates the most original content out there, and it speeds up the process of creating content which saves you hours of work. 

It’s the perfect content marketing tool to optimize your product listings, website copy, blog articles, and even YouTube video descriptions just to name a few.

| Pricing

They recently remade the pricing structure and actually made Jasper way more affordable

Before, the boss mode (which I recommend) was priced at $119/m, but now you only pay $59/m which is 50% cheaper!

This gives you 50k words per month which last for about 15-20 blog posts of around 2000 words each (you’ll burn through some words for content that you’re not satisfied with).

It’s extremely affordable compared to outsourcing to ghostwriters which charge $0.1 per word. 

You’d have to pay $3-4k for the same amount of words that Jasper can produce i.e. 50-67 times more expensive.

| User Experience

While using Jasper the thing that struck me was just how advanced it is with the Boss Mode. 

You get access to templates with common copywriting frameworks like AIDA and PAS, write copy for different purposes like Facebook and Google ads, write converting bullets, and more!

If writing, either copy, ads, or blogging is your living then you NEED Jasper.

| Why You Should Try Jasper

  • Has an insanely high score on Trustpilot, 4.8 out of 1000+ reviews.

  • One of the most advanced ai copywriting tools out there.

  • Creates the most accurate and precise sentence structure that sounds and reads like a human.

  • Used by content marketers in one of the largest companies like Shopify, Airbnb, Google, IBM, Logitech, and more.

  • Create copy for your digital ads such as a Facebook ad, social media ads, eCommerce sites, social media posts, blog posts, product reviews and so much more!

  • Trained to generate creative content that is 100% original.

  • Speeds up the content creation process and saves you hours of work.

  • Has a “boss mode” so you can gain control and take full advantage of the AI, it’s scary how good it works.

| Compared To The Alternatives

  • Jasper has a little bit of a learning curve and you need to get familiar with how to work the AI in order to get the best results.

  • Is highly dependent on your input and guidance to generate good content.

| Recent Product Updates

  • They recently added the “Paragraph Generator” which gets a lot of buzz in the Jasper Facebook Group for being one of the best features inside Jasper!

  • They are working on a feature that lets AI generate custom images at a click of a button. Imagine unique images made for your content! No more royalty-free stock images.

Jasper creates accurate, creative, and engaging content that is 100% original with no duplicated or scraped from some website, or at least that's what they promise so if you're unsure always check your content for plagiarism.

This ai article writer uses advanced natural language processing techniques and can even produce descriptions designed for specific conversion goals, like click-through rates or purchase conversions. 

Watch the full walkthrough video below on how to build a high-quality blog post with Jasper & Surfer SEO to get a feel for how it works so that you can get the most out of it.

Jasper essentially makes all your content marketing and ai copywriting tasks easier and way faster, and it’s cool to see Jasper write in front of you in real-time, kinda scary but I love it.

If you decide to give Jasper a try through my site, you'll get 10.000 bonus credits straight to your account to play around with, enjoy :).

| 3. Hypotenuse.ai

Best Naturally Sounding Content

Best For: Naturally Sounding Articles & Ads
Price: $29/mo
Annual Discount: No
7 Day Free Trial

You know that feeling you get when you read something so well-written that it feels like the author is speaking directly to you? That's almost what Hypotenuse.ai delivers with their AI copywriting!

There's a new player in the content creation game, and its name is Hypotenuse. 

It’s an AI copywriting tool that promises to take your content to the next level. Not only is it easy to use, but it also comes with a host of features that set it apart from the competition.

This tool doesn't just generate copy for you- it creates copy that's tailored to your specific audience. 

Hypotenuse.ai helps you create content that your readers will love and the affordable pricing is a huge plus!

Hypotenuse takes data from websites, social media, and more, and analyzes it to figure out what your customers care about. 

Then, it uses all of that information to write copy that speaks directly to them. 

Not only does Hypotenuse provide high-quality, original copy, but it also does it quickly and efficiently.

| Pricing

Hypotenuse.ai offers two pricing plans:

Starter: $29/month for 20 blog posts and 75 credits used for product descriptions

Growth: $59/month for unlimited blog posts and 500 credits

The price point is great as the starter plan allows you to get out 20 blog posts regardless of length! I myself use the growth plan as I write more content than that, but compared to other tools it’s still priced well. 

For larger businesses and agencies, they offer custom plans that are tailored to their specific needs.

| User Experience

The thing that I love about Hypotenuse is just how easy it is to use and how naturally the sentence sound, and this is what sets it apart from the rest.

Hypotenuse will ask you a series of questions, about your keyword, target audience, and more.

Then it suggests both SEO optimized headlines/titles for your content, a great outline, and you’re off to the races.

It works with a “card” type of system, which actually feels great to use.

| Why You Should Try Hypotenuse

  • Fluent copy that sounds like it was written by a human.

  • Fast turnaround time, usually just 5 minutes for 500+ words.

  • High-quality content that is SEO-friendly and engaging.

  • Takes your target audience into consideration.

  • Has a nice workflow with its “card” type layout when writing.

  • Can create copy for product descriptions in bulk!

  • Great copy for ads and social media.

| Compared To The Alternatives

  • Hypotenuse is easy to use but the workflow could be a bit better.

  • I wish it produced more words for each section that it creates content for.

| Recent Product Updates

  • It’s a newly released AI writing software, they are continuously working on the improvement of the workflow and adding more features.

If you're looking for an ai content generator that can help you produce high-quality, engaging content quickly and easily, Hypotenuse.ai is definitely worth checking out.

It generates realistic copy which reads very well in minutes, all while being affordable and easy to use. Hypotenuse produces content very close to what a human would write.

In fact, this entire section about Hyptoenuse.ai was written by…

Yes, Hypotenuse! See the image below.

Ready to try it for yourself? They have a free trial, so head over to hypotenuse and get started.

| 4. Rytr

Rytr is like the cheaper and more affordable version of Jasper if you’re on a very tight budget.

You can tell that it has taken inspiration from Jasper, as it has essentially the same ai copywriting templates and works in a similar way. I used Rytr for a while, testing it out and it was a pleasant experience using it.

Unfortunately, it was not the best when it comes to long-form content like blog posts which can run up to 2-3k words per post. Soon it started to cap the number of words that I could generate in a given time, which was frustrating.

But the accuracy and quality of the content were great for digital ad copy, google ads, and landing pages, but worse for longer-form content creation like a blog post.

In all, Rytr is worth its price considering what you get and if you only need an ai copywriting tool for short form content like video content descriptions, Amazon product listings, blog ideas, blog intros, website copywriting, and the likes.

| Pricing

Did I mention that Rytr is affordable? For a mere $9/month you get 50k words to generate content for you, no wonder the Trustpilot reviews are so high, even if some fake reviews may be there.

If 50k words per month are not enough for you, then for $29/m you have unlimited words to play with. 

| Why Rytr?

  • High trustpilot ratings.

  • Extremely affordable ai copywriting tool.

  • Produces great quality for short form content, but is outclassed by Jarvis when it comes to long form content.

  • Since it’s so cheap, you have nothing to lose by trying it out for a month, seriously it's pennies.

I started out with Rytr and Peppertype, but due to the nature of my work being a blogger I quickly moved to Jasper as it’s superior in most areas, which is why it’s my number one choice.

But for those that don’t need the bells and whistles, Rytr will be a great second pick!

| 5. Grammarly

If you know what Grammarly is then you’re probably wondering why it’s on this list. 

It’s not a content generator but still an extremely powerful ai writing assistant, more like an extension of yourself to write better content, that’s accurate and has great sentence structures.

Grammarly is coupled perfectly with the ai copywriting tools on this list, as no ai will ever write something that you can just publish straight on.

No matter which ai content generator you try out on this list, Grammarly will help you edit those snippets to perfection.

And unless you’re a linguist with perfect grades in the English written language, you’ll NEED Grammarly, it’s a no-brainer.

Fun fact, my top pick on this list (Jasper), has Grammarly built-in for free so you essentially get 2 tools for 1.

| Highlights

  • Not a content generation tool but an AI-powered writing assistant that is invaluable together with ai copywriting.

  • Most ai content generators will spit out text that needs to be corrected, Grammarly fixes that.

  • It improves your own writing as well by suggesting corrections.

  • The ai tool learns your writing style as you use it to improve not just grammar, but also your style and tone as well.

  • Works literally everywhere, in your email inbox, on social media, and in Google docs when creating content.

  • A must for non-native English speakers, and a huge aid for native speakers as well.

| Pricing

Bottom Line

I’ve been a paid user of Grammarly for years, and since I’m a non-native English speaker, it has improved my own knowledge and writing experience to higher levels.

It’s not just the best ai writing assistant that does things for you, it actually improves YOU and your writing, which I find invaluable compared to any ai writing tool.

| 6. Peppertype.ai

Peppertype.ai is a revolutionary ai copywriting tool that makes it fun and easy to write amazing content. 

It has pre-trained “templates” that you can start off with to generate fully original, unique content for your product listings, descriptions, website blog posts, YouTube video descriptions, or article writing. 

It also utilizes several types of copywriting frameworks like before-after-bridge (B-A-B), pain-agitate-solution (PAS), AIDA copywriting, and more!

It’s lightweight and easy to use compared to its rival Jasper.ai.

| Highlights

  • Generate fully original content for all of your digital marketing needs such as Amazon product descriptions, YouTube video descriptions, articles, blog posts, product reviews, and much more.

  • Utilizes some of the most popular ai copywriting practices like the Pain-Agitate-Solution framework, AIDA copywriting, Before-After-Bridge to name a few.

  • Super easy to use without any learning curve.

  • You can play around with the different types of content it generates to find the ones that fit your business.

  • Comes with unlimited content generation even with the basic plan.

| Pricing

Bottom Line

Peppertype is a powerful ai copywriting tool for on-demand original content generation. 

It helps you create short form content for product descriptions, SEO meta descriptions, blog outlines, Instagram captions, and even helps with writer's block.

You can leverage it to write everything you need with just a few clicks, has a great pricing point and you can create unlimited words with the basic plan alone.

If you found Jasper.ai either too expensive on a monthly basis or too complicated, you’ll love Peppertype.ai.

| 7. Article Forge

Article Forge has been designed to pump out high-quality written content for your business, website, blog, or any other project in just under a minute. 

You get instant, on-demand content by just feeding Article Forge with a keyword phrase of your choice. 

It comes with an integrated image, link, and video generator so you can put together visually appealing articles faster.

| Highlights

  • Your personal freelance ai article generator, give it a keyword phrase and it returns content.

  • Automatically adds images, links, and videos to your written piece of content, super neat!

  • Adds semantically related keywords to your content which is great for SEO purposes.

  • Can schedule to post your content to a WordPress website.

  • Can write articles in multiple languages including Spanish, German, French, Italian, and more.

| Pricing

Bottom Line

Article Forge is excellent for ai copywriting that you should definitely try if you are blogging for your website. 

This software will save you lots of time and hard work, which can be useful if you are working on multiple projects at the same time. 

The interface is user-friendly, and generating ai copy is extremely easy to use. 

You can use it for anything you need, like, blogs, web content, and even books. It includes 7 languages, so that’s quite impressive.

| 8. Writesonic

Writesonic is a powerful tool that can quickly create high-quality ads and content that converts brilliantly. 

Its works with copywriting principles like the pain-agitate-solve framework to create headlines, ads, landing pages, and much more. 

It's a great solution for any seller who wants to save time and money by generating large quantities of completely unique content.

| Highlights

  • The AI is specifically trained for writing marketing copy.

  • Writes Ads copy, article and blog copy, compelling website headlines, and product description copy as well.

  • Uses the common copywriting frameworks like Pain-Agitate-Solution and AIDA.

  • 100% original copy and you own everything that it generates in your account.

| Pricing

Bottom Line

Writesonics AI is specifically trained for writing marketing copy. It writes Ads copy, article and blog copy, compelling website headlines, and product description copy as well. 

Uses the common copywriting frameworks and pumps out original content, perfect for the digital marketer.

| 9. Kafkai

Thanks to the powerful AI in this software, you will get fresh, unique, and quality content, created from scratch. 

By using an AI that is trained for specific niches, you will be able to create large amounts of content that are specifically targeted for your niche that you’re in, which may produce more compelling results.

Kafkai has three different modes for article writing that allows it to fit the need of different users. 

The first mode is the quick and easy mode. This mode is for users who want articles to be created with less effort. 

The second mode is the advanced mode. This mode is for users who want to create more detailed, keyword-optimized content. 

The last mode is the general writing mode. This mode is for users who want to use Kafkai for longer articles that are not specific to any topic or niche. 

| Highlights

  • This AI writer is trained specifically with a variety of SEO niches to produce more accurate content.

  • Writes content from scratch so you get unique and original articles.

  • Has 3 different modes for article writing, fast and easy niche article writer, advanced niche article writer, general writer outside of the niches it knows.

  • The niches the AI is trained for include the biggest ones like beauty, business, dating, finance, health, and much more.

  • It’s primarily used for bulk content generation, and may not be optimal for longer articles. 

| Pricing

Bottom Line

Kafkai is able to write content for any niche imaginable because it has been trained with dozens of different niches to generate content that is more accurate.

Just tell Kafkai what you want your content to be about and it will create something unique.

Plus, it knows how to write for more than 20 different niches, so it’s great for getting some more diverse content.

| 10. Copysmith

Copysmith is a simple tool that makes generating high-quality sales copy for your product quick, easy, and affordable. 

Just choose a template, edit the sample text, and run Copysmith. 

Copysmith's templates are designed to cover all the essentials for writing great sales copy.

| Highlights

  • Good for more basic writing such as content ideas, product descriptions, blog ideas, and content rewriting.

  • Uses templates to write copy for your content generation needs, including common copywriting frameworks like AIDA and Pain-Benefit-Solution.

| Pricing

Bottom Line

Copysmith is an ai writer that makes it easy to create content for your blog, social media, and email campaigns.

It can generate quality content for your business or website. By utilizing templates, you have the ability to create unique pieces of content for your business, blog, e-books, or even white papers.

Whether you need to write a simple blog post or a full email campaign, Copysmith will save you time and effort.

| 11. AI Writer

AI Writer has a simple interface that allows you to choose between short and long-form article templates to ensure that the content fits the needs of your audience. 

It also comes equipped with a unique content verification system that lists citations at the bottom of each article to ensure that the information is accurate by you verifying the sources.

| Highlights

  • A neat feature that’s missing from its competitors is that AI writer lists citations so you can verify that the information is accurate!

  • Generates unique and original content, and even has the capability of pushing full-length articles.

  • Made with SEO in mind so the content has a chance to rank and generate traffic.

| Pricing

Bottom Line

If you want to speed up your writing and improve your output, AI writer can be a great tool to try out. 

It helps you write articles, blog posts, press releases, product reviews, social media updates, and more. 

It’s a great tool for small businesses looking for quality content at a low cost. 

What is an AI copywriting tool?

AI writers are one of the most exciting things in the content marketing industry. 

Simply put they are software that can write content for you. 

They are not only able to write engaging and useful content, but they also provide unique content as well, which today can be hard to achieve.

Comparing an AI content generator to outsourcing work to freelancers and human writers, you save both time and money on work and the turnaround time.

You also avoid bad writers and junk freelancers who just spin content all they long, risking your business into copyright issues.

There are several options on the market currently, and it can be difficult to know which one works best. 

To help you make a decision, we've compared the top AI writers for you in this post.

What is GPT-3?

Most of the top AI content generators rely on something called GPT-3, which according to Wikipedia stands for:

“Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3) is an autoregressive language model that uses deep learning to produce human-like text.”

The model was released to the public some years ago.

A lot of companies started experimenting with it to create the AI writing tools that you see on this list today.

Some interesting fallacies come to the memory bank of the GPT-3, which means that it does not have the latest data or information available on the internet today.

So it’s up to each company to train their AI’s with whatever is the latest trends, tech, or strategies to utilize the AI the best.

For more reading check out this post.

How do you use an AI content generator the best way?

This is really important to highlight, no AI writer generates content that is 100% good to go.

You will always have to go through the material, make adjustments, rewrite sentences, and remake the content several times.

You will also need to fact-check what the AI spits out is actually true and accurate, as the data can be both skewed, outdated, or just incorrect altogether.

AI writers need to be used as a writing aid primarily, which in the end speeds up the content creation process significantly.

But you can’t rely on just pushing one button and magically have the perfect written 3000-word article on your hands, it doesn’t work like that.

So the best tips we have for you is to:

  1. Work section by section on whatever you want to be written.

  2. Feed the AI with the absolute best input about the subject.

  3. You sow what you reap, the better information you provide the AI, the better the content generated.

  4. Rerun the AI several times until you find a segment of content that looks good.

  5. Edit the content yourself and update it for human readers.

  6. Try different styles of content templates that most of these AI writers come with.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is AI writing free?

Not really, if you want a good AI writing tool that generates content that is somewhat accurate, consistent, and usable, you’ll want a paid option.

Most AI article writers have some kind of free trial or test the software out for a limited amount of words before you commit to a purchase.

Check out the top 3 best ai article writers on our list for suggestions.

Can AI write a blog post?

You can definitely use an AI content generator to aid and speed up the creation of an entire blog post, but it is not a one-click magical process.

You will have to work section by section, sentence by sentence to get something resembling a high-quality article.

You will also have to edit everything yourself and update the content for human readers.

So in short, yes AI can write a blog post, but it will not do it alone.

Is content generated by AI original?

Most if not all of the software tools on this list claim that the content generated is 100% unique. 

In reality, it is perhaps a bit lower than 100% since the AI takes related information to the topic you need content about, restructures, and rewrites it.

But yes you should be able to use the content, especially if you rewrite things yourself. 

Wrap Up

So… the last thing that you need when writing is software that sucks. 

So we decided to compile a list of the best AI writer and content generators on the market right now that have been both ranked and reviewed based on accuracy, unique content, price, and ease of use. 

All of these services are great, however, we would recommend going with the top 3 suggestions on our list, as they are truly the top of the best ai content generators on the market.