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If you’ve been relying on Chat GPT 4 to painfully create content that sounds bland, boring and robotic, then I’m so sorry to say that you’re gravely missing out!, an extraordinary AI writing tool that is here to revolutionize the way businesses create content.

Imagine crafting exceptional quality text that consistently reflects your brand’s unique tone of voice.

That is now possible with, an AI writing software that is truly unique and has a ton of features that makes it exceptional at crafting enjoyable content!

In my personal experience of writing content for 5+ years, very few AI writers measure up to the quality of the content produced with the help of

Say goodbye to the drudgery of content creation, and hello to – your new AI-powered writing sidekick!

Oh and did I mention that has a free plan with virtually unlimited words?

  • is an AI writing tool that creates high-quality content in a unique tone of voice that reflects your brand’s identity.
  • creates highly realistic content that mimics the finesse of a seasoned human writer, ensuring content quality.
  • The tool guarantees originality by training the AI on a brand’s unique source material and writing everything from scratch.
  • features a user-friendly interface, SEO-friendly topic suggestions, and effortless collaboration with a team to craft exceptional articles.
  • To train the AI, you can simply connect your Google Search Console, allowing the AI to comprehend their existing content and learn about your writing style.

Brief Overview: What is

Imagine a writing assistant that captures your business’s unique voice and tone, generating content that seems as if it were crafted by your own hand., an AI-driven content creation platform is specifically designed to do just that. 

By training an AI on your specific content, this tool streamlines the process of producing original, high-quality content that remains true to your brand’s identity. operates on a simple yet effective principle: customizing an AI to your linguistic preferences.

Via a user-friendly interface, businesses can submit samples of their own content simply by connecting their Google Seach Console, providing the groundwork for the AI to learn and replicate their distinct style.

The result? A marvelous content production experience that not only saves valuable time, but also ensures consistent quality and tone throughout your brands communication efforts. homepage

Rewords’ Performance

So how does the actual performance of Reword measure up? Let’s find out.

Content quality

Championing linguistic excellence, Reword crafts not only unique but also highly realistic content that mimics the finesse of a seasoned human writer, namely yourself!

I’ve used Reword for over 10 articles now and all of them have turned out immacualte in content quality.

This is the main focus and reason to try Reword, it’s like have a duplicate version of yourself in the form of a robot that writes faster than you ever could.

I love other AI writing tools like Jasper and Copy AI, but Reword takes the crown of content quality for now.

Reword content quality


With you don’t have to stress about unintentional duplication of text.

Sure it’s based on AI models such as GPT but the content is never plagiarised.

The AI helps maintain the exclusivity of your content, ensuring top-quality content generation almost every time. 

How does it guarantee originality? By training the AI on your own unique source material in combination of writing everything from scratch.

I ran the content produced from Reword through the Grammarly paid plagiarism checker and found no issues.

AI detection

As with any AI, you have to carefully direct and command it to do your bidding, and Reword is no different. 

Now the thing about Reword is that it makes it extremly easy to create content that sounds and feels human-like, and passes AI-detectors with flying colors.

Just with a few nudges of prompts and you’ll get a +90% human score on your content most of the time as it’s trained on your own content you’ve written in the past.

Reword passes AI detectors

The Unique Features Of

So what makes Reword stand out from it’s competitors?

Well if it’s not clear by now, it’s the training of the AI with your own content and style of voice, which gives A+ content quality.

But what else? These are the other features that stand out to me as I’ve been using

A User-Friendly User Interface That Rocks

The interface, although still in the early stages is a joy to work with, the style reminds me of Gumroad and their site design (they probably took inspiration from there).

You have a nice and clean interface and an editor where you write and collaborate on content, both with AI and other human writers on your team.

To the right you’ll find a series of buttons (prompts) for your given topic such as:

“What subheadings matter to my readers the most?”

“What questions do my readers have?”

“What titles could work for this article?”

And by pressing these buttons you get an array of suggestions and angles to talk about in your content, that are relevant!

Rewords' user friendly interface

SEO Friendly Topic Suggestions

By receiving suggestions on essential headings and topics relevant to your audience for any given subject, you can effortlessly create a solid outline with the potential to rank on Google.

You’re hitting on search intent and what the readers actually care to know about, which is a key driving factor for rankings!

You’re also creating unique content with new angles that perhaps are not covered by other articles, further boosting your content as an authority on the subject.

Reword provides SEO friendly topic suggestions

Effortless Collaboration With Your Team

Reword is designed to be an AI writing assistant, enabling seamless collaboration between the AI and your team to craft exceptional articles.

Sharing your draft and editor is a breeze with a simple link, allowing your team to jump in and work on the content alongside you and the AI.

Experience the perfect blend of human writing and AI assistance for unparalleled speed and efficiency!

Easily share the Reword editor with a shareable link

How To Train Your Own AI Writer

So, how can you train this AI using your content? Although it might seem complex, it is as simple as signing into your Google account.

This step lets the AI comprehend the content you have already authored on a website (and checks that this material is genuinely yours).

Subsequently, the AI scans all your work, teaching itself about your writing style, tone of voice, commonly used words, sentence structure, and much more!

Remarkably, it even trains itself on first drafts that you compose within Reword, continuously refining and adjusting to your style.

Nonetheless, there is a significant caveat to consider!

If your website is filled with AI-generated gibberish, then you will inadvertently be instructing the AI to produce similar content…

Therefore, if you have not written a single word yourself, unfortunately, Reword will not be able to assist you in this situation.

Reword integration with Google Search Console for AI training Pricing

This is also a fantastic feature of, they have a free plan with unlimited words.

With the free plan you get a basic AI model that still produces fantastic results, and you’re capped on creating 4 articles at a time.

Although you can easily game this and just use one article, then delete the words once your’re done and start over with another topic.

But Reword is actually so good that you WANT to buy the paid plan, just to support the founder who is building the software, Cal Short.

In fact I asked Cal about the difference between the basic and the advanced AI model and this is what he had to say:

The founder of Reword explains how the advanced AI training emulate more nuanced tone of voice of your writing.

I bought the paid plan for this reason and the curiosity of trying out their more advanced AI model that is supposed to be even more stellar!

The pro plan goes for $48 per month and is honestly worth the price alone! The content is just that good. And you also get unlimited articles to create, easy deal. pricing Alternatives

The world of AI-powered writing tools is expanding rapidly, with several alternatives to dominating the ranks.

Among them are Jasper, Content at Scale, and Copy AI. Each offers unique features designed to help businesses create engaging content in their own distinct way.

Jasper is a powerful and versatile AI writing assistant capable of producingblog post ideas, ad copy, and email templates.

This dynamic tool is perfect for businesses looking to generate consistent, high-quality content with minimal effort.

Content at Scale, takes a tailored approach aimed specifically for bloggers. Through a combination of automation, Content at Scale delivers customized, scalable solutions for long-form content, aiding in both content ideation and production, perfect for creating topical authority quickly.

Finally, Copy AI brings a user-friendly interface and robust algorithm to the table, allowing businesses to quickly generate copy for various platforms.

Whether it’s social media copy, video scripts, or product descriptions, Copy AI ensures converting messaging with the help of copywriting frameworks.

Wrap Up: Is Worth It?

Undeniably, businesses should explore the enticing benefits that provides.

With its remarkable ability to generate unique content by training an AI on a brand’s own materials, the outcome is consistently exceptional, ensuring the perfect tone of voice is maintained.

Embracing as a strategic asset, businesses can streamline their content creation process – saving valuable time and resources while receiving top-tier writing support.

Test it out; it’s free, so you have nothing to lose.

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