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Flow is a state of calm and focused effortlessness amid raging waves that allow you to overcome adversity.

Business is like a battleground of work, attention, and time.

And Flow removes points of friction so you can stay in the game long enough to guarantee your own success.

It’s done through systems, routines, and protocols for increasing your Cash Flow while feeling Energized.

Giyu Dead Cal

Hey, Chris here.

I’m an ex-engineer turned content creator, community, and brand advisor for 7 figure influencers.

I’ve built several online businesses and learned skills in SEO, content creation, signing clients, ranking content on Google, and managing online communities.

In exchange, I gained absolute time freedom, working when, where, and how I want.

I learned A LOT of hard lessons along the way that shaped my mentality of today, and this is where I can help you the most.

I’m building the Flow community of like-minded entrepreneurs focused on the best systems, routines, habits, energy, and biohacking tips.

So you can Flow through work, make more Cash Flow, and feel Energized while doing it.