A new and exciting piece of technology has recently made its way onto the market, and it’s called an AI art generator.

They can create anything from realistic images to a variety of painting styles, and they are super fun to use for image creation!

I’ve ranked and reviewed the 7 best AI art generators, and these are my top two picks right now.

As you might know, including creative images in your AI written content can help readers better understand the topic at hand.

The thing is, have you ever used a picture (out of millions of images) only to find it on another blog post?

It sucks, especially in this world of cut-throat competition.

The good news is that you can create authentic images without ANY Photoshop skills for your blog posts, stories, or social media with the help of an exceptional AI image generator.

The world of AI marketing tools is fascinating, and you can create diversified image patterns and mesmerizing images with a few strokes on your keyboard!

You can also generate videos for your audience without ever having to show your face, or use AI graphic design tools to create logo designs. It is simply amazing what is possible.

Discover the best AI art generators below that create realistic and high-quality images 👇.

Which Is The Best AI Art Generator?

These are the best AI art generators and creative AI tools that make amazing artwork for your content.

1. Jasper Art

jasper art homepage

Chris’ Take

Jasper Art is an online tool that can create beautiful artwork with a simple and easy-user interface.

The Jasper platform initially started out with its award winning AI writer (one of the best), and recently expanded with the add-on of an accessible image generating feature.

With this deep dream generator, you can create photorealistic images in different artistic styles.

It’s a single platform that is an ideal tool for bloggers, online writers, and amateur artists who want to produce unique projects with visual AND written content.

There’s a lot to love about this art software, and I recommend that you try it out for your content needs.

Its Best Features

Jasper Art uses DALL-E 2 tech and machine learning models to help you create realistic artwork for your gallery with artistic models in just a few seconds, depending on the details you feed it.

Unlimited creative possibilities
jasper art example
jasper art example 2
jasper art example 3
jasper art example 4

Jasper Art is an incredible and versatile software and here are just a few of the many styles that you can work with:

  • Realistic images
  • Oil painting
  • Facial features
  • Anime portrait and anime figures
  • Futuristic 3D models
  • Landscape and background images

Jasper provides a powerful toolset of advanced AI tools for creating stunning images from scratch that rivals that of human artists.

In fact, there is some recent news that an AI generated image won an art prize.

Loads of Rendering Styles
jasper art dashboard

While there are other alternatives with better creative images, the user experience and guidance on how to use them are usually lacking.

This is not the case with Jasper, where you have clear guidelines and design selections to choose from for different categories of images.

Jasper enables you to select details such as medium, artist, and mood to improve the quality of your creations.

And there is also a Facebook group where people share their best user input to truly create breath-taking artwork and paintings with realistic image styles.

If you are looking for something that will allow you to quickly create original photos, then Jasper is definitely one tool to try today.

My Experience With Jasper Art

Jasper Art is simply amazing and can also inspire you to improve your own creativity in terms of the quality of images you can create.

This software enables you to create image colorization that emulate famous artists on platforms like DevianArt and ArtsStation.

Although I had no issues to create and download images, I noted a downside; while asking for prompts, you have to be VERY specific with what you want, or you’ll get mediocre results.

However, the guidance that you get helps to solve this problem, especially for beginners to AI with its drop-down filter suggestions.

Likes and Dislikes

⎷ Jasper Art is one of the most accurate AI algorithm with life-like content creation and unlimited images included.

⎷ Generate authentic images quickly, with most prompts taking under ten seconds to process.

⎷ Consists of various style cases for online community writers, marketers, and entrepreneurs that require images using super flexible software.

⍻ The automatic image generator requires some learning to ensure you write effective inputs.

Jasper Art Pricing

jasper art pricing

Jasper Art is included together with the AI writing software that they have, so you’ll get both starting at $49/ month.

Right now you can create unlimited images, so play with them to your heart’s desire.

People in the Facebook group are literally losing sleep because they love playing around with it so much, deep dream generator makes sense now 🙂

Jasper is a popular AI writing software, and now with the addition of unlimited image creation, makes this platform a no-brainer.

Sign up today and try it out for yourself. As a bonus, you’ll get 10K writing credits through my link below if you’re interested in writing content as well.

2. Hypotenuse.ai

hypotenuse ai homepage

Chris’ Take

Hypotenuse.ai is an AI writing software that now also has the addition of an AI art generator that can create album art, blog post images, poster art, abstract art, faux paintings, and other marketing materials.

Check out my detailed review here.

The software is easy to use and you can create high-quality art and realistic images with relatively few keywords and inputs.

The tool is relatively new but blows most of its competitors out of the water with the quality of its writing and real-life photos.

And you get everything for an affordable price!

Its Best Features

Hypotenuse.ai is a full blown content creation platform, and some of its best features include:

Generate Beautiful Images With a Few Simple Clicks
hypotenuse ai image dashboard

The image generator is easy to use for novice users, but it’s very sensitive to what you feed the AI.

Fortunately, they have a “Guide-Me” function so that you can get your images just right.

Create long-form content with the AI writer
hypotenuse ai writing

Create long-form blog posts, production descriptions, Google ads, landing pages, or any other marketing copy with the AI writing software that’s included in the same package!

My Experience With Hypotenuse.ai

hypotenuse ai art example
hypotenuse ai art example 2
hypotenuse ai art example 3
hypotenuse ai art example 4

Hypotenuse AI is an exciting and intuitive platform with an excellent system for creating e-commerce product copy in bulk and AI generated art for different use cases.

It is a great deep dream generator that saves you time by not having to look for copyright free images (that are generic and awful anyway).

Likes and Dislikes

⎷ It saves time with outline creation and content writing without having to research the subject thoroughly.

⎷ Both the AI writing software and the AI art generator are super easy to use and are perfect for beginners trying out AI marketing tools.

⎷ It is an exciting platform that saves you a ton of time creating content. What took days is now possible to do in just a few minutes.

⍻ You might get some random objects in images, but no AI is perfect.

The Pricing

hypotenuse ai pricing

You have two pricing packages, both customizable for your usage needs.

Starter: $29/month for 200 watermark-freeAI images.

Growth: $59/month for unlimited watermark-free AI images.

The pricing is affordable, and you get unlimited AI art images to play around with on the growth plan.

It’s well worth the investment to make your own digital painting with the click of a button, have to love these AI tools.

3. Starry AI

starry ai homepage

Chris’ Take

StarryAI is a powerful image art generator that helps you create quality artwork in minutes.

It works with the latest AI methods and has regular updates that improve the prompts.

It’s ideal for those that want to create fantasy art, and you can choose styles, models, image formation, and initial images.

Its Best Features

Here are some of Starry’s best features.

Customizable features

You can customize your creations by choosing from various settings such as starter images, styles, line-sketch images, and more!

The pricing is excellent, and you get five free daily artwork generations without watermarks.

Full ownership of work

StarryAI is an excellent feature for artists, as all the work you create will be solely yours, and you can download, share with friends, or use it in another work project.

User Experience With StarryAI

The image generator tool offers great art styles; hence, you will not waste your credits on kinds you dislike, encouraging you to try new techniques.

It is an excellent app for those who want to try their hands on machine learning technology and create some juicy artwork.

Likes and Dislikes

⎷ An AI art generation tool you can use to create NFTs with! You only need to enter a text prompt, and the AI machine automatically generates NFTs for you.

⎷ Free to use as you can generate five free artworks daily.

⎷ You have full ownership of the images that you create.

⍻ Steep learning curve to avoid creating images that are of low quality.

StarryAI Pricing

starry ai pricing

StarryAI is free to use, and you can create five artworks daily.

If you’d like to experiment and create more art, then you’ll have to buy credits that are priced at:

  • 40 Credits: $15.99
  • 100 Credits: $29.99
  • 200 Credits: $49.99
  • 500 Credits: $99.99

Overall, StarryAI is great and easy to try out without any major signups.

4. Dream By Wombo

dream homepage

Chris’ Take

Dream by Wombo’s browser-based version is fast and easy to use and creates amazing images with the help of the AI art generator.

Simply enter a few keywords, choose the style that you like, and let Dream do the rest for you!

Its Best Features

Wombo Dream consists of 17 styles, ranging from Baroque to Steampunk.

The app enables you to regenerate the image, resulting in different outcomes each time.

User Experience With Dream by Wombo

“The things that you can make with this are absolutely amazing. You provide a better description and you get better results. It takes some time to learn good words to get the best results, but if you work at it, sometimes the results are spectacular.”

Likes and Dislikes

⎷ You can create and utilize different customized styles.

⎷ Enables you to create images by selecting from a grid of images.

⎷ Contains custom aspect ratios or resolutions for your pictures.

⍻ Generated photos may not be what you expected from the prompt.

Dream By Wombo Pricing

dream pricing

The pricing for Dream is super cheap and works on a subscription basis for $5/month. If you buy the annual subscription, you save 25%.

Dream by Wombo is perfect for authors, professional illustrators, and graphic designers who only need artwork and nothing else.

5. NightCafe

nightcafe homepage

Chris’ Take

Nightcafe is an easy tool to set up and use as it has a clean user interface design that is available on different platforms such as iOS, Google Chrome, Firefox, Web, and Safari.

It has a responsive design optimized for mobile devices with five free daily credit top-ups. You can also choose different styles to use in a single image.

Its Best Features

The Nightcafe image creator contains native notifications that alert you when your artwork is ready. You can also queue for as many paintings as you wish.

It consists of a style used to mask a specific region in your image.

User Experience With NightCafe

“Hurrah to Nightcafe! They offer something new that nobody else does. The creator website is well thought out and seems to have preserved its academic roots. It’s easy to order prints, and the prints are high quality.”

“Very awesome print I received from Nightcafe! The colors and quality are top notch! The AI is very easy and incredibly fun to use!”

Likes and Dislikes

⎷ NightCafe creator has unlimited styles and sensible presets.

⎷ The artificial intelligence algorithms include a style transfer to change text into an image.

⎷ You get five free credits per day.

⍻ It’s simple and enjoyable software, but it’s expensive if you want the best pictures because you have to pay for a ton of credits.

NightCafe Pricing

nightcafe pricing

Nightcafe comes with four price tiers and caters to different AI individuals.

AI Hobbyist: $9.99/month for 100 credits.

AI Enthusiast: $19.99/month for 250 credits.

AI Artist: $49.99/month for 700 credits.

AI Professional: $79.99/month for 1500 credits.

NightCafe is best for people who need unique images that they can order in print.

6. Midjourney

midjourney homepage

Chris’ Take

Midjourney is an AI image generator that begins with signing up for a Discord account.

You can use this discord in your browser or download the app for Mac, Windows, or Linux.

After inserting the prompt, you can enlarge the image and create an image from the one selected.

Some words are not accepted when selecting the keywords to use.

Its Best Features

Midjourney can bring forth any image the AI user imagines as long as it is PG-13.

Due to variations in image capabilities, one can create impactful art.

My Experience With Midjourney

When creating images with Midjourney, you are only limited by your imagination and by giving prompts that the AI machine can understand.

You will most likely create awesome looking images and artwork without any issues.

Likes and Dislikes

⎷ It uses a machine learning algorithm that recognizes and interprets text prompts into images.

⎷ You can add variations of some photos by adding detailed prompts.

⍻ Sometimes the results are strange and creepy compared to what is expected.

⍻ Another AI art generator that’s on Discord.

Midjourney Pricing

midjourney pricing

Midjourney offers the following pricing plans:

Basic: $10/month

Standard: $30/month

Corporate: $600/year

7. Pixray

pixray homepage

Chris’ Take

Pixray is an excellent AI image generator that you can comfortably use with an API in your browser or computer for free.

Pixray allows you to tweak AI settings, define the scale, iterations, and quality, and add styles or artists.

You can discover and change artwork through a ton of image settings and filters.

Its Best Features

It can create great art because of its ability to use latent space and the presence of perception engines.

It’s easy to use; you just enter the text and create art instantly.

User Experience With Pixray

Pixray is an AI art generator for creating AI images from text. It is easy to use and produces beautiful results depending on your prompts.

The downside is that you have to be patient to get good art.

Likes and Dislikes

⎷ The images are created to look like tremendous artistic paintings.

⎷ Easy and free to use.

⍻ You can only produce one image at a time, and these images take a lot of time to compose.

Pixray Pricing

pixray pricing

It’s free to use Pixray as long as you don’t take up too much bandwidth.

If you plan on playing around and experimenting with the AI art generator, then be prepared to pay by the minute!

8. Image Upscaler

upscaler homepage

Image Upscaler is an online service that enlarges images without losing quality. You can also use 10 free credits to create AI-generated images.

The process is simple: just enter a little text about what image you’d like, and the site will do the rest.

The results are decent but it’s also free with 10 generations, and you can choose from a variety of presets or customize the settings yourself.

What is an AI Art Generator?

An Artificial Intelligence (AI) art generator is an online computer software that creates images based on a user’s input.

The AI will then run your query against millions of data points, interpret what you’re trying to create, and make a new image from scratch.

The most common use of this type of program has been to create funny pictures or cartoons.

But nowadays, AI is getting a lot of traction in the digital marketing space, as content is the driving force behind successful companies.

Fun fact: the first generation of these programs was created in the 1980s and 1990s. These early programs were very basic and could only produce simple drawings.

However, today’s programs are much more sophisticated and can create complex images.

But the process of creating art with AI is very simple and modernized:

  1. Create a prompt that describes the image you want to be created.
  2. The AI art generator creates unique images based on the description.
  3. You can save, download, share, or do whatever you want with the image.


Which AI Art Generator Should I Use?

The best AI art generators for me were both Jasper Art and Hypotenuse.AI due to the simple and user-friendly interface.

They both have great tools such as filters, art styles that you can choose, and the fast generation of paintings.

They also create multiple images at once, so you get different options out of the gate.

Can AI Art Replace Artists?

Artificial intelligence can replace artists in some cases, such as when it comes to generating art from photos or video clips. However, there are still many areas where human creativity will be needed for years to come.

Can You Sell Art Created By AI?

Yes! There are several companies that sell art created by artificial intelligence.

Are AI-generated Images Copyrighted?

No, they are not copyrighted. However, it is illegal for an individual to make use of such images without permission from the copyright holder.

Is DALL-E Available To The Public?

DALL-E is available to the public, but it is only accessible via an invitation from OpenAI. The first 1 million users get access through a waiting list.

Can Anyone Use DALL-E 2?

Yes! You can use DALL-E 2 for free.

What Is The Best Free AI Art Generator?

The best free AI art generator is called Pixray which can create any kind of art for you!

The only issue is that it’s slow and goes on a “bandwidth” budget that is shared amongst all users. If you take up too much bandwidth, then you’ll have to pay for additional computing power.

Wrap Up

So no more wasting time hunting for images on the internet for me, finally!

The above list is a compilation of the best AI art generators on the market right now based on the quality of the images, ease of use, and pricing.

Overall, these tools are great. However, I recommend the top three suggestions on this list as they are the best.