19 Best AI Writing Software of 2022 (Save Hours Of Writing!)

Sep 26, 2022
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Table of Contents
  1. What Is The Best AI Writing Software?
    1. 1. Hypotenuse.ai
    2. 2. Copy.AI
    3. 3. Jasper AI
    4. 4. Scalenut
    5. 5. Rytr
    6. 6. Frase
    7. 7. QuillBot
    8. 8. INK Editor
    9. 9. Wordtune
    10. 10. Outranking
    11. 11. SurferSEO
    12. 12. Peppertype.ai
    13. 13. Writesonic
    14. 14. Grammarly
    15. 15. GrowthBar
    16. 16. Article Forge
    17. 17. Kafkai
    18. 18. Copysmith
    19. 19. AI Writer
  2. What Is AI Writing Software?
  3. Key Features To Consider When Choosing an AI Writing Software
    1. Creates unique content
    2. Has good readability
    3. It improves your workflow and output
    4. It saves you the headache of dealing with freelancers
  4. Why Even Bother With An AI Writing Tool?
  5. How Do You Use An AI Content Generator?
  6. What Can AI Write?
  7. How Accurate Is AI Writing Software?
  8. How Easy Is It to Use AI Writing Software?
  9. What Are The Benefits Of Using AI Writing Software?
  10. What Are the Disadvantages of AI Writing?
  11. What Is a GPT-3 Model?
  12. Frequently Asked Questions
    1. Is content generated by AI original?
    2. Which AI Tool Is Best For Writing?
    3. Can AI Replace Writers?
    4. Can AI Write an Article?
    5. Can AI Actually Write Scripts?
    6. Is AI Writing Free?
    7. Can I Use AI to Write a Book?
    8. How Does AI Writing Software Work?
    9. Is AI writing good for content creators?
  13. Wrap Up

Disclosure: We sometimes use affiliate links which means we may earn a commission if you buy something through our site at no cost to you.

Are you looking for the best AI writing software? Do you want something that will help you write content fast without having to spend hours editing each and every day?

Hypotenuse.ai is the best overall assistant for content creators that delivers fluent and well-read business articles at the click of a button, and the user experience is fantastic. You get tons of essential features, a custom image generator, and the pricing is very affordable. Get 2 months free with the annual plan.

Copy.ai is the best copywriting software that produces beautiful content. It has amazing features and a huge variety of templates that let you write compelling articles. The freestyle editor actually helps you with new marketing angles in your copy. Get 3 months free with the annual plan.

Jasper.ai is the best article writer for a wide range of content types and is ideal for marketing teams. Easily create articles from scratch and adjust your writing style with a few relevant keywords. This is a must for content ninjas that need accurate, relevant, and high-quality content. Get 2 months free with the annual plan and 10,000 free writing credits with the button below.

There are a wide range of AI writing tools available, but not all of them are worth using. They either make you do a lot of work manually, or aren't very helpful at all (despite lavish promises).

I've bought and tested dozens of these AI-powered content writing software over the months and found a few that work REALLY well. They deliver consistent quality with minimal effort.

If you want more information about these content generator tools, then make sure to read on for some exciting details.

What Is The Best AI Writing Software?

These are the best content writing tools currently available, and I update this information frequently.

I'm going to show you why I recommend these programs, their best features, and how you can get started using one today.

1. Hypotenuse.ai

Best Overall Content Writing Platform

Pricing starts at $29/mo after a free 7-day trial.

Key Takeaways From My Hypotenuse.ai Review

⎷ Fluent and high-quality content with different style suggestions.

⎷ Great readability without too many grammatical mistakes or punctuation errors.

⎷ Has a nice content creation workflow, easy editing, and an amazing content quality checker.

⎷ Create Ecommerce product descriptions in bulk for things like a Shopify store.

⎷ You now have the ability to become an artist by generating images!

Have you ever found yourself wanting to write content but feeling utterly uninspired to do anything (like ZERO content ideas)? I sure have and it's a problem!

For anyone who writes blog content, Hypotenuse.ai is a content generation tool that allows you to write better, high-converting content in minutes.

It’s a creative writing tool that I can recommend as the best overall, with an affordable subscription plan as well!

The program can automatically outline content briefs and create article drafts, so you can spend less time worrying about what to write.

And this A.I.-powered content engine can now even create unique art and images, all included in the starter plan.

Hypotenuse.ai helps you to create blog articles that your readers will love, but let’s explore some of its key features that make it stand out from other content services.

Fluent copy that reads well

While some writing apps promise the sun and the moon, when you read the actual content is where they reveal their weaknesses (hint: it’s not so good).

In my opinion, Hypotenuse.ai has a great reading experience for things like an auto-generated blog post.

It truly reads and sounds fantastic, and that’s what stood out to me the most when trying it out for the first time.

And it’s all thanks to the natural language processing that the team behind it uses.

Fantastic workflow system

There are no complicated features or complex commands to memorize with thousands of data points staring you in the face (the horror!).

Simply describe the type of content that you want in Step 1, choose the article outline that you like in Step 2, add some talking points about each header in Step 3, and that’s it.

It’s as simple as clicking a few buttons to get a high-quality article.

You can tell that the content teams have worked hard on the user experience, all so you can have an effortless content writing process.

Create custom images for your written content

Besides creating social media captions and an article within minutes, Hypotenuse.ai now also creates breathtaking art, and it works like magic 😍.

You’ll have to play around with the input quality settings and keywords that you enter, but it has never been easier to create custom images from scratch in just a few seconds.

Just check out these examples I made a few minutes ago before writing this.

It's absolutely fantastic and gorgeous, and a surefire way to spark interest in your content!

Recent Product Updates

I've seen a host of improvements being added to the application since I started using it.

Aside from the updated grammar checker, they recently added a plagiarism checker as well (integrated with CopyScape), which is now an add-on feature that's included in the growth plan.

And the most recent update is, of course, the AI art generator, which works amazingly well and can be used for a HUGE variety of purposes.

Hypotenuse.ai Pricing

You have two simple pricing plans to choose from:

Starter: $29/month for 100 credits (~25K words) and 200 AI images.

Growth: $59/month for 350 credits (~87k words), unlimited credit for images, and an included plagiarism checker.

Custom Plan: This is for enterprises that need custom solutions for their marketing needs.

Final Verdict

What I love about this platform is just how easy it is to use and how natural the sentences sound, which sets it apart from the rest. Everyone can use this application and its essential features without any issues whatsoever.

The subscriptions are very affordable and any unused credits per month roll over to the next, which adds up over time!

Hypotenuse is an amazing AI writing tool that keeps on expanding with more fantastic features as time goes on and comes with many strengths.

Get started with a free trial today and upgrade to a paid plan with a credit card to unlock its full potential. It’s worth it.

2. Copy.AI

Best Copywriting Software

Pricing starts at $49/mo after a free 7-day trial.

Key Takeaways From My CopyAI Product Review

⎷ It can generate long form pieces of content without a hitch.

⎷ It has a plethora of AI copywriting templates and smart tools.

⎷ Write anything from product descriptions and social media captions, to sales copy and email subject lines.

⎷ The freestyle editor works great; just tell the AI what you want it to do and it will try its best to give you readable copy based on proven frameworks.

CopyAI is actually an amazing piece of software, and I enjoy using it. The writing is good, and you can tell that it has its roots in copywriting.

The content usually turns out in a nice way where the AI tries to either sell, convert, or nail the problems and desires of your target audience, like copywriters would do.

And the long-form content is very good. I actually generated over 3000 words with minimal need for editing or having to send it to a proofreading service, which is a huge plus.

With all of that, I can recommend Copy AI to virtually anyone; it’s just a bit pricey.

Copy AI is like a hidden gem that sits in the shadows of its larger competitors, but don’t underestimate its features.

The Blog Post Wizard

Writing good content that resonates with your target audience is important, but so is creating a lot of it fast.

With Copy AI’s automatic long-form content wizard, you'll be able to churn out killer content and copy in no time. Whether that’s for blog posts, pages on your website, or copy for social media channels like Facebook ads and Instagram bios.

All you have to do is plug in your blog post ideas, give it a few nudges with the talking points, and watch as Copy AI creates content on the fly.

Freestyle Editor

The Copy.ai Freestyle Editor is a game-changing feature that allows you to create content in the way you want to.

With this tool, you don't have to worry about following a strict choice of template. You can do whatever you want as it's an advanced style editor with simplicity at its core.

And what is so amazing about this feature is that it allows for creativity and flexibility in your writing.

It also makes it easier for you to write engaging content that will convert your audience into customers.

Don’t believe me? This entire section was done with the freestyle editor without any editing 😊.

Recent Product Updates

They recently remade the entire user interface to have a much better workflow compared to before.

The long-form document editor also got an overhaul, and the newly introduced blog post wizard also makes article creation seamless.

Copy AI Pricing

The pricing plan is super simple, and that’s something that I appreciate.

There is one plan to choose from, Pro for $49/month and 40k words.

Adjust the slider to your specific content needs and only pay with your credit card for what you need.

If you’re a content creator like me, you’ll probably want to bump it up to 100k words for $99/month.

Copy.ai Verdict

As a blogger, I’m always looking for a way to create content in an effortless way, and I was blown away when I tried out the long-form content editor.

Just by following the steps in the blog post wizard, putting in my keyword and adjusting the talking points, the content itself turned out amazing.

The user interface is fast, and the workflow is nice. And you have plenty of templates to choose from at your fingertips on the side menu.

If you want to save time, money, and effort in your copywriting efforts, then you need to try Copy.ai and the more advanced features. They're amazing.

3. Jasper AI

Best Content Writer

Pricing starts at $59/mo; Get Free 10,000 Word Credit.

Key Takeaways For Jasper

⎷ The most advanced AI algorithm with great performance, various tones of voice, and an extensive array of use cases.

⎷ The Boss Mode lets you gain control and take full advantage of the AI and its messaging. It’s scary how well it works.

⎷ Larger teams can create copy for Facebook ads, social media ads, eCommerce sites, social media posts, blog posts, and product reviews.

⍻ Jasper has a learning curve, and you need to know how to work the AI to get the best results as it’s highly dependent on your input and overall message.

Ah, Jasper. It’s on every content writing tools list out there, and for a very good reason.

If you’re stuck trying to come up with ideas for your next article, social media content, or sales emails, then Jasper (formerly Jarvis) is a must.

Few other AI writers let you control the AI to the extent that Jasper does.

It’s an excellent option for professionals, power users, or content teams that want to boost productivity and performance with the help of AI.

Jasper works in your browser and creates original content that speeds up the SEO writing process, saving you hours of edits. Let’s unpack its most exciting features.

The Boss Mode and long-form assistant

Jasper AI is hands down the most advanced content creation tool you can find right now, with total control over the artificial intelligence in the “Boss-Mode,” as they call it.

The software helps you to create high-quality content at scale for things like:

  • Long-form blog posts (their main selling point)

  • Product descriptions

  • Content outlines

  • Video scripts

  • Email copy

  • And even tweets for Twitter

The app is trained with machine learning and neural network data to generate human-like content and is used by enormous brands like Microsoft, small businesses, and everything in between.

Loads of templates

Jasper comes with a ton of recipes for all kinds of use cases.

From copywriting frameworks like PAS and AIDA, to product descriptions, LinkedIn and Facebook ads, and even creative stories to convert leads and boost conversions, you've got it all.

Jasper Art

Jasper recently released a new addition to the platform, namely Jasper Art.

With it, you can create amazing AI generated images with just a few keywords that you feed Jasper.

And the results are impressive, to say the least. Check out what the community has created below.

Recent Updates

Jasper is at the forefront of innovation when it comes to AI content producers.

Besides the recent addition of the paragraph generator, the image generator “Jasper Art” gets all the attention now.

Users in the Facebook group can’t stop raving about this new addition, and are coming up with some insane art illustrations that are simply stunning.

Jasper Pricing

You have two pricing packages, both customizable for your usage needs.

Starter: $49/month for 20k words.

Boss Mode: $99/month for 50k words.

50k words per month lasts for about 15-20 blog posts of around 2000 words each (you’ll burn through some as you regenerate content).

Jasper.ai Verdict

Jasper is a great article generator software with tons of intricate ways for you to write for your specific needs.

You just need to learn them all, and that's something that people might not want to do.

Although I had no issues creating amazing long-form copies with Jasper, the workflow was a bit too tedious for me.

On the other hand, integrations with tools like SurferSEO in the same editor and sharing your projects with your sales team make Jasper an excellent all-in-one platform.

Watch this full walkthrough video on how to build a high-quality blog post with Jasper and Surfer SEO to get an idea of how it works.

At the end of the day, it’s all about preference.

If you want full control with advanced features, then go with Jasper. If you’re looking for ease of use and simplicity, then I’d recommend Hypotenuse.ai

If you decide to try Jasper through my site, you'll get a juicy 10.000 free credits straight to your account to play around with. Enjoy 😊.

4. Scalenut

Best Value For Core Features

Pricing starts at $32/mo; Get 60% Off The Annual Plan.

Key Takeaways From My Scalenut Review

⎷ Get the best value for your money with the annual plan.

⎷ Outstanding workflow with the “Cruise Mode.”

⎷ It comes with content optimization suggestions out of the box.

⍻ The AI needs to be directed carefully with relevant pointers to work.

Scalenut is a new AI writing software that aims to be a direct alternative to some of the most popular AI writing tools on the market.

Not only is it trying to be the best AI service, but it also wants to fulfill the purpose of offering a top-class SEO assistant in one complete package.

And while Scalenut may not excel at either, like other dedicated apps made for a single job, it comes very close in terms of being customizable.

What makes this AI writing platform so exciting is the number of neat features you get and the annual pricing. More on the value in a moment!

Cruise Mode

Scalenut has a ton of features that can become overwhelming at first. That’s why they created the cruise mode.

It’s a step-by-step workflow that helps you create blog posts in a few minutes.

Scalenut can quickly crank out 3000-word blog posts in a couple of minutes, which is crazy.

Bunch of Templates

As with Jasper and other AI writing tools, Scalenut has a serious loadout of templates that help you to write anything from customer reviews, blog paragraphs, Instagram captions, and more.

Full SEO Assistance

If you’re a blogger that plans to rank content organically on search engines but don’t want to pay for a separate tool, then this will be gold for you.

Scalenut includes full-on SEO optimization!

It shows you what NLP keywords to include, and you can even automatically let the AI create text snippets based on the key terms, which is cool.

It even scrapes the internet for questions people are asking related to your topic on Google, Quora, Reddit, and more.

Get a list of valuable statistics and resources

In my opinion, perhaps the best feature is how it analyzes the top 10 pages on Google and compiles references to statistics that your competitors use.

This is super powerful, as you can bet that if the top 10 sites reference the same source, you should too.

This also saves a lot of time from having to find statistical resources yourself.

Recent Updates

The most recent updates to Scalenut were the addition of the “Cruise Mode” and an overhaul of the user interface.

They also added a bunch of helpful tutorials to get the most out of the platform.

They have an active team of developers and are constantly updating Scalenut with new and fantastic features.

Scalenut Pricing

So here is the deal and what makes Scalenut so attractive compared to the competition.

Other AI writing tools can cost anywhere from $50 to $150 per month.

And you also need to slap on other SEO optimization tools that cost $50 to $150, depending on which one you use.

With these prices, you’re looking at a monthly expense of around $200-300.

With Scalenut’s annual growth plan and a massive 60% discount, you pay $384 ONCE.

You’re all set for the coming 12 months. Create as much content as your heart desires.

Scalenut Verdict

When I discovered Scalenut and saw its offers, I immediately had to buy in and try it out myself.

Scalenut has a massive array of AI writing templates, just like Jasper and its leading contenders, and they work great.

The text that it generates can be off topic and does not have the same reading experience as Hypotenuse or Jasper, but with proper writing points you can get it to work.

The strength of Scaluenut is the massive number of features that it offers for an unbeatable price.

Finding relevant statistics to reference, the outlining tool in the brief, and the cruise mode alone are worth the annual plan. If you ask me, it’s better than other tools.

5. Rytr

Best Affordable Option 

Pricing starts at $9/month; Get Free 5k Words.

Key Takeaways For Rytr

⎷ Extremely affordable ai copywriting tool.

⎷ Produces excellent quality short-form content.

⎷ Easy to use, and anyone can start writing stuff.

⍻ Outclassed by other tools regarding long-form content.

Rytr is like the cheaper and more affordable version of other AI writing tools if you’re on a tight budget and is ideal for students.

It’s perfect for those who just need quick phrases, headings, and captions without the fuss.

It has taken inspiration from Jasper, as it has essentially the same templates and works similarly as well, but much simpler.

Its Best Features

Some of the best features of Rytr are the unbeatable price in relation to what you get.

Besides the pricing, you get an AI writer that has plenty of templates used by the more expensive competition.

The writing is great, and if you only have smaller content requirements, then Rytr is probably going to fill those shoes easily.

Recent Updates

Rytr recently integrated their services with Semrush, an SEO keyword research tool.

This is big news for Rytr and is sure to enhance the entire content production experience for its users.

Rytr Pricing

Did I mention that Rytr is affordable?

For a mere $9/month, you get 50K words to play around with.

If 50k words per month is not enough for you, then for $29/month, you have unlimited words to work with.

Rytr Verdict

I used Rytr for a while, testing it out, and it was a pleasant experience to use it. It is great for students or content marketers on applications like Instagram, etc.

Unfortunately, it was not the best for long-form content like blog posts. Soon it started to cap the number of words I could generate at any given time, which was frustrating.

But the accuracy and quality of the content were great for things like digital ad copy, Google ads, and landing pages.

Rytr is worth its price considering what you get and if you only need writing aid for short-form content like video content descriptions, Amazon product listings, blog ideas, etc.

For individuals that don’t need all of the features that other AI writing tools have to offer, Rytr will be a great pick!

6. Frase

Pricing starts at $14.99/month after a 5-Day Trial for $1.

Key Takeaways For Frase

⎷ A clean and simple user interface.

⎷ It’s not that hard to get a 100% SEO content quality score inside the app.

⎷ Easy to share projects with a team of writers through the co-writing feature.

⎷ Great for a holistic content generation process

⎷ Has some powerful content writing automation scripts shared by the community.

Frase is an all-in-one platform which helps you to create SEO-optimized content that ranks on Google in minutes (instead of hours), and it has some cool features.

Frase’s proprietary AI writer works great in tandem with SEO to create rich, unique content that your audience will love and find organically in search engines.

While it might not have as advanced features as some of its competitors, the user experience is stellar. This makes it ideal for working with a larger team of writers that you might already have in your content marketing process.

Its Best Features

Frase helps writers to create content that ranks organically on Google by providing an AI that handles a lot of the creation for content marketing.

It takes care of your keyword research by building a competitive topic outline, helps you with its article builder, and optimizes the text for search enginges, all in one package.

It does most of the heavy lifting with content topics and content suggestions, so you can focus on creating customizable content that resonates with your audience.

Sharing Frase reports that you fill out with a well-researched outline is seamless. You can literally use this platform for entire business teams for generation in content marketing.

Recent Updates

Frase recently introduced a “write about this” button when doing competitor research. It will essentially take an entire paragraph from a competitor and use its article rewriter to create something for you from scratch.

Frase Pricing

Frase comes with three pricing options.

Solo: $14.99/month for 4 articles a month.

Basic: 44.99/month for 30 articles per month and 10k AI characters.

Team: $114.99/month for unlimited articles.

And you can also buy an SEO-add on for an additional $35/month that gives you unlimited credits and AI words!

Frase.io Verdict

I recently used Frase for a guest post of mine, and optimizing the content with a full 100% SEO score was not that hard at all!

I enjoyed the overall experience of Frase and can recommend it to anyone that is debating on picking an SEO audit tool.

And it has AI writing as well, of course! I've played around with it and there is an awesome community that share their own pre-written content scripts with everyone.

And some of these scripts helps you make an article ready in a heartbeat. I fully recommend Frase for people interested in complete and accurate content generation platforms that can do it all.

7. QuillBot

Free 125 words to use; Paid plan starts from $19.95/mo.

Key Takeaways from Quillbot

⎷ Become the best writer in your neighborhood with Quillbot.

⎷ Easy to use and swaps out words to synonyms for you automatically.

⎷ Perfect for anyone in colleague or content creators that wants to level up.

⍻ The monthly price is over the top, so you’re essentially forced to buy the annual plan for the price to make sense.

QuillBot is an interesting AI assistant that has extremely powerful grammar and language processing capabilities due to its integration with Thesaurus, the world's leading dictionary.

I was actually surprised at how well it paraphrased my work and elevated the writing to new heights almost immediately, and it read very well.

I think QuillBot might even be better than Grammarly 🫢.

But the paraphrase might actually make your text too complicated for the average person to read. Luckily, there are a plethora of settings to tweak the content just to your liking.

Quillbots Best Features

Its absolute best feature is how it works in tandem with the thesaurus and almost magically swaps out keywords for synonyms that elevate your writing instantly.

Whatever you’re writing just becomes so much better, almost like a professional wrote it!

Quillbot also comes with a host of writing tools and basic features like paraphrasing, grammar check, plagiarism checker, citation generator, and a summarizer. All in one plan!

I can see how combining QuillBot with AI writing software can be an unbeatable combination, and that's actually what I'm doing right now :) 

Recent Updates

QuillBot constantly updates the core algorithm and aims to be the industry leader in grammar and sentence structure. The free is great for basic grammar and fixing contextual error, the paid plan is even better.

QuillBot Pricing

QuillBot comes with one premium plan, and how much you pay depends on whether you go for a monthly subscription or if you pay the whole thing annually.

$19.99/month on the monthly plan.

$8.33/month if you pay annually, a huge discount!

Quillbot Verdict

The AI went a little overboard with optimizing my sentences and used pretty oldschool words like “thus” in the standard settings.

I don’t think that would appeal to anyone outside of an academic content setting, but with a slider and some minor setting adjustments, the output becomes really good!

I’d be hard pressed to NOT recommend this product; it’s very good.

8. INK Editor

Pricing starts at: $20/mo; Get 5000 free words.

Key Takeaways For Ink

⎷ You get vital tools to run a content marketing business on one platform.

⎷ The pricing is competitive with the competitors.

⎷ The SEO reports are an exciting addition.

⍻ It can be hard to direct what the AI will write about.

Creating content is hard. You have to research, write, and then optimize that content for search engines.

There are so many steps involved, and it IS frustrating and time-consuming. The worst part is that your content might not even rank on Google if you're not doing it right.

INK editor has a powerful AI system and a vocabulary that helps you generate optimized content in minutes, and it's free to try out with 5000 words.

With the INK editor, you can create articles, blog posts, and content that has the chance to rank on Google, all in one awesome tool.

INK editor is an AI-powered writing software and all-in-one suite for generating content that ranks. Here are some of its outstanding features.

Four powerful tools in one platform

INK has four tools in one for your AI-assisted content marketing efforts: an AI writer, an SEO optimizer, a copy assistant, and a content planner.

The AI writer tool uses state-of-the-art technology to generate original content based on your keywords and topics.

You don't have to worry about plagiarism because everything is 100% unique and original (but please edit and rewrite with your own unique style).

The SEO checker for content writers will help you to optimize your articles for search engines using real-time suggestions.

And the copy assistant is an advanced grammar checker that will essentially replace Grammarly if you use it as your spelling and grammar solution.

Save on monthly costs with the entire suite

What makes INK lucrative is that it aims to replace a lot of other tools, which saves you a ton on the monthly costs.

It has the potential to be both your AI writer, SEO optimizer, and grammar tool all in one, and is a direct rival to Frase.io

Recent Updates

INK recently added a usage overview in a new dashboard so you can have full control over how much you’re writing and using your paid plan.

Ink Pricing

You can either pay individually for each tool ($20/month) or get all four for $60/month.

Ink Verdict

The AI writer is easy enough to use; just click AI Write repeatedly and it will try to complete your sentences to the best of its ability. I just wish the automated article writer produced better quality.

9. Wordtune

Pricing starts at $9.99/mo; Use the Free Chrome Extension.

Key Takeaways for Wordtune

⎷ Lightweight and easy to use in your Chrome browser.

⎷ Now even supports Word documents.

⎷ Helps you write better sentences.

⍻ The free Chrome extension is nice but extremely limited.

More than just a spellchecker, Wordtune is a personal writing assistant and editor.

The extension makes it easy to streamline your writing process by letting you expand on ideas or rewrite grammatically weak sentences.

It also helps out with swapping out words, correcting any mistakes automatically, or adding punctuation that might be missing from your writing.

Perhaps the most appealing feature of Wordtune is that, just like Grammarly, it works in your browser wherever you write any text.

It lets you easily form your sentences with a few different options.

Either change the tonality of what you mean, expand on your sentence, or even shorten a paragraph if you feel it’s too long.

And since it’s free to use, you get a feel for if it’s something you would use on a daily basis.

Recent Updates

They recently added a Microsoft Word plugin so that Wordtune works in most major documents.

Wordtune Pricing

It’s free to use but extremely limited. If you decide to upgrade, it’ll cost you $9.99 per month for unlimited editing of your words.

Wordtune Verdict

Wordtune is easy to use and I can see how this would help anyone that perhaps is not a native English speaker.

But if you’re already decent at writing, then I’d say this software doesn’t do much for you.

10. Outranking

Pricing starts at $129/month; Free to sign up.

Key Takeaways For Outranking

⎷ Goes into depth with SEO to give you the absolute best chance to rank.

⎷ Covers your entire content marketing livecycle from planning to execution.

⎷ It comes with an AI writer as well as human oversight of the content.

⍻ The pricing, ouch.

Are you looking for a way to dominate your content and beat the competition, but don't have the time or tools necessary to do so?

Outranking might be your solution by automating the research and writing processes of content as well as building in human checks along the way.

Outranking aims to be your one stop shop for everything related to ranking content and articles organically on Google. That’s their core value.

Everything from content strategy, to content creation, optimization, and tracking, Outranking is a holistic platform for all of your SEO needs.

Outrankings Best Features

Outrank goes hard into SEO and promises to automate tasks that take hours of your time.

By pairing data and AI with human expertise, we ensure your content is optimized for better ranking results—making us software that will help you outrank your competition.

Recent Updates

Outranking recently launched a massive upgrade with version 8.2, their biggest workflow improvement ever.

Outranking Pricing

Outranking comes with four price tiers and is obviously catering towards larger companies with their pricing structure.

Solo: $129/month.

Pro: $229/month.

Company: $429/month.

Enterprise: $999/month.

Outrankings Verdict

I feel like Outranking might be too complex for the average blogger, throwing endless amounts of data in your face.

This is probably best for agencies and established brands with in-house SEO teams.

11. SurferSEO

Pricing starts at $59/mo beyond the free plan.

Key Takeaways For SurferSEO

⎷ Great SEO optimizer that makes it easy to tweak words into relevant content.

⎷ Integrates with Jasper, which is one of the best AI writers.

⎷ Actually brings you results on the SERP’s.

⍻ SurferSEO became very popular and became more expensive as a result.

Creating amazing content is one thing, getting your content to rank on the first page of Google is another.

Surfers' automated content optimization platform helps you craft high-performing blog posts that have the best chance to rank on Google.

Surer also integrates perfectly with Jasper to bring you the ultimate content marketing duo and works great together.

Any serious content marketer should consider getting both.

Its Best Features

The best feature of SurferSEO is, hands down, the editor. It is jam packed with features to make your content optimization as effortless as possible.

Surfer also comes with a complete site and blog post audit that guides you on what you should do to improve your content and its chances to rank.

Recent Updates

They recently launched the GrowFlow feature, which is an AI tool that plugs in with your website and comes with automated topic suggestions on what you should write about.

It’s an interesting take on how you could grow your website traffic with the help of artificial intelligence.

SurferSEO Pricing

SurferSEO comes with a few plans that you should know about.

Basic: $59/month to SEO optimize 10 articles.

Pro: $119/month to SEO optimize 30 articles.

Business Plan: $239/month for 70 articles.

SurferSEO Verdict

I started out my blogging journey with SurferSEO and it has served me well.

There is, of course, a lot that goes into ranking content on Google, but SurferSEO was definitely a tool that helped the process.

It’s easy to use and comes with a powerful editor that works in your browser.

They also introduced an AI writing assistant, but in my experience, it’s unfortunately pretty bad, but still worth mentioning in this post.

12. Peppertype.ai

Pricing starts at $35/mo when you outgrow the free plan.

Key Takeaways for Peppertype

⎷ Super easy to use without any learning curve.

⎷ It comes with everything you need in the starter plan.

⎷ Utilizes some of the most popular ai copywriting practices.

⍻ Generated sentences are a tad too short, and the workflow could be better.

Peppertype.ai is a great little AI copywriting tool that makes it fun and easy to write fantastic content, and it’s similar to Rytr in simplicity.

It also utilizes copywriting frameworks like before-after-bridge (B-A-B), pain-agitate-solution (PAS), AIDA copywriting, and more!

It’s lightweight and easy to use, and if you didn’t find any other tools appealing, then I recommend Peppertype as a powerful AI copywriting tool for on-demand original content generation.

Simplicity is at its core

You can leverage Peppertype to write anything you need with just a few simple clicks to help with writer's block.

It has a great pricing point, and you can create unlimited words with the basic plan alone.

Copywriting templates

Peppertype helps you create short-form content for product descriptions, SEO meta descriptions, blog outlines, and Instagram captions.

It also has things like the Pain-Agitate-Solution framework, AIDA copywriting, and Before-After-Bridge, to name a few.

Original content

Generate original content for all of your AI marketing needs.

It’s great for Amazon product descriptions, YouTube video descriptions, articles, shorter blog posts, product reviews, and more.

Recent Updates

They recently added a “Notes” feature inside the text editor, which helps a lot with anything from brainstorming ideas to setting a proper structure for your content.

You can now also give feedback on the content output that you like or dislike, and the AI will improve the content to your liking.

Peppertype Pricing

Peppertype has two plans:

Starter: $35/m with 50k words.

Growth: $199/m with more control collaborating tools.

Peppertype Verdict

I liked Peppertype; it was easy to use and created decent content.

But for my own needs as a full-time content creator and in comparison with the other excellent AI writing tools, it just doesn’t measure up.

But I can see it being of value to someone who just needs to write something with the help of AI from time to time.

But then you also have Rytr to consider, which is cheaper.

If you found Jasper.ai either too expensive every month or too complicated, you’ll love Peppertype.ai.

13. Writesonic

Pricing starts at $10/mo after a free trial.

Key Takeaways For Writesonic

⎷ The AI is trained explicitly for writing marketing copy.

⎷ Great for compelling website headlines and product descriptions.

⎷ 100% original copy that you own.

⍻ Confusing pricing structure.

Writesonic is a powerful tool that can quickly create quality ads and content that converts brilliantly.

It works with copywriting principles like the pain-agitate-solve framework to create headlines, ads, landing pages, and much more.

It's an excellent solution for any seller who wants to save time and money by generating large quantities of unique content.

Sonicwrite comes with a host of features, some of the standout ones being:

AI article and blog writer

As with most AI writing tools, this one is great for writing articles and other long-form content that is 100% original.

Paraphrasing tool

It has a fantastic paraphrasing tool that allows you to rewrite entire paragraphs with one click.

Product descriptions

Do you run an eCommerce business? Let Writesonic do the hard work and write product descriptions for you that encourage and persuade customers to buy.

Recent Updates

Writesonic just recently launched a new AI image and art generator called Photosonic!

Writesonic Pricing

Writesonic has an interesting pricing structure, where you choose the quality of the words you get.

If you want the best quality output, you get fewer words per month than you can utilize.

The pricing is just unnecessarily confusing. I mean, who would willingly pick subpar content?

Maybe there is a use case for it, but you’re best to go with the premium on this one.

Writesonic Verdict

Writesonic has made the workflow seamless. For example, if you want a product description, you do this.

Enter the product name, give some quick keywords, choose your language, and you have customized outputs in minutes.

Choose the one that resonates the best with your brand.

14. Grammarly

Free forever, paid plan starts at $12/mo.

Key Takeaways For Grammarly

⎷ It’s a can’t live without kind of browser extension that’s hard to pass up.

⎷ It’s easy to use and integrates into almost any application you use.

⎷ Non-obtrusive and looks clean.

⍻ I have no real cons to share. Imagine if they released AI writing 🫢.

I’ve been a paid user of Grammarly Pro for years, which has improved my knowledge and writing experience many times.

It’s not just the best AI writing assistant, it also improves YOU and your writing.

I find this invaluable compared to any AI writing tool, as you actually sharpen your writing skills.

If you know what Grammarly is, you’re probably wondering why it’s on this list. Well, let me explain.

It’s your personal writing assistant

It’s not a content generator but more in the category of AI writing assistants to effectively improve your writing process and correct grammar mistakes.

This writing tool is more like an extension of yourself to write better content that’s accurate and has excellent sentence structures.

Accessible everywhere there is text on the web

Grammarly is a Google Chrome browser extension.

It’s a grammar check that works anywhere you write text on the internet, including on Gmail, Google Docs, and even on your Android and iPhone.

Recent Updates

Grammarly is constantly updating the application, but everything happens in the background.

You’ll get the occasional prompt to click a button to update Grammarly, and it will reload whatever page you’re on.

Grammarly Pricing

Grammarly is entirely free to use and will work to fix your grammar mistakes.

But if you want to improve your writing, tone, and sentence structure, you’ll want the premium plan that costs $12/month.

It’s well worth the small price if you write tons of content or just email people and want to be professional.

Grammarly Verdict

From writing eBooks to lengthy blog posts like the one you’re reading at this very moment, Grammarly is an invaluable tool to make anything you write perfectly readable.

And even if you’re using other AI writing tools to generate the content itself, it always needs editing, correction of grammar mistakes, and sentence structure corrections.

Regardless of which AI writer you decide to pick up, Grammarly is a complementary must!

Unless you’re a linguist with perfect grades in the English written language, you’ll need Grammarly.

This AI writing assistant software is a no-brainer.

15. GrowthBar

Pricing starts at $48/mo after a free 5-day trial.

Key Takeaways For GrowthBar

⎷ It has a little bit of everything to create content, especially for beginners.

⎷ It’s easy to use; just put in a topic, place a headline, and start filling out your content.

⎷ Priced reasonably if you pay annually.

⍻ Hit and miss when creating paragraphs.

Do you have writer's block? GrowthBar can start out by writing a paragraph for you.

Need to do basic keyword research? It has that as well.

GrowthBar started out a few years ago as an SEO tool that has now added a lot of functionality over the years, even an AI writer.

This makes GrowthBar the “swiss-knife” of SEO-optimized content and is ideal for beginners just starting out with content marketing.

GrowthBar is best for beginners and it does so many things in one product.

The AI writing assistant

growth bar post idea generator

The easiest way I found to use GrowthBar is as an AI writing assistant to your regular content writing.

The blog ideas section works great to get popular headlines from competitors to write about.

SEO keyword recommendations

Growth bar ai writer

SEO made simple and simple.

You can dive into the content generator, add a keyword, see the SEO metrics and keywords you need to include, and start writing!

Recent Updates

They recently added a feature to easily insert royalty-free stock images recommended by AI that match your content.

It now also suggests links to resources and statistics that you can reference, which is super useful. 

GrowthBar Pricing

The pricing is easy and straightforward, with three price tiers paid annually:

Standard: $48/month for 200 AI Paragraph Generations

Pro: $99/month for 500 AI Paragraph Generations

Agency: $199/month for 2,000 AI Paragraph Generations

GrowthBar Verdict

GrowthBar is decent; it can assist your writing and give you some SEO recommendations.

Personally, I’m not entirely sure about the quality of the writing that the AI generates, but it might work better for others.

As with anything that is of the “swiss-army” type, they are great for general use but do not truly excel in an area either.

16. Article Forge

Price: $27/month Promotion: Free 5 day trial.

Key Takeaways For Article Forge

⎷ Simple enough. Give it a keyword phrase, and it returns content.

⎷ Adds images to your written piece of content, which is super neat.

⎷ Supports multiple languages.

⍻ 25k words doesn’t last that long, so you’ll need the standard plan.

Article Forge is a great AI copywriter, and you can use it for anything you need, like blogs, web content, and even books.

The interface is user-friendly, and the AI is easy to use. It includes seven languages, so that’s quite impressive.

Its Best Features

Article Forge has been designed to pump out high-quality written content for your business, website, blog, or any other project in just a few minutes.

But where it truly shines is with an integrated image, link, and video generator to put together visually appealing articles faster.

And it can also write in multiple languages, including Spanish, German, French, Italian, and more.

Recent Updates

Article Forge recently did a massive overhaul of the quality of the content that the AI generates.

It now writes 57.34% better content with an internal quality grader.

Article Forge Pricing

The pricing plan is simple:

Basic: $27/month for 25k words.

Standard: $57/month for 250k words. That’s a lot!

Article Forge Verdict

What’s cool about Article Forge is how it can make you rich content by automatically adding videos, images, and links to your content.

It can also post your articles automatically to WordPress if you set up the configuration.

Get instant, on-demand content by just feeding Article Forge with a keyword phrase of your choice.

17. Kafkai

Pricing starts at 29$/month after a free 3-day trial.

Key Takeaways For KafKai

⎷ The niches the AI is trained for include the biggest ones like beauty, business, dating, finance, health, and much more.

⎷ It’s primarily used for bulk content generation and may not be optimal for longer articles.

⎷ Writes content from scratch, so you get unique and original articles.

⍻ Outdated compared to the other AI writing tools.

Kafkai can write content for any niche imaginable because it has been trained on dozens of different niches to generate more accurate content.

Just tell Kafkai what you want your content to be about, and it will create something unique.

And it knows how to write for more than 20 different niches, so it’s great for diverse content websites.

Its Best Features

Thanks to the robust AI in this software, you will get fresh, unique, and quality content created from scratch.

Its best feature is that the AI is trained for specific niches.

You’ll be able to create large amounts of content specifically targeted for your niche that you’re in, which may produce more compelling results.

Recent Updates

I can’t find any recent updates for Kafkai. It seems like they are left behind by the competition.

Kafkai Pricing

The pricing is actually great for this AI writer:

Writer plan: $29/month for 100 articles.

Newsroom plan: $49/month for 250 articles.

Printing Press plan: $129/month for 1000 articles.

Industrial Plan: $199/month for 2500 articles (who on earth uses this?).

KafKai Vedict

Kafkai has three different article writing modes that allow it to fit different users' needs.

The first mode is the quick and easy mode. This mode is for users who want articles to be created with less effort.

The second mode is the advanced mode. This mode is for users who want to create more detailed, keyword-optimized content.

The last mode is the general writing mode. This mode is for users who want to use Kafkai for longer articles that are not specific to any topic or niche.

18. Copysmith

Pricing starts at $19/mo after trying the free demo.

Key Takeaways For Copysmith

⎷ Good for basic writing, such as content ideas, product descriptions, blog ideas, and content rewriting.

⎷ Uses templates to write copy for your content generation needs.

⎷ Includes common copywriting frameworks like AIDA and Pain-Benefit-Solution.

⍻ It’s slow to generate content, and sometimes you get weird errors.

Copysmith is a simple tool that makes generating high-quality sales copy for your product quick, easy, and affordable.

Just choose a template, edit the sample text, and run Copysmith.

Copysmith's templates cover all the essentials for writing great sales copy.

Its Best Features

Copysmith is an AI writer that makes creating content for your blog, social media, and email campaigns easy.

It can generate quality content for your business or website.

Utilizing templates allows you to create unique pieces of content for your business, blog, e-books, or even white papers.

Whether you need to write a simple blog post or a full email campaign, Copysmith will save you time and effort.

Recent Updates

Copysmith recently integrated their application with Zapier!

Now you can automate your workflow and content production like never before with over 5000 apps that are supported through Zapier.

Copysmith Pricing

Starter: $19/month for 40k words and 20 plagiarism checks.

Professional: $59/month for 260k words and 100 plagiarism checks.

Copysmith Verdict

What I like about Copysmith is that it integrates with Frase, an SEO optimization tool.

But my experience using Copysmith was a bit weird, I got a lot of errors and couldn’t even generate a blog intro.

Maybe it was a server issue, but the overall experience was slow when testing it out.

19. AI Writer

Pricing starts at $29/mo after a 1-week free trial.

Key Takeaways For AI Writer

⎷ A neat feature is that the AI writer lists citations so you can verify that the information is accurate.

⎷ Generates unique and original content.

⎷ Made with SEO in mind, so the content has a chance to rank and generate traffic.

⍻ Outclassed by the competition.

If you want to speed up your writing and improve your output, AI Writer could be a great tool to try out.

It helps you write articles, blog posts, press releases, product reviews, social media updates, and more.

But in my opinion, there are better tools out there.

Its Best Features

The best feature of AI Writer is the verifiable citations, so that you can check that the information that is generated and referenced is accurate.

That’s usually an issue with AI writing tools as they usually just come up with stats out of the blue that are incorrect.

Recent Updates

There doesn’t seem to be any recent updates to the app.

AI Writer Pricing

Basic plan: $29/month for up to 40 articles.

Standard plan: $59/month for up to 150 articles.

Power plan: $375/month for up to 1000 articles.

AI Writer Verdict

AI Writer has a simple interface that allows you to choose between short and long-form article templates to ensure that the content fits the needs of your audience.

It also comes equipped with a unique content verification system that lists citations at the bottom of each article to ensure that the information is accurate by verifying the sources.

What Is AI Writing Software?

AI writing software is a relatively new endeavor that uses artificial intelligence (AI) in content generation.

Some AI writing software like Grammarly is designed to help writers create better content that improves grammar and sentence structures, making you a better writer.

Other AI writing software like Jasper and Hypotenuse is designed to help writers automate the entire writing process and improve the overall workflow, producing content much faster.

Key Features To Consider When Choosing an AI Writing Software

There are many key features of AI writing software. Some of the most important features include:

Creates unique content

A good AI writing software will always write unique content that is not plagiarized. This is important because you don't want to get penalized by search engines for having duplicate content.

Has good readability

What's the point of AI writing software if it just produces junk text that's not readable?

A good AI writer will almost be indistinguishable from a human writer, and this is what makes it worthwhile.

Otherwise, you may risk spending most of your time just editing content all day long.

It improves your workflow and output

You want your AI writer to assist with your content production workflow. By automating the processes of writing, editing, and publishing, you can free up your time to focus on other tasks.

It saves you the headache of dealing with freelancers

If you're a small business owner and can't stand the thought of hiring another freelancer, then AI writing software may be a good option for you.

AI writing software can help you save time and money by automating the writing process, so you can save money and stay in control of the quality.

Why Even Bother With An AI Writing Tool?

AI writing software is one of the most exciting things in the content marketing industry.

Simply put, they are writing tools that help you improve your writing skills and create articles faster.

By comparing an AI content generator to outsourcing work to freelancers and human writers, you save time and money on work and turnaround time.

You also avoid bad writers and junk freelancers who just spin content all day long, risking your business with unnecessary issues.

How Do You Use An AI Content Generator?

This is important to highlight, no AI-generated content is 100% good to go out of the gate.

You will always have to review the material, make adjustments, rewrite sentences, and remake the content several times.

You will also need to fact-check that the artificial intelligence spits out is true and accurate, as the data can be skewed, outdated, or just incorrect.

AI writers need to be primarily used as a writing aid, which ultimately speeds up the content creation process significantly.

But you can’t rely on just pushing one button and magically having the perfect written 3000-word article on your hands, it doesn’t work like that.

So the best beginner tips I have for you are:

  1. Work section by section on whatever you want to be written, landing pages or blog posts.

  2. Feed the AI with the absolute best input about the topic or subject before writing.

  3. You sow what you reap. The better information you provide the artificial intelligence, the better the content generated.

  4. Rerun the AI several times until you find a segment of the AI-generated content that looks good.

  5. Edit the content yourself and update it for human readers and search engines.

  6. Try different styles of content templates that most of these AI writing software tools come with.

What Can AI Write?

Quite a lot, as it turns out. In a world where AI is becoming more and more prevalent, it's no surprise that bots are becoming better at creating content.

Some of the things AI can write include:

  • News articles

  • Blog posts

  • Product descriptions

  • Facebook posts

  • Instagram captions

  • Tweets

  • Emails

  • Copywriting

How Accurate Is AI Writing Software?

The accuracy of AI writing software can vary depending on some factors, including the quality of the software itself and the ability of the person using it.

You need to properly configure the software and provide the AI with the information it needs to stay on topic. Otherwise, it won't know what to write about.

In general, however, AI writing software is quite accurate and can be a valuable tool for anyone needing help writing.

How Easy Is It to Use AI Writing Software?

It depends on the software. Some AI writing software is super easy to use, while others can be pretty difficult and require a bit of a learning curve.

The ease of use of AI writing software also depends on the user's level of experience and expertise as a writer.

If you're not well versed in English, you might struggle to create content that reads well.

What Are The Benefits Of Using AI Writing Software?

There are many benefits of using AI writing software. One benefit is that it can help you improve your writing skills and improve as a person.

The software can provide you with feedback on your writing, and it can also help you learn new writing techniques.

Another benefit of using AI writing software is that it can help you save a ton of time.

The software can automate some of the tasks involved in writing, such as coming up with topic ideas, outlining, and eliminating writer's block. 

What Are the Disadvantages of AI Writing?

One of the main disadvantages of AI writing is that it can often be challenging to replicate the nuance and style of human writing.

This is because AI writing relies on predetermined rules and algorithms, often leading to stilted or unnatural language.

Another disadvantage of AI writing is that it can be difficult to create original content using this method; everything needs to be complemented by a human writer and also fact-checked.

In order to not think about these issues, you can use the service StudyBounty where texts are written by people.

What Is a GPT-3 Model?

Most of the top artificial intelligence content generators rely on something called GPT-3, which, according to Wikipedia, stands for:

“Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3) is an autoregressive language model that uses deep learning to produce human-like text.”

The model was released to the public some years ago.

Many companies started experimenting with it to create the AI writing tools you see on this list today.

Some interesting fallacies come from the memory bank of the GPT-3, which means that it does not have the latest data or information available on the internet today.

So it’s up to each company to train their AI with the latest trends, tech, or strategies to utilize the AI the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is content generated by AI original?

Most of the software tools on this list claim that the content generated is 100% unique.

In reality, it is perhaps a bit lower than 100% since the AI takes related information to the topic you need content about, restructures, and rewrites it.

But yes, you should be able to use the content significantly if you rewrite things yourself.

Which AI Tool Is Best For Writing?

According to my personal and other customers' experience, Hypotenuse.ai, Jasper.ai and Copy.ai are the best AI tools for writing.

Can AI Replace Writers?

Yes! Artificial Intelligence can replace writers for several reasons. It’s cheaper than human writers by a lot!

The average writer charges anywhere from $0.07 to $0.5 per word.

For an article that is 2000 words, you'd have to spend $140-$1000.

Compare that to a monthly subscription with an AI writer for $99 with unlimited words, and you'll see why AI is starting to replace human writers.

Besides the price, AI is already more accurate than humans who are not native English speakers, and it can produce content much faster as well.

Can AI Write an Article?

Yes! Artificial Intelligence can write articles for you. All you need to do is enter some keywords, your topic idea, set an outline, and it will generate a long-form article based on your inputs.

Can AI Actually Write Scripts?

Yes! Artificial Intelligence can actually write scripts for things like YouTube videos.

Is AI Writing Free?

Most AI writers are free to try with a limited word count. After that, you'll have to upgrade to a paid plan.

Can I Use AI to Write a Book?

You can use Artificial Intelligence to write a short non-fiction book with general topics. I would not recommend an AI writer for fictional work.

How Does AI Writing Software Work?

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is a field of study that uses computers to mimic human thinking. Machine learning is one part of it. Neural networks are another.

And now, researchers are experimenting with a combination of both to create what they call "literary neural networks." These are machines that learn how to write like humans.

The goal is to use AI to teach itself to produce high quality literature. In doing so, it learns to imitate human language patterns, including word usage, sentence structure, punctuation, spelling, grammar and syntax.

And once it acquires enough information, it begins to replicate those same techniques within its own writings.

In essence, this allows the software to train itself over time. As it does, it becomes increasingly adept at producing well written sentences.

Eventually, it can even take on fictional authorship. A literary neural network could eventually replace editors and copywriters entirely, but we are not there yet.

Is AI writing good for content creators?

AI writing tools are rapidly growing in popularity among content creators because they can make a huge difference in how fast and effectively you can write and produce content.

They essentially save you hours of work per day, which lets you spend that time on other more ROI important tasks in your business, such as marketing!

However, it’s important to remember that humans are still needed to edit, add their own style, and publish the content pieces.

Wrap Up

So... the last thing you need when writing is any form of content writing software that sucks.

So I've compiled a list of the best AI writing tools and content generators on the market right now that have been ranked and reviewed based on accuracy, unique content, price, and ease of use.

All of these services are great. However, I would recommend going with the top 3 suggestions on this list, as they are the best of the best AI content generators on the market.

Table of Contents
  1. What Is The Best AI Writing Software?
    1. 1. Hypotenuse.ai
    2. 2. Copy.AI
    3. 3. Jasper AI
    4. 4. Scalenut
    5. 5. Rytr
    6. 6. Frase
    7. 7. QuillBot
    8. 8. INK Editor
    9. 9. Wordtune
    10. 10. Outranking
    11. 11. SurferSEO
    12. 12. Peppertype.ai
    13. 13. Writesonic
    14. 14. Grammarly
    15. 15. GrowthBar
    16. 16. Article Forge
    17. 17. Kafkai
    18. 18. Copysmith
    19. 19. AI Writer
  2. What Is AI Writing Software?
  3. Key Features To Consider When Choosing an AI Writing Software
    1. Creates unique content
    2. Has good readability
    3. It improves your workflow and output
    4. It saves you the headache of dealing with freelancers
  4. Why Even Bother With An AI Writing Tool?
  5. How Do You Use An AI Content Generator?
  6. What Can AI Write?
  7. How Accurate Is AI Writing Software?
  8. How Easy Is It to Use AI Writing Software?
  9. What Are The Benefits Of Using AI Writing Software?
  10. What Are the Disadvantages of AI Writing?
  11. What Is a GPT-3 Model?
  12. Frequently Asked Questions
    1. Is content generated by AI original?
    2. Which AI Tool Is Best For Writing?
    3. Can AI Replace Writers?
    4. Can AI Write an Article?
    5. Can AI Actually Write Scripts?
    6. Is AI Writing Free?
    7. Can I Use AI to Write a Book?
    8. How Does AI Writing Software Work?
    9. Is AI writing good for content creators?
  13. Wrap Up