Meet Chris

I became a self-made businessman, built multiple income streams, improved my style, and started networking with millionaires globally. Keep reading to learn how YOU can become a high value man.

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Engineering A Life Worth Living

It’s been a crazy ride.

From me first discovering entrepreneurship and online business back in 2018, working your regular 9-5 engineering job, to networking with high net-worth men of mind blowing proportions.

A lot has happened since I first shot this video on a whim.

I became obsessed with how to make money online and improve as a man. There must be more to life than the rat-race and the grave, right?

I plowed through self help books like Rich Dad Poor Dad and The Fast Lane Millionaire. I started talking to men of value, providing value for free, learning with them.

I started figuring things out and got featured on a podcast with one of my early mentors.

Featured Podcasts

From the affiliate marketing channel hosted by ODi Productions with over 282,000+ subscribers, Chris appears as a guest speaker where he explains what it takes to grow an affiliate website from $0 to $3k/month.

Becoming A Man Of Value

When it comes to becoming a better man, I finally cracked the code.

There are 3 specific things that will take you from having a boss to being the boss, and that is:

This is why my personal brand, this site, is dedicated to becoming a man of high value.

What High Value Man Actually Means

Being a high value man entails so many things, and it’s a wonderful goal for any man to have.

This, is in my mind, is what a valuable man is. And it all starts with your income.

How on earth will you ever help anyone else if you can’t even take care of yourself on your own terms?

Mentorship is key

Funny enough, what actually got me to finally resign from my dead end job and being my own boss was through learning from online courses.

Not every online course is the same, there is still so much BS out there when it comes to the knowledge business.

That’s why I only endorse those that actually work, than genuinely can change your life.

Or you’re free to figure it out yourself, it’s doable for sure but will take you years. And that’s a secret I learned from talking to several high net-worth men.

They BUY time by hiring the BEST for any give skill they want to learn. Why spend 10 years mastering a skill like tennis on your own, when you can hire a professional and learn it in 6 months?

Time is invaluable, something that we never get back (EVER), yet it’s the number one resource people waste the most.

Being in a dead end job is the biggest one.