5 Best AI Recruitment Software of 2022 (Find Top Candidates)

Oct 17, 2022
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Best AI Recruitment Software
Table of Contents
  1. What Is The Best AI Recruitment Software?
    1. 1. ARYA
    2. 2. Fetcher
    3. 3. Paradox.ai
    4. 4. TurboHire
    5. 5. SeekOut
  2. What Is AI Recruitment Software?
  3. Wrap Up

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Are you looking for the best AI recruitment software for 2022?

No matter the size of your organization, recruiting staff takes up so much valuable time. Screening resumes, answering candidate questions, candidate search, managing talent pipeline... the list goes on.

What if you had AI recruitment software to make the hiring process simple and more importantly, fast?

AI talent acquisition software automates many of the mundane tasks and helps organizations see a huge reduction in recruiter hours spent on administrative tasks by automating the workflow.

To save you even more of that valuable time, I've sourced the best tools out there so you don't have to.

Arya is the best overall

No matter how small or large your organization, Arya has plans and tools to streamline your recruitment process and produce lists of awesome candidates. Its candidate vetting system is one of the best out there and gives you the right talent for the job.

Fetcher is best for matching skills and talent for specialized roles

Imagine finding the right skills for your job roles straight off the bat. Fetcher does that for you. Its AI will look at the applicant pool and skillfully seek out the best-qualified candidates and technical talent for specialized positions. 

Paradox.ai is best for hospitality, retail, and hourly-rate recruitment.

With the help of Olivia, Paradox.ai will take job applicants through the entire recruitment process via text messages. The tool mimics human intelligence well enough to carry out natural candidate conversations. 

Ready to relieve your organization of the headache that is recruitment? Want to free up oodles of valuable time to spend on other parts of your business? I hear you.

Let's not hang about. Here’s my rundown of the five best AI Recruitment software tools currently on the market for 2022.

What Is The Best AI Recruitment Software?

These are the best AI recruitment software tools on the market today.


Best Overall AI Recruitment Tool

💰 Pricing starts at $599 per job on the Arya Pulse plan with a free demo available

Key Takeaways For Arya

  • Aria provides you with a ready-vetted list of unlimited candidates that you can engage with right away

  • With built-in diversity tools, you can make unbiased decisions and increase your workforce's diversity

  • Automatically send personalized follow-ups, answer FAQs, and schedule interviews

  • Have Arya place job postings in front of the right eyes and avoid unwanted candidates

  • With products to suit all sizes of business, fully integrate Arya with your ATS tool

Arya is one of the most comprehensive AI recruitment tools on the market. It has a huge range of features tailored specifically to the size of your organization. From small businesses to enterprises, Arya will integrate with your ATS system and do the work for you.

Using a massive list of attributes, the tool seeks out and creates high-quality candidate pipelines that fully incorporate diversity. 

The candidate experience is enhanced through Arya's comprehensive and human-like communication system.

Target The Right Talent

Arya AI uses over 300 attributes to profile talent (more so than any other AI recruitment tool). This means Arya brings you relevant candidates that are more likely to succeed in the given role.

Through its use, the tool continues to learn and refine the hiring criteria. The end result is a highly accurate recruiting platform tailored precisely to your recruitment needs.

Effortlessly Incorporate Diversity

Many organizations struggle to fully include diversity in their recruitment choices. Arya takes care of that for you by consolidating diverse candidates into one list. 

By using the tool you don't have to spend unnecessary cash subscribing to specialty job boards or invest in new technology to ensure you're incorporating diversity into your recruitment workflow.

Arya Pricing

Prices start from $599 per job on the Pulse plan. There are three other pricing plans;

  • Arya Quantum

  • Arya Fusion

  • Arya Concierge 

These are subscription-based and custom priced. You can find out the cost for your organization when you request a quote.

To find the perfect plan for your needs you can request a free demo.

Arya Verdict

Arya's tools make it easy to improve your hiring process and allow you to make accurate hiring decisions. It's one of the most advanced AI recruitment tools on the market and since it can boast over 10,000 clients you know you're choosing a reliable product.

I like that it's not "one-size-fits-all" and that the product has different plans to suit different organizations. With Arya, you'll easily find something to fit your needs.

2. Fetcher

Best for matching skills and talent for specialized roles

💰 Pricing is customized per client, you can request a quote and/or a free demo

Key Takeaways For Fetcher

  • Fully track and analyze your pipeline to understand the effectiveness of your recruitment strategy and incorporate diversity

  • Reach out to and engage job applicants through its automated email communication system

  • Scale the software to match as you increase your recruitment needs 

  • Stop viewing unwanted candidates and use Fetcher to receive batches of curated candidate profiles that fit the job requirements

  • Use the Chrome extension to enhance manual candidate sourcing and get unlimited candidates

Fetcher has a great interface and AI-based features that are simple to use plus their customer support is second to none. You'll become an expert user in double-quick time.

The automated outreach facility is also a great addition to its talent acquisition process as it saves you the time of sending cold emails and reaching out to potential employees.

Find The Specialized Skills You Need

Fetcher's artificial intelligence uses a combination of machine learning and human input to bring you carefully curated profiles that exactly match the skills you require.

Therefore, the tool is particularly good at finding ideal candidates for specialized job roles and building those talent pipelines.

Automate Candidate Engagement

The system's candidate engagement platform is especially effective. Reach and engage potential candidates and qualified applicants using sequences of personal emails.

Use this platform to reengage candidates that were sourced a while back. 

Fetcher Pricing

Fetcher's pricing is customized for each organization. What you pay depends on how many seats you require and the number of sourced leads.

Contact Fetcher for a free demo and a quote.

Fetcher Verdict

I like this system's ease of use. Some AI marketing tools can get a little over-complicated but Fetcher strikes the balance between having notable features and keeping the interface clean.

The sourcing tool's candidate analytics are top-notch and allow organizations to match skills to the job role in question. Overall, I'd say Fetcher works best for small to medium-sized businesses. Larger organizations might prefer something a little more comprehensive.

3. Paradox.ai

Best For Hospitality, Retail, and Hourly-Rate Recruitment

💰 Pricing is customized per client, you can request a quote and/or a free demo

Key Takeaways For Paradox.ai

  • A powerful AI-based recruitment assistant that provides candidate interaction via text

  • Can carry out candidate conversations, answer questions, interview scheduling, onboarding, and more

  • Can instantly match jobs to candidates using resumes, location, and keyword information

  • Text to apply allows online applications to happen in minutes

  • A 2-minute visual-based candidate assessment finds the right type of employee fast

Meet Olivia. She looks and sounds much like a real person except she's entirely powered by artificial intelligence. This Ai-based chatbot is an efficient recruiting tool and virtual assistant that communicates via text and puts the candidate at ease.

From qualifying candidates and talking about roles and benefits to scheduling job interviews and onboarding. She'll take a candidate through the whole application process and beyond. It's cool stuff.

Huge For Time Saving

Olivia can handle all aspects of preliminary conversations and eliminates the need for recruiters to spend time going back and forth when communicating with candidates.

Let's face it, most candidates ask actual recruiters the same kinds of questions over and over. With preset answers, the AI will provide nuanced answers in a human-like manner that feels and sounds natural.

Text to Apply Takes Minutes

Complicated application steps create a load of candidate drop-offs. With Olivia, candidates can apply for roles 24/7, and ensures communication between the job candidate and Olivia is always available.

Paradox.ai Pricing

Pricing depends on the size of the client. Get in touch with Paradox.ai for a free demo and more information on their custom plan.

Paradox.ai Verdict

Paradox.ai is used by Amazon, Wendy's, and Mcdonald's. Wendy's claims it saves them 4-6 hours per day per restaurant in time that would otherwise be spent talent sourcing. That's a massive amount of time saved.

I'd say Olivia is best used for hospitality, retail or hourly-rate recruitment needs. It’s certainly an extremely handy tool for busy recruiter.

4. TurboHire

Best For Large Organizations

💰 Pricing is customized per client. Following a free demo you can access a free trial.

Key Takeaways For TurboHire

  • Ten different modules allow you to find candidates with 98% accuracy

  • Automated interview scheduling and candidate experience score gathering

  • Multichannel engagement for recruitment including social media sites and inbuilt inquiry forms

  • Tailor the advanced features to suit your organization's needs

  • Incorporate your organization's branding into the system

TurboHire has a lot going on. This sourcing tool is brimming with features to help you automate most of the recruitment process and build a great candidate experience. 

Unlike other tools, this one has the ability to connect your hiring teams on a global basis making multi-country hiring much more efficient.

Make High-Volume Hiring a Breeze

Organizations that need to hire entire teams need this AI-driven tool. Automating the interview scheduling process saves huge amounts of time for the talent acquisition team.

The handy Chrome extension also allows the recruiting team to to connect all their sourcing channels to their TurboHire account rather than sifting through them all separately.

Streamline Global Recruitment Efforts

Multinational organizations struggle to streamline their talent sourcing process across different countries and recruiting teams. TurboHire takes care of that issue by providing one applicant tracking system that is accessible to all. 

TurboHire Pricing

Three pricing plans are offered:

  • Pro plan

  • Premium plan

  • Enterprise plan

Price plan info is given once you have discussed your requirements with TurboHire. They also provide a free trial after you have had a consultation and a free demo.

TurboHire Verdict

TurboHire has a lot to offer. Probably too much for the average-sized company however it's great for larger companies that perform high volumes of talent sourcing. 

With advanced talent analytics, notable features, and a streamlined platform, TurboHire is the perfect sourcing tool for those that need all the bells and whistles.

5. SeekOut

Best For Rediscovering Existing Talent

💰 Pricing is customized per client, you can request a quote and/or a free demo

Key Takeaways For SeekOut

  • Use deep analytics to source specialized skills for complex roles and boost your recruitment success rate

  • Recognize, grow and redeploy your existing talent

  • Gain access to almost unlimited talent pools and boost your recruitment pipeline

  • Use specialized search criteria to meet your diversity and inclusion goals

  • If security clearance is a hiring requirement, SeekOut will find these people for you

Rediscover Your Existing Talent

SeekOut is one of the only AI-based recruiting tools that helps you recognize your existing talent and how it may be better utilized. Talent sourcing is much quicker if you can find it within your own organization, particularly when looking for technical talent.

This tactic also creates a reduction in employee turnover as staff that feels recognized for their skills will be more likely to stay.

Find Candidates With Security Clearance

Another unique feature, eliminates the need for pre-screening candidates to find out if they have security clearance for sensitive job roles. We're talking about defense, aerospace, government, and intelligence roles here.

The tool takes candidate filtering to the next level and is vital if security clearance is one of the hiring requirements.

SeekOut Pricing

Pricing depends on your company's size and requirements. You can request a demo to learn about SeekOut's bespoke solutions.

SeekOut Verdict

I really like that this AI-driven recruitment tool helps you make use of your existing talent. Why go to all the effort and expense of recruiting when you already have it in your own backyard? It certainly makes candidate discovery a lot easier.

What Is AI Recruitment Software?

AI recruiting software allows recruitment teams to streamline and automate many of their hiring processes and hire more efficiently.

After integrating with the organization's ATS system, the AI will scan through thousands of resume and career sites in seconds to provide shortlists of suitably matched and screened candidates. 

Amongst other features, these tools also qualify candidates, schedule interviews, and take care of all communication between job candidates.

Wrap Up

It's really impressive just how efficient these tools are. Not only do they reduce the ridiculous recruiter hours spent on mundane tasks and administration, but they also provide a real decrease in cost for the whole hiring process. 

While I doubt these tools are cheap, they do provide a great ROI particularly if you carry out a lot of recruitment. 

After all, who doesn't want to find amazing talent while making the hiring process simple?

Table of Contents
  1. What Is The Best AI Recruitment Software?
    1. 1. ARYA
    2. 2. Fetcher
    3. 3. Paradox.ai
    4. 4. TurboHire
    5. 5. SeekOut
  2. What Is AI Recruitment Software?
  3. Wrap Up