Are you looking for the best AI lead generation software? I understand that finding prospective customers takes both time AND effort.

Wouldn’t it be great if it was automated with some kind of sales software? Sourcing qualified leads from the search engines or attracting new customers is such a headache.

From decoding analytics and sifting through thousands of contact details and emails to finding an effective email campaign tool. Who in the world has time for all that?

The issue is that only 13% of your sales funnel and website traffic turns into an opportunity and a mere 6% of those convert into successful sales.

How can we find ways to increase that figure and create profitable investments? Enter AI lead generation software!

What Is AI Lead Generation Software?

AI lead generation software are automation tools that works to acquire new marketing leads on autopilot and convert them into paying customers. They help your lead generation efforts by:

  • Automating your customer service system with real-time conversations.
  • Filters a list of targets with your ideal customer profile for B2B marketing campaigns.
  • Makes lead management and qualification tasks a total breeze.

I’ve previously covered AI marketing tools for areas such as article writing, video generation, and graphic design, and I have to say I’ve been very impressed so far.

Lead generation, however, is quite complex, so how does AI technology handle this task?

Pretty well, as it turns out! These tools save you time and help you find your sales leads, qualify them, and nurture them to the point of sale.

Ready to know more? In this article, I’ve ranked and reviewed the 7 best AI lead generating applications and what they have to offer.

What Is The Best AI Lead Generation Software?

These are my favorite AI lead generation software to consider.

1. Drift

Best For Real Estate

drift homepage

💰 Pricing starts at $600/mo

Key Takeaways For Drift

  • The live chat function is stellar, and the AI-generated bot feels like you’re talking to real humans. Great for building relationships.
  • The ability to capture prospects in real time gives you much better conversion rates.
  • You can also automate your customer service and messenger functions – a nice touch.

Drift’s Best Features

Drift is vast and has a varied suite of tools, but what makes it stand out is that it’s not centered around email marketing. Instead, it emphasizes the importance of customer relationship management (CRM) and conversation.

The service provides live chat, message functions, chatbots with conversational AI, and videos to allow you to link with your customers and potential leads.

Drift is an excellent tool for businesses that want to improve the sales process with the help of advanced AI features.

Drift Pricing

drift pricing

To get pricing from this tool, you need to book an appointment with them. As far as I can understand, their model costs roughly $600 per month for 10 seats. Given the costs the tool isn’t ideal for startups or freelancers.

Drift Verdict

Drift is a powerful tool for sales teams that lets you automate a good chunk of the customer lifecycle through the power of AI.

It presents you with leads in real-time! This is as hot as it gets with minimal effort on your part, which helps businesses improve conversions.

The product is vast and complicated, but the learning segment of their website takes the headache out of that issue.

Discover the benefits of this impressive artificial intelligence-powered lead generation tool, and give the free demo a shot.

2. Growbots

Best For Email Campaigns

growbots homepage

💰 Pricing starts at $49/mo

Key Takeaways For Growbots

  • I love how the machine learning process can help you refine your audience targets to exactly what you want and thus improve your conversion rate.
  • The test function enables you to avoid costly mistakes before interacting with a huge list.
  • The reports and business tools are designed to help you improve and aren’t too difficult to use.

This was the first all-in-one outbound sales platform to hit the market. Over time, it has refined its targeting filters so you can hone in on your lead generation strategy and identify your perfect customer.

They claim that once the assistant tool is set up, it’ll only take you between 15 – 30 minutes per day to keep your pipeline full. With a database of over 100 million contacts, this certainly seems possible.

Growbots Best Features

The search function of the analytics tool is advanced, allowing you to get into specifics about your target audience. The auto-follow-up tracking aspect is also neat as it ensures you don’t miss out on any “warm” responses.

The test function is impressive as it allows you to gradually tweak campaigns to perfect them.

User Experience With Growbots

There are a lot of functions in this lead generation tool. It can sometimes feel overwhelming. Luckily, their helpdesk is exceptionally responsive and gives helpful answers. If you do get stuck, it won’t be for long.

Overall, it’s easy to search for ideal leads, but building an email campaign is slightly more complex.

Growbots Pricing

growbots pricing
  • Outreach: $49 per month (import your own contact forms)
  • All-in-One: $199 per month (500 new contacts)
  • Pro: Bespoke pricing (unlimited contacts)
  • The “Strategy Consultant” help option is $807 per quarter.

I’m really keen on this AI-powered tool, but I feel it’s for more people that already have experience in marketing automation.

That said, I think the prices are budget-friendly for what you get, so you’ll likely get a good ROI. Plus, they let you get started for free.


Best For B2B Business With Real-time Data

seamless ai homepage

💰 Pricing starts at $147/mo

Key takeaways For Seamless

  • The Chrome extension is the winner here. I think it’s fabulous, especially for getting contact info off Facebook, Linkedin, and website landing pages.
  • The auto-enrichment feature gets you those frustrating bits of missing info with ease
  • While you can request a demo, the free credits are generous and allow you to get a feel for the tool before you buy.
  • Not a fan of their customer service as it may take a while to get a response. is a B2B sales automation tool that provides you with tons of lead opportunities, but with a key difference.

Instead of taking the information from static data, Seamless’ lead generation process updates its contact lists in real-time. That means no more dealing with dead phone numbers or a defunct email address list.

The free version is the most generous of anything on this list. Fifty free credits let you get started without having to endure a demo or request a refund, which is appreciated.

Its Best Features

My absolute favorite feature (on this entire list) is the Chrome extension. It scrapes all the contact data from every website you visit; it’s super helpful – and totally free – wooh!

This all-in-one tool builds lists quickly, and the overall accuracy rate is high. A nice “pitch intelligence” feature helps you get the right tone for your customer profiling during marketing campaigns.

User Experience With

The customer platform is good-looking, and all the lead info is compiled in a logical format. The enrichment tool auto-fills the missing data, which is an added advantage that saves considerable time and effort with the analysis of customers.

Customer service leaves a little to be desired. Funny enough, their response rate was slow for a tool that celebrates working in real-time, but that doesn’t have to be the same for your business. Pricing

seamless ai pricing
  • Free: 50 credits per month
  • Basic: $147 per month billed annually, 250 credits per month
  • Pro and enterprise: Bespoke pricing
  • Other add-ons available

4. Conversica

Best For Conversational Marketing

conversica homepage

💰 Pricing starts at $1499

Key takeaways For Conversica

  • The human-like characteristics and behavior of the AI bots are very realistic.
  • An almost limitless amount of b2b or b2c leads can be hit simultaneously.
  • Conversica is constantly improving its tools and resources, and its live seminars add value.
  • The tool isn’t for people on a budget.

Taking AI chatbot functions to the next level with AI virtual assistant services.

Consumers can chat with Conversicas’ virtual assistant and never figure out that they’re not talking to a human.

This does a great job of handling multiple inbound and outbound leads simultaneously, and of course, I’m always fond of any funnel building tool you can build without using code.

Its Best Features

The AI assistant handles conversations between customers well, and the support from its sales representative team is second to none.

There are also frequent live online events to learn how to get the best out of the product.

This AI-powered lead generation tool allows the entire marketing process to be automated effectively. It’s a great time saver.

User Experience With Conversica

The interface is nice, and building the AI preferences and options doesn’t require a lot of skill.

Definitely, no “techy” knowledge is needed here. And if you get stuck, help is always close at hand and usually instantaneous.

However, the marketing AI assistant takes a while to perform optimally. Through its actions, it continuously learns to better fulfill your requirements until it reaches the stage where it pretty much mimics reality.

Conversica Pricing

conversica pricing

Oh, it does irk me when you can’t access the prices of a service. In this case, you must go through a demonstration and sales call to receive pricing information, which is very annoying for potential buyers. Online research suggests prices range from $1,499 – $2,999.

This is a great AI-powered conversations tool for those that can afford it, mainly businesses with an advertising budget.

I’d say it’s perfect for industries like tech, where customers ask many questions. The price is a sticking point, though, being at the upper end of the scale. Demos can be had here.


Excellent AI chatbot for non-technical people

landbot homepage

💰 Pricing starts at $39/mo

Key Takeaways For Landbot

  • It’s so easy to use that even the most tech-phobic individuals can master this tool.
  • I love the Whatsapp integration. It’s such a useful feature.
  • A website visitor using this function will feel like they’re conserving with someone real.
  • Customer service is on the iffy side and can be slow to respond, which is disappointing.

Thanks to its many templates, Landbot offers an affordable way to build your own AI-powered chatbot without understanding coding. Neat huh?

The tool is simple to get to grips with and surprisingly affordable.

Also compatible with WhatsApp, this is an excellent way for small or local businesses to increase that all-important customer engagement with messaging features.

Its Best Features

Landbot certainly makes you feel accomplished through its simple build system.

I love that you can integrate directly with WhatsApp, as this is perfect for businesses that rely more on messaging apps or SMS to communicate marketing messages.

Oh, and it’s cheap too! A total bargain compared with other tools on this list.

User Experience With

I confess I had fun with this one. It’s almost like you’re writing a story with many different endings.

The tool is quick to master, and you can tailor the AI to be conversational-based or rules-based, both with natural-sounding language.

I got a workable chatbot up and running in about an hour, and it didn’t require any technical skills to master. Pricing

landbot pricing
  • Starter: $39 per month / $31 per month billed annually
  • Pro: $99 per month / $79 per month billed annually
  • Pro Whatsapp: $169 per month / $135 per month billed annually
  • Business: Custom pricing

This AI chatbot builder is second to none and worth the investment. It’s perfect for non-technical people, small businesses, and startups looking to make a customer care investment.

Anyone on the fence can enjoy a 14-day free trial.

6. One More Lead

Best For Basic Email Campaigns

1 more lead homepage

💰 Pricing starts at $99/mo

Key Takeaways For One More Lead

  • The at-a-glance view of your leads is an efficient method to organize your data
  • Their database is vast and can integrate over 3,000 brands.
  • This tool is best for email marketers as its email integration is seamless.
  • I’d like to see more diverse options introduced, particularly for campaigns other than email.

This cloud-based lead generation tool seems impressive at first glance, as it boasts a contact data collection of over 55 million prospects.

The interface is enjoyable as it’s simple to find the information you need, and gathering customer data and building a clean contact list for your online campaigns is a breeze.

Its Best Features

The tool’s vast database is impressive and has millions of potential customers for contact discovery. They’re frequently increasing it. The interface is incredibly user-friendly.

The dashboard also quickly shows you how effective your lead searches are, and you can use the info to drill down your search and make the results even more relevant.

User Experience With One More Lead

The filtering tool is straightforward and relevant, scoring high on ease of use. Once you have an email list and contact information in one place, you can integrate them into your email marketing strategies and reach these new audiences.

However, it could do with a few more features to justify the purchase price. It’s a fairly basic tool compared to other options.

One More Lead Pricing

1 more lead pricing
  • $99 per month for 250 credits
  • $199 per month for 750 credits
  • $399 per month for 2,000 credits

If email marketing with contact management is your thing, this is the best prospect generation tool. I do think that it is on the pricier side, particularly if you’re a small business.

You can book a free demo if you do fancy giving it a whirl without paying.


Best For Businesses That Want Analytical Reports

rev homepage

Key Takeaways For GetRev

  • The tool deals with high-quality leads only. You’re not sifting through duds that will hamper your growth.
  • The live customer profile is a winning feature.
  • The insights and data are comprehensive and plentiful, allowing you to spot relevant patterns.
  • Not for non-analytical people or beginners. This is on the more techy end of the scale.

This tool uses something called “exegraphics,” which determines what your best customer behaviors have in common. It then compiles this data and shows you who your leads are.

It claims to have a database of over six million businesses, which is fewer than others on this list.

The “live” customer profile is a nice touch. Using its algorithms and the data it gathers, the AI develops your ideal client and keeps your customer segmentation relevant for changing markets.

Its Best Features

The tool will prioritize what it thinks are your best target leads and then route them to your preferred sales tools. This means you don’t waste time on less-than-stellar leads.

I’m definitely also digging the live customer profiles feature. People’s habits change almost daily, so it’s a great solution for understanding how this alters customer perceptions and needs over time.

User Experience With

This tool relies heavily on analytics and reports. If you’re not keen on these things, you may not enjoy using the tool. The information is helpful, though, even if it does take a bit of getting used to.

I also like that you don’t have to sift through B2B leads to find the best ones; it’s a time saver and gives you the ability to make fast decisions about your campaigns Pricing

rev pricing

Sigh. Yet another example of an artificial intelligence tool unwilling to give up its price. Like the others, you need to request a demo from their sales teams to learn anything about the cost of the service.

I’d say this tool has been designed for larger businesses that can afford to employ people to read the analytical information. It’s not for beginners, that’s for sure. If you’re set on having a demo, get it here.


How do you use AI for lead generation?

AI is becoming increasingly popular among marketers, especially those who are trying to generate leads.

You can use AI to analyze data and identify patterns within your customer base, which lets you gain critical insights to predict what kind of leads you should focus on attracting next.

You know, those that drive real ROI in your business.

AI can also be used to create automated emails that sound more personal and convincing than standard messages, or even set up chatbots that interact with customers in real time!

What are the 3 approaches of lead generation?

Lead generation is the process of finding leads for your business. There are many different ways to go about generating leads, but here are the 3 basic approaches:

1. Direct

The direct approach involves reaching out to prospects and asking them to sign up for your newsletter or optin form. This method works best when you already have a list of contacts, such as email addresses, phone numbers, etc., that you can send messages to.

2. Indirect

The indirect approach is much simpler than the direct approach. Instead of going straight to your contact list, you try to attract visitors to your business. Then, once they arrive, you try to convince them to take action.

3. Hybrid

This is a combination of both the direct and indirect methods. In this case, you first try to attract visitors to a landing page. Then, after they’ve arrived, you try to persuade them to take action through direct contact.

What are CRM tools used for?

CRM tools are used to manage customer data and interactions. These tools are designed to help businesses track leads, nurture prospects, and convert them into paying customers.

A CRM tool can be used to automate many different processes within a business, such as email campaigns, phone calls, and follow ups.

What is B2B and B2C lead generation?

Lead generation refers to any process that leads to the acquisition of qualified prospects. These prospects may be individuals or businesses.

B2B leads are generated primarily through direct outreach through email and telemarketing campaigns.

B2C leads are generated primarily through online advertising and organic traffic acquisition through social media.

How do software companies generate leads?

Software companies generate leads by offering free trials and demos of their products.

These offers are designed to give prospective buyers a chance to see exactly what the software looks like, how easy it is to use, and how much it costs.

From there, it’s easy to follow up with the prospects through email marketing campaigns to convert them into paying customers.

Wrap Up

While some systems are surprisingly affordable and perfect for small businesses, others are not so. I wish these companies were a little more transparent when advertising their pricing.

Overall, some excellent AI lead generation software tools are available to help you convert those clicks into revenue and beat your competitors.