If you need to boost your creativity, an AI graphic design tool may be up your alley.

Until recently, creating engaging designs required years of experience or a large budget. Thanks to these tools, neither is now required.

Graphic design tools allow you to create eye-catching, flawless design work with little effort and without the need to hire an expensive graphic designer.

While many online design tools are available, I’ve sorted the wheat from the chaff to bring you the cream of the crop.

Beautiful design work is now within reach and budget with these seven top picks!

What Are the Best AI Graphic Design Tools?

Here are my top recommendations for the best AI graphic design tools on the market right now.

1. Uizard.io

uizard homepage

Chris’ Take

How often have you said, “I wish there were an app for that,” and then promptly did nothing about it?

Well, now you can plant your seed of an idea into Uizard, and with a sprinkle of AI magic, watch it grow into a workable prototype.

Whether it’s an app, website or landing page, Uizard enables you to become the designer you’ve always wanted to be.

Its Best Features

The tool utilizes a “drag and drop” function, making it simple to build your prototype in just a few minutes.

You can even upload a screenshot of a sketch, and the tool will transform it and apply it to your project. Cool, huh?

Hundreds of templates allow you to pick something that aligns with your style or brand.

No fancy software is required either; you can work straight out of your browser!

User Experience With Uizard

Instantly transforming my rudimentary sketches into a user-interface page made me feel like a pro designer.

I also find the functions very user-friendly, allowing me to quickly create a close-to-perfect mockup.

I had a little trouble adding and editing images, though. This seems like an area that could do with some work.

Likes And Dislikes

  • The sketch to prototype function is the winning feature of this tool.
  • The interface is straightforward and allows you to build a professional-looking result rapidly.
  • I also like the collaboration feature – handy if you have several people working on the project.
  • The software is a bit buggy, particularly when it comes to images. Hopefully, they will improve this area soon.

Uizard Pricing

uizard pricing
  • Free version: For students and hobbyists
  • $12 per month (billed annually) or $15 per month (billed monthly): For startups and growing businesses.
  • $38 per month (billed annually): For large businesses

This AI design software is perfect for individuals or businesses with a winning idea but lacking the technical skills to bring it to life.

The free version of the tool has enough features to get started, but if you want to try Pro, a month’s trial is offered for free.

2. Canva

canva homepage

Chris’ Take

Canva has become the go-to graphic design app for freelancers and digital product creators.

The almost endless supply of customizable templates and elements and its ease of use are the reasons there are currently over 75 million active users.

The free version of their tool is pretty generous and makes it ideal for folks on a budget.

Its Best Features

Many preset sizes and templates are available for social media posts, posters, and web pages.

Their “elements” library is vast, which makes finding graphics and other images to match the style of your project a breeze. You can add your own graphics and fonts too.

You can download projects in a variety of formats, including print-quality PDFs. Additionally, you can share a project link with someone so they can access and use the file.

User Experience With Canva

The user interface features a “drag and drop” function, which is super easy to use. I found it unnecessary to resort to the tutorials because all the functions were intuitive and easy to find.

Saving your projects can feel a little “messy,” and if you have a lot of them, it’s sometimes challenging to find the file you want.

Likes And Dislikes

  • The preset sizes for your projects speed things up.
  • With thousands of editable templates to choose from, they give you an excellent basis to create your layouts.
  • Uploading your own designs and fonts gives you greater flexibility.
  • The free version is surprisingly generous.
  • While the abundance of templates and elements is a bonus, it can also feel overwhelming, especially for newcomers. It’s easy to get “lost” in it all.

Canva Pricing

canva pricing
  • Free: Available templates and elements are limited.
  • Canva Pro: $119.99 per year or $12.99 per month
  • Canva for Teams: $149.50 per year or $14.99 per month
  • For Schools and Teachers: Free with full functionality.

Canva takes the stress out of creating beautiful design work. It’s exceptionally affordable for those who freelance or own their own business.

If you stick to the free version, the tool regularly offers a free month at its Pro level.

3. Designs.ai

designs ai homepage

Chris’ Take

Designs ai was designed with the non-designer in mind, so you can be sure that everything is easy to understand and follow.

The tool has some cool features I haven’t seen anywhere else, so it’s worth checking out.

Like Canva, their free version is generous, and I found I could do what I needed without having to upgrade.

Its Best Features

The logo creator function is convenient. You can input your specifications, and it’ll whip up a unique logo in seconds.  

The video tool is also a joy to use. You can use one of their templates, upload custom files, or convert text to video. The AI will create relevant videos that look ultra smart.

I’m in awe of the text-to-speech converter. Upload your text file, and it’ll create a natural-sounding audio file. Neat huh?

User Experience With Designs.ai

The user interface of this tool is relatively straightforward. However, should you get stuck, the help center is comprehensive.

There is also a live chat function – even with the free version – and the responses are rapid and supportive.

There is the usual drag-and-drop method of putting your designs together, and the menu bar is intuitive, so you can usually find what you’re looking for.

Overall, I found it enjoyable to use.

Likes And Dislikes

  • The text-to-speech function is my favorite feature of this tool. You can save time if you pair it with an AI writing tool.
  • The color matcher tool has a vast range of palettes and will help you find the right color combo for your design.
  • Having the ability to convert text into a visual piece of content is neat.
  • Although you can add your own images, their graphics library is woefully inadequate.

Designs.ai Pricing

designs ai pricing
  • Free: Some functions are limited
  • Basic: $19 per month billed annually or $29 per month
  • Pro: $49 per month billed annually or $69 per month

Designs.ai is a decent tool for people needing a variety of media for their projects or businesses.

Since it has video, audio, and visual functions, it’s a one-stop shop for creating campaigns and marketing strategies.

To get a feel for the software’s full capabilities, a free 30-day trial is available.

3. Khroma

khroma homepage

Chris’ Take

If you’re like me and don’t know your cyan from your magenta, Khoma is the tool for you.

It removes the headache of color matching by automatically generating hundreds of combos and palettes based on your favorite colors.

Still in beta mode, the tool isn’t the speediest thing to use, but it’s free, so there’s really nothing to complain about.

Its Best Features

Once you’ve selected your colors, the tool automatically generates tons of combinations for you, displayed in a variety of ways.

If you’re looking for palettes, it can produce endless possibilities for you to choose from.

Every time you click the heart icon on a combo you like, the AI learns and continues to improve its results.

User Experience With Khroma

The tool is incredibly simple to use. Select fifty colors that appeal to you and let the AI do its work.

Once the tool has generated all the options, you can flick between the different combination styles – text on background, gradients, images, etc.

Clicking on the “i” icon on each color will bring up the HEX and RGB codes so you can easily apply them to your design work.

Likes And Dislikes

  • I like switching between the different color views to see how the combinations work for various projects.
  • The palette generator is impressive; so many to choose from.
  • You can upload your own image and see how the colors look.
  • Choosing fifty colors upfront is much harder than it seems. Selecting a variety is challenging as you are always drawn to your personal preferences.

Khroma Pricing

The tool is currently 100% free.

This tool is perfect for people who need a hand with attractive color matching. Color theory is hard to master, so this is a great solution.

5. VanceAI

vance ai homepage

Chris’ Take

If you’ve got a bunch of old or blurry photos, VanceAI is an excellent tool for getting them up to scratch.

The software is packed with features, including all the essential photo enhancement and adjustment tools you’d expect, although the free version is a bit naff.

If you’re a decent photographer, then you may not find much value in VanceAI. However, photo restoration is where this product shines.

Its Best Features

This tool will take old, damaged black and white photos and do a decent job of restoring them. You can even have them colorized, which is fascinating to see.

The AI is adept at sharpening images if they are blurry or out of focus. The tool increases the resolution for a crisp result.

The background remover is advanced and does an excellent job without having to go in and fine-tune it for ages.

User Experience With VanceAI

Many functions are automatic, so all you need to do is press a button and let the AI work its magic.

For more advanced users, you can manually adjust everything to your preferences.

The user interface is straightforward and efficient. You don’t have to wait long to see the results of your photo adjustments.

Likes And Dislikes

  • Transforming vintage photos into color is my favorite feature.
  • The auto-tune for blurry photos is super helpful.
  • Upscaling low-res photos is handy for printing.
  • The free version kinda sucks. There are not enough features available.

VanceAI Pricing

vance ai pricing
  • Monthly billing for 200 credits costs $12.90.
  • Annual billing for 200 monthly credits costs $7.74.
  • Pay as you go for 200 credits costs $24.99.

Unused credits roll over to the next month.

If you want a tool that does everything for your photos, you’ve found it.

This is an excellent option for amateurs and professionals alike. Unfortunately, there is no free trial, but they do have a 7-day money-back guarantee.

6. Adobe Sensei

adobe sensei homepage

Chris’ Take

No list is ever complete without one of Adobe’s products. It’s the juggernaut of graphic design tools.

Adobe Sensei is not a standalone tool. It integrates with all of Adobe’s cloud services and gives you some impressive extra features.

The Adobe program you use will determine which Sensei features you have available.

There are Sensei tools for marketing, content creation, and graphic design. It’s even likely you’ve been using Sensei without even realizing it.

Its Best Features

If you’re creating videos, Sensei will auto-caption them for you, saving you bundles of time.

It also includes a feature that vectorizes your sketches and images. Although Adobe Illustrator already has a vector trace tool, Sensei’s one is more accurate and precise.

For the animators out there, Sensei will increase the range of natural emotions and movements in your characters.

Likes And Dislikes

  • Adobe Sensei adds extra value to the Adobe programs you already use.
  • This is new to the Adobe range, so features are often updated and added.
  • The current tools offer many time-saving tricks and give a professional result.
  • It’s hard to find a definitive list of all the existing features of the tool.

Adobe Sensei Pricing

Adobe Sensei is currently included with any Adobe product. You automatically have access to the Sensei tools within the product/s you currently subscribe to.

Adobe Sensei is handy if you already use Adobe products. It’s a nice bonus considering it’s included at no extra charge.

I’m interested in seeing how it develops over the long term.

7. Letsenhance.io

letsenhance homepage

Chris’ Take

Yet another tool for photo enhancing and optimization. What makes this one different?

Well, Let’s Enhance focuses on one job, and that’s upscaling images while retaining quality. And they do it really well.

The AI can upscale images fast and also has the option of batch uploading. This means you can deal with all your photos in one go and optimize them for various projects.

Its Best Features

The quality of the upscaled photos is stellar and probably the best I’ve seen so far.

You can instantly have the image resized for preset social media options, print, or just about anything else you can think of.

The batch uploading option is convenient too.

User Experience With Letsenhance.io

It couldn’t be easier. Upload your photo. Select the desired size, press the button, and off it goes. For batches, you can upload up to 20 images in one go.

It’ll even upscale art, documents, or any other kind of image you need to optimize.

Likes And Dislikes

  • It’s unbelievably fast.
  • The results are stunning. No image quality is lost here.
  • The batch upload feature is a huge timesaver.
  • It may not have enough features for some people’s liking.

Letsenhance.io Pricing

letsenhance pricing


  • Free: Ten credits per month
  • 100 credits: $9 per month
  • 300 credits: $24 per month
  • Pay as you go and business plans are also available

This tool is ideal for small businesses that don’t want to resort to using expensive print services.

The prices are highly affordable, and the free credits mean you can try before you buy.

What Is An AI Graphic Design Tool?

An AI graphic design tool is an intuitive software program that helps you create the visual elements of your project.

They are specifically created for individuals with zero graphic design skills and expertise and enable those folks to obtain professional results in a short timeframe.

Wrap Up

Professional design services used to be out of reach for many small businesses and individuals, mainly because of the prohibitive cost.

Now beautiful results are easily achievable – and affordable – thanks to these highly efficient AI graphic design tools.