Want to know about the best AI video upscaling tools? Are you looking for a way to turn your low-res, grainy or blurry videos into incredible visual content with minimal effort?

Video enhancer AI is your new best friend. Whether you’re a budding filmmaker or need content marketing videos, let artificial intelligence do the work for you.

I’ve hand-picked and reviewed five of the best video enhancer AI tools available in 2022. Say bye-bye to low res videos and hello to better-quality of video content.

Topaz Labs is the best overall for improving your video quality. This tool does a fantastic job of producing higher-res, amazing-looking videos without introducing any annoying or disruptive artifacts into the footage.

Try it without risk via their free trial and 30-day money-back guarantee.

AVCLabs is best for face enhancement and sharpening. It has developed world-leading AI to convert those blurry videos full of people into sharp, clear images.

It can also do the opposite and protect people’s privacy with its facial blur feature. You can get started by trying it out for free.

Pixop is best for monetizing existing video archives. The handy cloud-based tool is on-point for transforming old content into new, exciting videos.

Convert to a range of video formats and revamp low-res videos into something worthwhile.

Let’s not mess around here. Out of the many AI tools for improving the quality of videos, few stand out as being fully up to the job.

I’ve sorted the wheat from the chaff to bring you a selection of the best AI video upscaling tools you can find on the market today. Most importantly, they all do a stellar job of taking your videos from blah to brilliant.

What Is The Best AI Video Upscaling Tool?

These are the best AI video upscaling tools on the market today.

1. Topaz Labs Video Enhance AI

Best Overall For Improving Video Quality

topaz labs homepage

💰 Pricing starts at $79.99 with a free trial available

Key Takeaways For Topaz Labs

  • Quality upscaling to create high-resolution videos. Gathering detail from multiple frames, the tool converts SD to HD and HD to 4k or 8k
  • Use the video enhancer AI to Increase your video’s framerate without introducing any artifacts for a natural result
  • Banishes grainy footage and removes video noise to increase the visual quality and clarity of the video
  • Restores old footage to its former glory without adding motion artifacts. The image details are restored and compression artifacts are removed.
  • Effortlessly convert your interlaced footage into progressive video while retaining image quality

The problem with many traditional video upscaling programs is that unwanted artifacts are introduced into the video. This can result in grainy, flickering, or distorted images. Who wants that?

This is not the case with the Topaz AI video converter. Whether you’re looking to upscale videos, reduce noise, or rediscover those lost details, Topaz AI can effortlessly manage it all with minimal artifact introduction.

And, what I really like is that the tool comes with a one-off fee, so you don’t have to subscribe to ongoing payments to keep using the product.

Increase Your Video Framerate for High-End Results

topaz labs results

Traditionally, video upscalers would improve the video but add unwanted artifacts to the video clips. Topaz Labs uses deep learning and increases the video’s framerate to create high-quality videos without having to deal with annoying image distortion.

Rediscover Those Lost Details

topaz labs results 2

Gain back those all-important details from your low-resolution videos. The video enhancer AI has been trained to build real details into your footage to improve the picture quality and sharpen the images.

The tool works by scanning the information in multiple frames adjacent to the footage to create a higher-resolution image.

Topaz Labs Pricing

videoenhance ai pricing
  • Video Enhance AI: $199 one-time cost

You can try the video enhancement software for free, and you get a 30-day money-back guarantee once you’ve purchased the software.

Topaz Labs Verdict

If you have a lot of video footage to deal with, then I feel this is the best video converter out there.

The tool’s artificial intelligence does an awesome job, and the one-off fee for purchasing the software makes it even sweeter. Hand on heart, I think it’s a great deal.

2. AVCLabs

Best for Face Enhancement and Sharpening

avc labs homepage

💰 Pricing starts at $39.95/mo with an option to try it for free

Key Takeaways For AVCLabs

  • The superior frame-by-frame enhancement model upscales your videos to 4k or 8k
  • Comes with a dedicated noise-removal tool to reduce distortion and remove artifacts
  • Know exactly who’s on your video with the world-leading face enhancement tool
  • Get rid of analog interlaced images and say hello to progressive, high-res film
  • Protect people’s privacy with the face blur feature

This tool is a great all-rounder with a variety of tools at your fingertips. I’m especially impressed with its face enhancement tool.

After all, we tend to film people the most, so it stands to reason we’d want to see their faces properly.

It’s user-friendly with an intuitive interface. Really, all you do is upload your video and let the AI spin its magic.

You have a few pricing options available here, so it’s also easy to find a plan that suits your budget. It’s definitely worth its price for the number of features you get.

Deblur And Clearly See Those Faces

avc labs results

If you have a bunch of videos full of people with blurry or grainy faces, AVCLabs will sort them. I love this feature, and the tool prides itself on its ability to deblur and sharpen faces from low-resolution images.  

This really is advanced video editing skills made available at the touch of a button.

Blur Out Those Faces

avc labs ai face blur

I realize this is a total contradiction to the benefit above, but stay with me. Protecting people’s privacy is serious business, and in a world where everyone can film from a phone, it leads to plenty of individuals being filmed without consent.

Solve these issues instantly with AVCLabs’ AI face blur feature. It effortlessly anonymizes moving facial images with a gaussian blur (or one of your own uploaded images) to protect others – and yourself.

AVCLabs Pricing

avc labs pricing
  • $39.95/mo
  • $119.95/yr
  • $299.90 for a lifetime membership

You can also try it out for free before you purchase it.

AVCLabs Verdict

Okay, so overall it’s not as cheap as Topaz Labs but it’s still a great value product. It’s definitely worth investing in if you upload a lot of videos to social media sites etc and need to make use of the facial blur feature.

Overall, a great video converter with some neat features, especially the facial sharpening tool.

3. Pixop

Best For Marketers

pixop homepage

💰 Pay per video processed with a 25% discount for the first month

Key Takeaways For Pixop

  • Monetize your video archives by remastering your digital masters up to UHD 8k
  • Use special filters to level up your web recordings, presentations, and webinars
  • Intuitive and affordable – pay for what you need, when you need it
  • Integrate Pixop’s video processing magic into your workflow or product
  • Operating on cloud-based software, your stuff is always accessible

Trawling through old video content to see what’s salvageable is a real pain in the behind. Thanks to Pixop, you can quickly transform the output quality of your videos into something worth posting.

This tool is especially good for businesses that want to convert live web recordings into professional-looking video content. Plus, their seamless video upscaling can be integrated into existing workflows.

The pay-as-you-go model is specifically designed for people with small video archives to deal with, making it a good value option.

Update Your Video for Monetization

pixop results

If you’re converting existing content for social media videos or other format sizes, often the image is diminished when you do so.

Pixop’s professional video enhancer solves this issue and allows you to change the format size without compromising on quality.

This feature gives you the best chance of monetizing your existing content by allowing you to use it in a variety of ways.

Cloud-Based for Convenience

pixop results 2

Unlike the top two AI video upscaler options, Pixop is a 100% online AI video enhancer. No matter where you are, you can access your videos whenever you want.

It’s perfect for editing on the go to keep your video content flowing.

Pixop Pricing

pixop pricing

Pixop charges per video and depends on the length of the content and which tools you want to use. Prices range from 2 cents up to around $400.

They have an estimator tool that you can use to get an idea of costs. New users get 25% off for the first month.

Pixop Verdict

All in all, Pixop is fantastic if you want to reuse your existing video content. Due to its pricing model, it’s better suited for the casual user rather than those with a ton of video to upscale.

That said, it’s a useful addition to your arsenal of AI sales tools, allowing you to better monetize your content.

4. Davinci Resolve 18

Best for Budding Filmmakers

davinci resolve homepage

💰 Purchase for $295 or download a free basic version

Key Takeaways For Davinci Resolve 18

  • Trusted and used by Hollywood producers and high-end professionals
  • Emmy award-winning technology
  • Fairlight audio processing to match the sound with the visual standard
  • Remote collaboration and workflows on cloud-based software
  • The only software to feature multiuser capabilities

Take your low-quality videos and transform them into something special. This tool for video upscaling comes with more bells and whistles than you’ll know what to do with.  

Level Up With Video Effects

davinci resolve editor

As well as upscaling your content, you can give it a touch of Hollywood pizzazz. Enhance the color, add some special effects, and jazz up the sound to makeover your videos into Oscar-worthy HD videos.

Collaborate With Your Team

davinci resolve features

The cloud-based software has the unique ability to allow different users to modify and work on the same content. This is a major video editing software benefit and no other AI tool on this list has it available.

Davinci Resolve 18 Pricing

davinci resolve pricing
  • DaVinci Resolve 18: Free
  • DaVinci Resolve Studio 18: $295

Davinci Resolve 18 Verdict

The sheer range of options and tools is fantastic but ultimately this choice for video upscaling is best for advanced users. If you’re an amateur filmmaker, this program has every feature you could ever want.

5. DVDFab

Best For Upscaling Home or Family Video Content

dvdfab video enhancer ai homepage

💰 Pricing starts at $59.99/mo plus enjoy upgraded features for a limited time

Key Takeaways For DVDFab

  • Quickly enhance videos taken on old mobile phones and even video cameras (remember those?)
  • Upscale your videos to 4k
  • The AI has been trained with neural networks to bring you the best video output quality
  • Fully automated tool. Let the AI do the hard work for you
  • Auto-correct color, blurred images, and artifact removal

If you’ve dusted off an old phone and found some grainy but cool videos on it, this is the tool for you. Specializing in bringing footage shot on outdated devices up to date, the AI does a really decent job of improving your videos.

Fully Automated With No Effort

dvdfab video enhancer ai results

I always like finding ways to take the effort out of a task. It’s like DVDFab read my mind here. All you need to do is upload your video and let it do its thing. Nice and simple.

Advanced AI Training

dvdfab video enhancer ai results 2

The AI for this tool has been put through its paces and trained on tonnes of different types of content, videos, shows, and movies.

When the AI “sees” your video, it can use this information to enhance and upscale to a higher standard.

DVDFab Pricing

dvdfab video enhancer ai pricing
  • $59.99/mo plus upgraded service for one month
  • $79.99/yr plus upgraded service for one year
  • $99.99 for lifetime access plus unlimited free upgrade
  • $189.99 DVDFab AI Suite lifetime access

All plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

DVDFab Verdict

DVDFab is great for technophobes who just want to deal with a simple interface. There’s no fuss with this tool, it’s straightforward, easy, and quick to use.

What Is AI Video Upscaling?

Video enhancer AI works to upscale videos by looking at the existing pixels and using that information to generate new pixels. Each extra pixel adds additional and enhanced detail to the image to complete it.

Through machine learning, the AI can better understand what the image is supposed to look like and, based on the received data, will generate a higher-resolution and better-quality video. 

Wrap Up

All in all, five excellent video converter tools make for a tough choice. Overall, I recommend Topaz Labs since it has everything you could ever want from an AI-powered video upscaling software at a great price.

Thanks to these tools, your old video content needn’t be consigned to a dusty, forgotten folder. You can breathe new life into them for monetization or simple viewing pleasure.

If you’re still on the fence, why not give some of them a whirl for free?